Music Created by Artificial Intelligence Is Better Than You Think
A.I. doesn’t have to be a threat to human musicians. It might actually improve their melodies.
ai  music  machinelearning  artificial  intelligence  bgm  nsi 
15 hours ago
We won’t be listening to music in a decade according to Vinod Khosla | TechCrunch
“I actually think 10 years from now, you won’t be listening to music,”

Instead, he believes we’ll be listening to custom song equivalents that are automatically designed specifically for each individual, and tailored to their brain, their listening preferences and their particular needs.
music  ai  vinod  knosla  vc  bgm  brain  nsi  neurosonics 
15 hours ago
Vector Synthesis Book by macumbista — Kickstarter
A Media Archaeological Investigation into Sound-Modulated Light
pure-data  pd  sound-modulated  light  book 
15 hours ago
The series of ISEA symposia is coordinated by ISEA International. Founded in the Netherlands in 1990, ISEA International (formerly Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts) is an international non-profit organization fostering interdisciplinary academic discourse and exchange among culturally diverse organizations and individuals working with art, science and technology. ISEA International Headquarters is supported by the University of Brighton (UK)
ISEA2019  International  Symposium  onElectronic  Art  pcm50 
20 hours ago
Ask a Patient: Medicine Ratings and Health Care Opinions
When you need to know if a medication really works, why not Ask a Patient?

Learn from the experience of real people who have taken drug treatments. Share your side effects or success stories. Take control of your health by being informed and asking questions. AskaPatient.com provides tools for the empowered patient.
medicine  ratings  patient  opinions  health 
R vs. Python: Which is a better programming language for data science? - TechRepublic
The Python vs. R debate rages on in the data scientist community, Here's how the two coding languages match up.
R  vs  Python 
Also try Lightmod, a simpler, web-focused IDE for Clojure!
An all-in-one tool for full stack Clojure

Lightmod is a tightly integrated tool for making full stack Clojure and ClojureScript web apps. It is fully self-contained -- no need to install the JDK or any build tool. It hot reloads both client and server code automatically with zero setup
clojure  programming  opensource  ide  editor 
2 days ago
A handy tool for your Clojure adventures
clojure  programming  editor  ide  Nightcode 
2 days ago
Cursive: The IDE for beautiful Clojure(Script) code
The Clojure(Script) IDE that understands your code.
Advanced structural editing, refactorings, VCS integration and much more, all out of the box.
clojure  programming  ide  development  Cursive  clojurescript 
2 days ago
Introduction to Clojure - Modern dialect of Lisp (Part 1) / by @nardove + @toxi
Back in March I had the pleasure to attend Karsten’s workshop at the 2013 Resonate conference in Belgrade, in it we learned how to work with audio and music while coding live using the Clojure programming language.
clojure  introduction  workshop  audio  music 
2 days ago
Expanding the use of hearing devices through fashion | Hub
Kevin Franck seeks to increase adoption of needed hearing devices through tech and style advances
hearing  aid  acceptance  tech  style 
2 days ago
Perfect Your Python Development Setup (Learning Path) – Real Python
Skills: Python Setup, Code Editors & IDEs, Running Apps
3 days ago
CERN leaves Microsoft programs behind for open-source software | ZDNet
A price tag hike has CERN, one of the world's leading scientific research organizations, moving from Microsoft programs for more affordable open-source software.
3 days ago
How We Might Protect Ourselves From Malicious AI – MIT Technology Review – Medium
New research could make deep-learning models much harder to manipulate in harmful ways
5 days ago
Home - NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders)
NORD, a 501(c)(3) organization, is a patient advocacy organization dedicated to individuals with rare diseases and the organizations that serve them. NORD, along with its more than 280 patient organization members, is committed to the identification, treatment, and cure of rare disorders through programs of education, advocacy, research, and patient services.
rare  diseases 
6 days ago
Edit video by editing text | Stanford News
A new algorithm allows video editors to modify talking head videos as if they were editing text – copying, pasting, or adding and deleting words.
algorithms  video  stanford  text 
8 days ago
Manage your Apple Music subscription - Apple Support
Learn how to cancel Apple Music, change your subscription type, or join an existing Family subscription.
apple  music  subscription  management 
9 days ago
Apple’s Real User Indicator will tell developers when a new account may actually be a bot - The Verge
Apple says it’s building a new tool it calls Real User Indicator that could cut down on the number of bots secretly signing up for new accounts with mobile, desktop, and web services.
apple  developer  real  user  indicator  bots  logins 
10 days ago
Sarah Singleton on Instagram:
“Thor was sitting at the back of the garden this evening telling me I was late getting dinner out 🙄We were rewarded with 4 cubs tonight tho…”
foxes  learning  young  food-protection  food-dance 
12 days ago
CMJ Reviews
KYMA 7: The Search for the Ultimate Sound Creation Instrument

