Audio Mostly
Augmented and Participatory Sound/Music Experiences
Queen Mary University of London (London, UK)
audio  conference  acm 
The Domain Name System (DNS) is the backbone of the internet. Here’s how it all works.
How the Domain Name System (DNS) works and how you can make it better.
How  the  Domain  Name  System  (DNS)  works  and  you  can  make  it  better. 
2 days ago
TheWaveVR is a VC-backed tech startup based in Austin, TX, comprised of a team of VR and music tech ninjas who have worked at studios like Harmonix, Microsoft, Zenimax, Crystal Dynamics, Disney, Portalarium, Q-Games, and more. Everyone in the company is a musician.
TheWaveVR  live  vr  controller  dj  music  midi 
2 days ago
The 16-bit v/s 8-bit Blind Listening Test
The 16-bit v/s 8-bit Blind Listening Test
The  16-bit  v/s  8-bit  Blind  Listening  Test 
2 days ago
Advanced Computer Music materials
Advanced Computer Music workshop materials
Advanced  Computer  Music  workshop  materials  nick  collins  sc  stdmp 
2 days ago
Python GUI test drive: wxPython vs. PyQt | Opensource.com
Qt versus Wx: How do two of the most popular Python frameworks compare?
opensource  python  pyqt  wxPython  wxwidgets  qt  reference 
5 days ago
PyQT Tutorial
Python is a great language with many awesome features, but its default GUI package (TkInter) is rather ugly. Besides, who wants to write all that GUI code by hand, anyway? Instead, a much better way to write GUI apps in Python is to use Trolltech's QT Designer to WYSIWYG-ly create a nice-looking interface, and then automatically generate the necessary code for it with pyuic (which is a UI compiler for QT that comes with the PyQT package.)
python  QT  designer  pyuic  itp 
8 days ago
HARC, part of Y Combinator Research , has the mission to ensure human wisdom exceeds human power, by inventing technology that allows all humans to see further and understand more deeply.
HARC  Y  Combinator  Human  Advancement  Research  Community 
12 days ago
Musical User Interfaces
This is an ongoing set of projects focused on better interfaces for music software. The goal is to re-think many of the ways in which audio software is designed. These are a set of prototypes for how we might interact with music software more fluently, to better realise our ideas, and encourage creativity. The primary concern is not about the quality of DSP, or the way things sound, but how we use and interact with our tools.
Arthur  Carabott  Musical  User  Interfaces  design  audio 
12 days ago
Account - SageMathCloud
For professors teaching courses using open source software
SMC is the easiest way to get your class up and running. We eliminate installation problems, and the limitations of the Mathematica and ShareLaTeX cloud offerings. Our collaborative environment includes LaTeX, R, Jupyter, Python, SageMath, Octave, Julia, and much more.
14 days ago
Luna Composition Lab
Luna Composition Lab aims to close the gender gap in the world of music composition by providing mentorship and opportunities for young female composers.
woman  music  missy  mazola  ellen  reid 
14 days ago
Tonnetz - Wikipedia
In musical tuning and harmony, the Tonnetz (German: tone-network) is a conceptual lattice diagram representing tonal space first described by Leonhard Euler in 1739.[1]
tonnetz  tone-network  euler  Hugo  Riemann 
15 days ago
Arduino - Create
Arduino Create is an integrated online platform that enables Makers to write code, access content, configure boards, and share projects.
arduino  create  online  commons  web  ide 
17 days ago
About | Open Space Baltimore
Open Space is an artist-run gallery located at 512 W. Franklin St. in Baltimore, MD. Open Space’s mission is to promote a vibrant, visible, and connected contemporary arts community in Baltimore through a consistent curated program of exhibitions, annual festivals, and a wide variety of supplemental events such as lectures, film screenings, and music shows
baltimore  artist  gallery  music  visual 
17 days ago
The web looks like shit | The Outline
Using the internet shouldn’t be this hard.
web  design  bad  wpd 
22 days ago
27 days ago
Loudspeaker Enclosures & Horns: What They Do, How They Do It - ProSoundWeb
Baffles, bass reflex, optimal venting, horn design, flare rates, directivity
Loudspeaker  Enclosures  Horns 
27 days ago
Welcome to OAPEN | OAPEN
Welcome to OAPEN

The OAPEN Library contains freely accessible academic books, mainly in the area of humanities and social sciences.
OAPEN  online  library  and  publication  platform  academic  books  free  humanities  social  sciences 
27 days ago
free programming books (21 books)
free programming books
This is a list of excellent books on programming that you can find for free -- notable because this is explicitly an intersection of great writing and free resources, rather than just the latter!
free  programming  books  list  excellent 
27 days ago
Philip Guo - Assistant Professor of Cognitive Science - UC San Diego
My research spans human-computer interaction, online learning, and computing education.
blog  programming  python  philip  guo  ucsd  kahn  pythontutor 
28 days ago
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