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A New Type of AI Has Been Created Inspired by the Human Brain
The new development follows a continued trend of neurobiology and machine learning converging.
brain  inspired  AI 
7 days ago by gdw
Age-related differences in the structural and effective connectivity of cognitive control: a combined fMRI and DTI study of mental arithmetic - ScienceDirect
Age-related differences in the structural and effective connectivity of cognitive control: a combined fMRI and DTI study of mental arithmetic
jhu  brain  memory  function  study 
10 days ago by gdw
Banking on brain science | Hub
In search of treatments and cures for diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, researchers need actual human tissue. The Brain Resource Center has the diseased and healthy specimens they're after
brain  resource  center  specimens 
7 weeks ago by gdw
We won’t be listening to music in a decade according to Vinod Khosla | TechCrunch
“I actually think 10 years from now, you won’t be listening to music,”

Instead, he believes we’ll be listening to custom song equivalents that are automatically designed specifically for each individual, and tailored to their brain, their listening preferences and their particular needs.
music  ai  vinod  knosla  vc  bgm  brain  nsi  neurosonics 
8 weeks ago by gdw
How we make complex decisions | MIT News
MIT neuroscientists are exploring how the brain handles hierarchical decision-making processes that involve breaking down a larger decision into smaller ones that each carry a degree of uncertainty.
neuroscience  mit  brain  complex  decisions 
12 weeks ago by gdw
Astonishingly speedy brain mechanism helps bats get louder when necessary | Hub
New insights could lead to better treatment for diseases where vocalization is affected, such as Parkinson's disease
bats  brain  mechanism  loudness  vocalization  parkinson's  jhu 
may 2019 by gdw
Scientists record the brain activity of free-flying bats for the first time | Hub
Wireless recording devices help researchers better understand what happens in the brain as we move through the world
brain  research  wireless  recording  bat 
may 2019 by gdw
Alzheimer's: What leads to brain cell damage?
Scientists have uncovered a mechanism through which a toxic brain protein that is a hallmark of Alzheimer's disease can damage neurons, or brain cells.
Alzheimer's  brain  cell  damage 
january 2019 by gdw
The Brain Maps Out Ideas and Memories Like Spaces | Quanta Magazine
Emerging evidence suggests that the brain encodes abstract knowledge in the same way that it represents positions in space, which hints at a more universal theory of cognition.
ai  brain  science  encode  positions  space  nsi 
january 2019 by gdw
The Brain's Autopilot Mechanism Steers Consciousness - Scientific American
Freud’s notion of a dark, libidinous unconscious is obsolete. A new theory holds that the brain produces a continuous stream of unconscious predictions
cognition  brain  psychology  consciousness 
december 2018 by gdw
To Remember, the Brain Must Actively Forget | Quanta Magazine
Researchers find evidence that neural systems actively remove memories, which suggests that forgetting may be the default mode of the brain.
brain  biology  memory  psychology  health 
july 2018 by gdw
Sam Rodriques: What we'll learn about the brain in the next century | TED Talk
In this imaginative talk, neuroengineer Sam Rodriques takes us on a thrilling tour of the next 100 years in brain science. He envisions strange (and sometimes frightening) innovations that may be the key to understanding and treating brain disease -- like lasers that drill tiny holes in our skulls and allow probes to study the electrical activity of our neurons.
brain  future  next  20  years  neuroengineer  nsi 
june 2018 by gdw
BBC - Future - How feeling bad changes the brain
Our emotions can have an unexpected downside of how we respond to others in pain, finds Melissa Hogenboom

Negative emotions can suppress our brain capacity to be sensitive to others’ pain

In Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel A Handmaid’s Tale, the many wrongs that befall Offred strike a chilling chord among most readers
pain  emotional  response  brain  change 
may 2018 by gdw
The Lieber Institute for Brain Development | Research & Discovery
Unlocking the Mysteries of the Brain.
Translating genetic insights into next generation treatments
jhu  maltz  research  laboratories  brain  development  genetic  treatments 
may 2018 by gdw
about – Greg Dunn Design
I enjoy Asian art. I particularly love minimalist scroll and screen painting from the Edo period in Japan. I am also a fan of neuroscience. Therefore, it was a fine day when two of my passions came together upon the realization that the elegant forms of neurons (the cells that comprise your brain) can be painted expressively in the Asian sumi-e style. Neurons may be tiny in scale, but they posess the same beauty seen in traditional forms of the medium (trees, flowers, and animals).

I admire the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean masters because of their confidence in simplicity. I try to emulate this idea.

