Azure Management - Governance | Microsoft Docs
Learn about the concepts and Azure services available for managing your environment with consistency, through explicit design and rules, and how to audit for compliance.
azure  microsoft  governance  cloud 
14 days ago
Azure DDoS Protection best practices and reference architectures | Microsoft Docs
Learn about how you can use logging data to gain deep insights about your application.
ddos  reference  architecture  microsoft  cloud  azure  security  availability 
15 days ago
SQL Server on Windows Virtual Machines in Azure FAQ | Microsoft Docs
This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about running SQL Server on Azure VMs.
azure  vm  mssql  microsoft  faq  licensing  cloud 
28 days ago
Atkins | Dé Low Carb Expert
Afvallen of je fitter voelen? Laat Atkins je helpen! Hier vind je alle low carb inspiratie: van heerlijke producten en recepten tot handige tips. Begin nu!
shop  weight  nl  food 
5 weeks ago
Crunchy Muesli | Atkins Low Carb Expert
De Crunchy Muesli is het ideale ontbijt, lunch of tussendoortje zonder de koolhydraten. Bestel ze nu online in de webshop en krijg gratis verzending vanaf €40.
weight  shop  food 
5 weeks ago
Microsoft Professional Capstone : DevOps
A hands on lab experience that will validate the skills and knowledge you have learned by taking and successfully completing the DevOps course series.
devops  microsoft  training 
6 weeks ago
Secure DevOps Kit (AzSK) CICD Extensions for Azure - Visual Studio Marketplace
Extension for Azure DevOps - Collection of extensions that empower DevOps teams to build and deploy applications on Azure with security integrated at every step.
devops  security  vsts  azure  cloud  tool  arm 
6 weeks ago
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