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Desparate - Two problems using FCP to Compressor to DVDSP : Apple Final Cut Pro
My experience with HD to DVD, particularly non-square sizes like 1280x1080 (faux HD?) for 1920x1080 is...

Export sequence at its native HD settings.
Check how the movie looks in QT player. It will look fine.
Run this HD QT through Compressor and make an SD quicktime, same frame rate.
It will be a 720x576 or 720x486 QT which will be anamorphic. That's normal.
Use this SD QT to compress to m2v in Compressor.

It will look better than an HD QT to SD m2v conversion.
Conversion time even the sum of the two stage HD-SD and SD-m2v will be less than the straight HD QT to SD m2v.

Experiment with the frame controls in Motion especially in the HD to SD conversion.
Do trials on small 1-3 min segments till you hit a good setting. Then do a longer 10 min compress, and then go for the whole thing.
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november 2011 by garyleatherman

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