In October 2011 I finished my doctorate in Neuroscience at University of Pennsylvania. Since then I have been devoting my time to painting. When I’m not doing this I’m enjoying reading scientific papers, playing music and watching “How Its Made”.
asian  art  neurons  brain  neuroscience  Greg  Dunn  Brian  Edwards  Will  Drinker  David  Haldeman 
april 2018 by gdw
Next-generation Brain Interfaces - MIT Technology Review
Andrew Schwartz discusses how emerging computing interfaces will change medicine.
Next-generation  Brain  Interfaces  nsi  eeg 
march 2018 by gdw
The Center for the Study of Emotion and Attention
Thank you for your interest in the International Affective Digital Sounds (IADS, pronounced “EYE-ADS”). The IADS provides normative ratings of emotion (pleasure, arousal, dominance) for a set of acoustic stimuli for use in experimental investigations of emotion and attention.
brain  cognition  emotion  attention  IADS  International  Affective  Digital  Sounds  openbci  eeg  tracings 
december 2017 by gdw
Irene's Blog/Portfolio
brain computer interfaces bcis eeglab matlab tracings
brain  computer  interfaces  bcis  eeglab  matlab  tracings  irene's  blog 
december 2017 by gdw
The Dangers of the 'Brainternet' - Motherboard
eventually we're going to become more connected to the networks around us and we could eventually become Internet of Things nodes on the network ourselves," he told me. "Information can travel from our brains to the networks, and back from the network into our brains.
Brainternet  brain  internet  eeg 
september 2017 by gdw
The Art and Concept of Self Reflected – Greg Dunn Design
Self Reflected is your brain perceiving itself. It is perhaps the most fundamental self portrait ever created, a hyperdetailed animated representation of human consciousness designed to mirror the functioning of the viewer’s own mind. Self Reflected asks the question whether the brain is uniquely tuned to appreciate its own fractal-like anatomy and elegant, wavelike electrical activity as a consequence of those traits underlying its own construction. It is a work of neonaturalism, inspired by the cutting edge of neuroscience and engineering to expand our understanding of the natural world.
brain  japanese  art  paintinging  microetching 
september 2017 by gdw
Controlling a single brain chemical may help expand window for learning language and music
Controlling a single brain chemical may help expand window for learning language and music
Controlling  a  single  brain  chemical  may  help  expand  window  for  learning  language  and  music 
july 2017 by gdw
Being Forgetful May Mean Your Brain Is Actually Working Properly | IFLScience
Being Forgetful May Mean Your Brain Is Actually Working Properly

see also The Persistence and Transience of Memory
Being  Forgetful  May  Mean  Your  Brain  Is  Actually  Working  Properly  The  Persistence  and  Transience  of  Memory 
june 2017 by gdw
Three Myths About the Brain (That Deserve to Die) | NBC News
Three brain myths are repeated on an almost daily basis in news stories around the world. Let’s consider them one by one in the hopes that we can finally squash them.
Lisa  Feldman  Barrett  brain  myths 
june 2017 by gdw
BBC - Future - The beautiful languages of the people who talk like birds
Their unusual whistled speech may reveal what humanity’s first words sounded like.
anthropology  brain  language  behavior 
june 2017 by gdw
Tega Brain is an artist and environmental engineer from Sydney. Making what she calls eccentric engineering, her work intersects art, ecology and engineering to address the scope and politics of emerging technologies. It has taken the form of site specific public works, dysfunctional devices, experimental infrastructures and information systems.
art  cool  design  future  technology  tea  brain 
may 2017 by gdw
Cycling '74
The artist creates a space as a mind's dream. His brain waves are controlling the code of a robotic composition to create an abstract space in the hotel room. He meditates on dreaming and the resulting changes of his brainwave frequencies will transform the code.
art  brain  waves  eeg  bci  max 
may 2017 by gdw
The Body Is Not a Computer—Stop Thinking of It as One
The Body Is Not a Computer—Stop Thinking of It as One
darpa  brain  computer  interface  bci  Regina  Dugan 
may 2017 by gdw
Your Brain Can Only Take So Much Focus
Your Brain Can Only Take So Much Focus
brain  focus  productivity 
may 2017 by gdw
Wish a firmware upgrade could make you smarter? That's Elon Musk's new goal | ZDNet
Elon Musk's new medical-research firm, Neuralink, is working on ways to help the human brain keep up with AI.
Elon  Musk's  new  medical-research  firm  Neuralink  is  working  on  ways  to  help  the  human  brain  keep  up  with  AI. 
march 2017 by gdw
EEG - ECG - Biosensors
EEG & ECG Biosensor Solutions
NeuroSky enables the most insightful biometrics in mobile and wearable devices
brain  eeg  health  neuroscience 
march 2017 by gdw
Artists 'have structurally different brains' - BBC News
Artists have structurally different brains compared with non-artists, a study has found.
art  artists  brain  creativity  science 
march 2017 by gdw
A British Neuropsychopharmacologist Proved LSD Can Resurrect the Infant Brain | Inverse
A neuropsychopharmacologist proved that lysergic acid diethylamide can help humans rewire themselves.
lsd  infant  brain 
december 2016 by gdw
BBC - Future - The artist who makes music with her brain
Researcher Grace Leslie is creating music from the activity inside her head that could be used to develop new therapies.
grace  leslie  brain  music  nsi  therapy  b 
december 2016 by gdw
He May Have Invented One of Neuroscience's Biggest Advances--but You've Never Heard of Him - Scientific American
Two researchers could win the Nobel for optogenetics, but Zhuo-Hua Pan might have been there first
optogenetics  brain 
september 2016 by gdw
Artist in the Brain Mind Institute (BMI)
Artists-in-Labs Networking in the Margins
Brain  Music  Institute  Lausanne  Luca  Forcucci  bgm  nsi  sdc 
august 2016 by gdw
Kernel is a human intelligence (HI) company developing the world's first neuroprosthesis to mimic, repair, and improve Cognition.
human  intelligence  HI  neuroprosthesis  cognition  brain  chip  NSI 
august 2016 by gdw
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