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Take Control Over Your Webcam
Because we like you so much, we did a bit of research for you! Here is a list of cameras we have in our office that we tested, including results:

Built in FaceTime HD Camera
* Manual Exposure
* Aperture Priority
* Adjustable Aperture
* Manual white balance
* No focus control
* Powerline frequency control
* Backlight

Logitech C910
* Manual Exposure
* Gain
* Aperture Priority
* Adjustable Aperture
* Manual white balance
* Focus control
* Powerline frequency
* Backlight
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december 2016 by garyleatherman
EffecTV: Index
EffecTV is a real-time video effector. You can watch TV or video through amazing effectors.

software  video  effects 
november 2016 by garyleatherman
OpenCV | OpenCV
computational efficiency and with a strong focus on real-time applications
code  programming  image  video  python  rpi 
november 2016 by garyleatherman
how do you delete unused clips while archiving in updated fcpx : Apple Final Cut Pro X
Select the Project in your Event. Choose File > Copy Project to Library > New Library.

Name a new library and chose to transfer the proxy and optimized media (or not).

This will create a new Library with a new Event, your Project, and only the used media.

You then want to Consolidate the Library to make sure all of the media is inside the Library for archiving.

Or if you have the media backed up separately, then you can skip the Consolidate step.
fcpx  video  nle 
october 2016 by garyleatherman
final cut pro x - Can FCPX work with vector graphics? - Video Production Stack Exchange
Here is a workaround I've discovered that seems to work ok. It's not elegant, but it gives you vector support within FCPX, which can be handy in a number of situations. It does require Apple Motion, however.

Convert your vector file into a PDF using Preview.
Create a Final Cut Generator in Apple Motion
Import PDF
Click the PDF in the "Media" pane (next to the Viewer), then in the inspector, un-click "Fixed Resolution" in the "Media" tab.
Drag the file into your composition.
Save As...
This will create a generator in FCPX, which is a little more permanent than making a simple file. But if you're doing work for a client and want a persistent vector version of their logo or something, this can be very helpful.
video  finalcutpro  FCPX  graphics 
september 2016 by garyleatherman
Manipulating Media in Drop Zones : Apple Motion
You can always slip your media in Motion to the appropriate point by option-dragging on it in the mini-Timeline (it needs to be trimmed first just like in FCP).
video  fcpx  motion  howto  advice  tip 
september 2016 by garyleatherman
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