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How to Create a Share - Help | Atlas by HashiCorp
for macs, must type: "vagrant share --http 80" to force http port open
howto  vagrant  network  share  mobile 
july 2015 by garyleatherman
Vonage Forum - Setting up Vonage with WRT54GL running Tomato firmware
Also keep in mind this won't limit your downstream bandwidth so if you have someone downloading torrents or something similar you can still have issues. I still see this myself when iTunes is downloading large podcasts. There is a variant firmware to Tomato that you'll see on that forum that is supposed to limit downstream speed, but I haven't messed with it.
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august 2010 by garyleatherman about: howitworks
The social marketplace where filmmakers and fans connect to make independent film happen
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june 2008 by garyleatherman
iPhoto '08 photo library corrupted
when iPhoto loses network mount and creates a 'local' version instead
iphoto  Mac  photography  network  library  corrupted 
may 2008 by garyleatherman

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