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Cloud Foundry and the Design of the Philips Digital Health Platform
The name Philips is often associated with the company's consumer and lighting products, but the its healthcare offerings are increasingly important to Philips' future. During his keynote at the...
pivotal  blog  philips 
10 weeks ago by geekzter
App Service: Adding multi-container capabilities and Linux support for App Service Environment | Blog | Microsoft Azure
Last September, we announced the general availability of Azure App Service on Linux, allowing developers to bring their code or Docker-formatted containers to run on this high-productivity platform…
cloud  linux  ase  web  PaaS  azure  blog  microsoft 
june 2018 by geekzter
De kiezer heeft gesproken: kabinet moet de wet verbeteren! – Bits of Freedom
De afgelopen maanden hebben we, samen met ontzettend veel vrijwilligers en andere organisaties samengewerkt om zoveel mogelijk mensen te overtuigen dat deze wet…
nl  government  blog  privacy  from instapaper
march 2018 by geekzter
Best practices for securely moving workloads to Microsoft Azure
Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing environment. It offers customers three primary service delivery models including infrastructure as a service (IaaS),…
blog  azure  cloud  security  cis  from instapaper
march 2018 by geekzter
Designing computer games with Kodu!
Designing computer games with Kodu! This is a guest blog from Mr James Jenkins, Director of Digital Pedagogy at Canterbury College, who has been using Kodu Game…
kodu  kids  programming  games  blog  msdn  microsoft  from instapaper
march 2018 by geekzter
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