GitHub - Microsoft/perfview
PerfView is a CPU and memory performance-analysis tool
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User-Centric Design - The Lessons of 3 Mile Island
In 1979, the worst nuclear commercial power plant disaster on American soil took place in Pennsylvania. An investigation found that the mechanical failures were…
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2 days ago
Demystifying the magic behind App Service OS updates
Well, that’s a loaded title for a blog post! But here’s the thing, we’ve been asked many times about what actually goes on behind the scenes when App Service…
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2 days ago
The Fall of Travis Kalanick Was a Lot Weirder and Darker Than You Thought
A year ago, before the investor lawsuits and the federal investigations, before the mass resignations, and before the connotation of the word “Uber” shifted…
uber  from instapaper
3 days ago
De verdwenen Vijzelstraat
Pad tot huidige pagina Home Actueel 17 januari 2018 Tussen globaal 1670 en 1870 was Amsterdam mogelijk de mooiste stad ter wereld. De verbluffende…
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3 days ago
Optimize your Azure spend
In this post, App Dev Manager Priti Kalani shares insight toward optimizing the services you deploy and manage in the Microsoft cloud. Azure tools to optimize…
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3 days ago
AWS vs Azure vs Google vs IBM vs Oracle vs Alibaba
a detailed comparison and mapping between various cloud services
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3 days ago
Linux Foundation Shares Some Love Back For Microsoft Azure
Even the beer feels the love - ale heart created at Wetherspoons Battersea, London - The Asparagus
Nobody quite expected the strategists at Redmond to come…
azure  cloud  linux  training  iaas  from instapaper
4 days ago
How Can We Get Rid Of The Liberal “Deep State” – Extra Newsfeed
Americans don’t know their own history; that’s why nonsensical memes like the “deep state” can spread so easily. By the “deep state,” some extreme conservatives…
usa  government  from instapaper
4 days ago
Zuckerberg's former mentor says Facebook puts profits and growth first
SAN FRANCISCO — With more than 2 billion users, Facebook's reach now rivals that of Christianity and exceeds that of Islam. However, the network's laser focus…
facebook  election  russia  from instapaper
5 days ago
Why an Activist Hedge Fund Cares Whether Apple’s Devices Are Bad for Kids
Tim Ellis/Getty Images On January 6, 2017, JANA Partners , a New York–based activist hedge fund, and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS)…
apple  kids  finance  from instapaper
5 days ago
What Went Wrong In Hawaii, Human Error? Nope, Bad Design
“BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” That was the false alert sent to people in Hawaii, January 13, 2018.…
ux  design  usa  government  from instapaper
5 days ago
Expanding our global infrastructure with new regions and subsea cables
At Google, we've spent $30 billion improving our infrastructure over three years, and we’re not done yet. From data centers to subsea cables, Google is…
google  gcp  blog  cloud  network  from instapaper
5 days ago
Philips taps Microsoft as part of indoor-positioning partnering push, adds Bluetooth to the mix - LEDs
With location-based services still stuck on the launchpad, the company's new “Location Lab” reaches out to data and app developers. Meanwhile, Philips finally acknowledges that Bluetooth, not just VLC, can light the way.
