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.NET & C# In-Browser Tutorial - Step 1: Intro
Learn C# in your browser, no install! Practice your .NET skills on an ChromeBook if you like! Your choice!
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january 2018 by geekzter
Ad targeters are pulling data from your browser’s password manager
Nearly every web browser now comes with a password manager tool, a lightweight version of the same service offered by plugins like LastPass and 1Password. But…
browser  privacy  security  from instapaper
january 2018 by geekzter
Ciao, Chrome: Firefox Quantum Is The Browser Built for 2017
It's been years since I gave a second thought to my web browser. Safari's fine, Microsoft Edge is whatever, I think Opera still exists? None have ever offered…
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november 2017 by geekzter
You Don't Need Desktop Apps Anymore
Image: Screenshot Fire up your Start menu or Dock and think carefully for a moment: Out of all your aging desktop apps, how many do you really rely on these…
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august 2017 by geekzter
Web Bluetooth API Privacy
W3C is currently finalizing works on Web Bluetooth API specification. Web Bluetooth will be one of the core components of Web of Things, the application layer of Internet of Things. It will enable
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november 2016 by geekzter
Think the Internet of Things is bad for security? Web Bluetooth could be worse
What if your smart thermostat started sending intimate information about you to random websites
web  security  iot  browser 
november 2016 by geekzter
Cross Browser Testing Tool. 300+ Browsers, Mobile, Real IE.
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october 2015 by geekzter
Why I'm breaking up with Google Chrome
Most Chrome users can relate to this: you have a bunch of important tabs open, your laptop’s fans start to sound like a rocket taking off, your computer slows to a crawl, and finally it…
web  browser  chrome  from readability
may 2015 by geekzter
Market share for mobile, browsers, operating systems and search engines | NetMarketShare
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june 2014 by geekzter
Privacyfix - Lock down your privacy
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october 2012 by geekzter
Rapportive | Making Excellent Service Scale
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march 2010 by geekzter

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