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ChiGarden » Blog Archive » Tutorial - Making the IE Voodoo Doll
I am *so* making one of these. might never get around to sewing my Tux, but this, I can do ..
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april 2009 by geekgirl397
Highly Intelligent but Socially Handicapped: The Psychology of the Nerd - Dating & Social Anxiety Disorder
The nerd cannot understand why the average person is not interested in stretching their mind beyond the mundane.
nerd  geek  psychology  intelligence  communication  social  society  personality 
august 2008 by geekgirl397
Some Interpersonal Pitfalls More Intellectual Types Can Fall Into
# If someone disagrees with you, it is because they're an idiot, so it's okay to be rude and verbally combative towards them.
# Note: If an idiot says something that is not truth, another possibility is to snidely and sarcastically dismiss what they've sa
intelligence  lifehacks  social  people  geek  nerd  communication  relationships  society  pitfalls  interpersonal 
august 2008 by geekgirl397
Tact Filters
nerds need to understand that normal people have to apply tact to everything they say; they become really uncomfortable if they can't do this
society  relationships  psychology  nerds  tact  communication  geek  social 
august 2008 by geekgirl397
Five Geek Social Fallacies
an assortment of pernicious social fallacies -- ideas about human interaction which spur their holders to do terrible and stupid things
sociology  society  relationships  psychology  lifehacks  geek  nerds  friendship 
august 2008 by geekgirl397
Rands In Repose: The Nerd Handbook
He sees the world as a system which, given enough time and effort, is completely knowable. This is a fragile illusion that your nerd has adopted, but it’s a pleasant one that gets your nerd through the day. When the illusion is broken, you are going to discover that…
technology  social  relationships  psychology  personality  nerds  geek  communication  toread  reference 
august 2008 by geekgirl397

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