microsoft  ips  azure  cloud  lighting  philips 
6 days ago
De ontmaskering van een twittertrol: 'Natuurlijk lieg ik over MH17'
Geschreven door verslaggever "Natuurlijk lieg ik over MH17 en verspreid ik misinformatie. Ik schaam me daar niet voor. We leven in een vrij land." Dat zegt een…
mh17  hoaxes  racism  nl  sexism  from instapaper
6 days ago
Azure Policy Samples
azure-policy/samples at master · Azure/azure-policy · GitHub
policy  azure  cloud  microsoft  github  arm 
6 days ago
19 Odd Things About America That Americans Haven't Realized
There's no place like the U.S. of A. Just ask foreign visitors. Here are some of our foibles that seem super-weird to our friends overseas. Unsplash America,…
usa  europe  culture  from instapaper
7 days ago
Internet of Things in Healthcare: What are the Possibilities and Challenges? - ReadWrite
Internet of Things in Healthcare: What are the Possibilities and Challenges? Posted on January 13, 2018 in Health ray.parker@mail-iqvis.com Contributing Writer…
health  iot  from instapaper
7 days ago
Why Amazon is the new Microsoft
Lutron A few years ago, chatbots were supposed to take over as a leading way to interact with the internet. They would live on our phones and in our messaging…
amazon  microsoft  ai  bot  bots  from instapaper
7 days ago
Neo-Nazi charged with terrorism in attempt to wreck Amtrak train, complaint says
(CNN) A white man who was involved with neo-Nazi groups and who attended a "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville has been charged with terrorism for…
usa  racism  from instapaper
8 days ago
The Strange History of One of the Internet's First Viral Videos
You’ve seen the video. Everyone on the internet has. A man sits in a cubicle and pounds his keyboard in frustration. A few seconds later, the Angry Man picks up…
video  history  internet  from instapaper
8 days ago
The Brutal Lifecycle of JavaScript Frameworks - Stack Overflow Blog
JavaScript UI frameworks and libraries work in cycles. Every six months or so, a new one pops up, claiming that it has revolutionized UI development. Thousands…
ui  javascript  framework  opinion  blog  from instapaper
10 days ago
Microsoft's Monster Run Is Just Beginning
No, it's not one of the FAANG stocks -- the group of immensely popular tech stocks made up of Facebook ( FB - Get Report ) , Apple ( AAPL - Get Report ) ,…
microsoft  finance  from instapaper
10 days ago
James Damore's Lawsuit Is Designed to Embarrass Google
Last August, Google fired James Damore shortly after the engineer’s internal screed against affirmative action at the company went viral. Monday, Damore sued…
google  sexism  from instapaper
12 days ago
What Would Really Happen If Russia Attacked Undersea Internet Cables
It might seem like a nightmare scenario. A terrorist organization or nefarious nation state decides to derail the global internet by faulting the undersea fiber…
russia  internet  cloud  from instapaper
16 days ago
Explainer on #Spectre & #Meltdown
RT : Explainer on & :

When a processor reaches a conditional branch in code (e.g. an 'if' clause), it…
Meltdown  cpu  Spectre  security  virtualization  from twitter_favs
16 days ago
SAP on SQL Server: General Update – January 2018
SAP and Microsoft are continuously adding new features and functionalities to the SAP on SQL Server platform. The key objective of the SAP on Windows SQL port…
sap  mssql  msdn  blog  azure  microsoft  from instapaper
16 days ago
Summary of Azure, AWS, GCP CPU vulnerabilities – Jun Kudo – Medium
Hello. Summary as CPU vulnerabilities are released and each cloud vendor began to respond. (Please check each item for details) The following CVE is assigned to…
gcp  aws  azure  cloud  virtualization  maintenance  security  cpu  from instapaper
17 days ago
5 ways to get a grip on your work day
I love my job. It’s great to work with our smart and dedicated people, I enjoy the challenge and there is enough variety to make sure it’s never boring. The one…
productivity  business  from instapaper
18 days ago
Migration checklist when moving to Azure App Service
I have been continuously getting requests from customers, colleagues and partners around what to consider when migrating applications to Azure PaaS service but…
azure  migration  microsoft  cloud  web  PaaS  iis  from instapaper
18 days ago
Ad targeters are pulling data from your browser’s password manager
Nearly every web browser now comes with a password manager tool, a lightweight version of the same service offered by plugins like LastPass and 1Password. But…
browser  privacy  security  from instapaper
18 days ago
'Kernel memory leaking' Intel processor design flaw forces Linux, Windows redesign
A fundamental design flaw in Intel's processor chips has forced a significant redesign of the Linux and Windows kernels to defang the chip-level security bug.…
cpu  hardware  intel  security  aws  azure  gcp  from instapaper
19 days ago
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