Vol. 39 Issue 3 Reviews
kyma  7  barton  mclean  review  cmj 
13 days ago
(Perspectives of New Music, Vol. 20, nos. 1-2; 1981)
Barton  McLean  music  philosophy  symbolic  extension  kyma 
13 days ago
Barton & Priscilla McLean: Writings by and About
Selected articles by Barton and/or Priscilla McLean
theory  music  technology  kyma  rain  forrest 
13 days ago
Kyma on Vimeo
A channel dedicated to sound and music made with Symbolic Sound's Kyma environment.
Kyma  video  channel 
13 days ago
At 90, E. O. Wilson Still Thrives on Being a Scientific Provocateur | WIRED
Wilson’s books have mostly addressed one theme: that we must know natural history and evolutionary theory to fully understand humanity’s future on the planet. In his 1986 manifesto Biophilia, for example, he suggested that humans have an innate biological need to be in nature and to “affiliate with other forms of life.” In Half Earth: Our Planet’s Fight for Life (2016), he offered his personal prescription to end the destruction of the world’s biodiversity: Governments should set aside half the planet as a nature reserve.
E.  O.  Wilson  biologist  scientific  provocateur  Biophilia 
13 days ago
Electronic Music Interactive, 2nd edition
Electronic Music Interactive v. 2 is a multimedia primer for electronic music that prepares students for more advanced study. Electronic Music Interactive v. 2 includes diagrams, interactive animations with sound, and a glossary that defines the content distributed across topic modules. Among the topics discussed are how sound is represented in the analog and digital domains, basic waveforms, basic synthesis modules, and MIDI. Students and teachers of electronic music everywhere are invited to try the new version of Electronic Music Interactive!
jeffrey  stolet  multimedia  primer  electronic  music  univ  oregon  kyma 
13 days ago
kyma – sound design inspiration
Symbolic Sound Corporation makes Kyma — a hardware and software environment for creative sound design, live performance, and scientific exploration.
audio  hardware  software  kyma  pacarana  capabara  symbolic  sound 
13 days ago
Epinephrine in Anaphylaxis: Higher Risk of Cardiovascular Complications and Overdose After Administration of Intravenous Bolus Epinephrine Compared with Intramuscular Epinephrine - ScienceDirect
The risk of overdose and adverse CV events is significantly higher with IV bolus epinephrine administration. Analysis of the data supports the safety of IM epinephrine and a need for extreme caution and further education about IV bolus epinephrine in anaphylaxis.
epinephrine  anaphylaxis  IM  vs  IV  cv  risk 
14 days ago
Advanced Programming Techniques for Modular Synthesizers
This web-based hypertext document
is intended to provide the advanced user of the
Clavia Nord Modular synthesizer with a toolbox of techniques for creating
complex and interesting patches. Although the emphasis is on the
Nord Modular, the techniques described in this
document can be applied to any modular synthesizer, from a modular Moog
to the Native Instruments Reaktor softsynth.
music  synthesis  synthesizer  cookbook  nord 
14 days ago
Centre for Intelligent Machines (CIM)
ai  engineering  robotics  McGill 
14 days ago
Welcome to the web site of the Center studying distributed intelligent shared environments, REPARTI (Regroupement pour l'étude des environnements partagés intelligents répartis).
Center  studying  distributed  intelligent  shared  environments  McGill  Laval 
14 days ago
Discourse - Civilized Discussion
Discourse is the 100% open source discussion platform built for the next decade of the Internet. Use it as a mailing list, discussion forum, long-form chat room, and more!
communication  discussion  forum  opensource  software 
14 days ago
The 100% open source discussion platform built for the next decade of the Internet.
discourse  opensource  discussion  platform 
14 days ago
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