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emcrisostomo/Time-Machine-Cleanup · GitHub
ZSH scripts to clean up Time Machine backups and reduce its size
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october 2015 by garyleatherman
I need to "unreconcile" transactions that were - Quicken Community
how to unreconcile a transaction in Mac Quicken 2007/2003:

I still use Quicken 2003 for Mac, and I discovered how to unreconcile transactions:

1. Select the reconciled transaction you wish to unreconcile
2. hover the cursor over the "R" in the selected transaction - the cursor will change to a check mark
3. depress the "Option" key and click the mouse (i.e., "Option-Click")
4. a dialog box (window) will pop up asking if you wish to "cancel," "unreconcile," or "go to reconcile." Select "unreconcile"
5. the "R" will vanish
6. save the transaction (enter)
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december 2013 by garyleatherman
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