If MPR is like Jenga, a foundational block is being pulled out behind you. Not many people around…
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9 days ago
It’s funny, you have the game’s biggest stars on the ice but 3v3 outside looks like the same youthful fun it should…
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15 days ago
Here’s the Toronto Maple Leafs just casually practicing outdoors in downtown St. Paul.
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15 days ago
Game Development with Pygame
If you're interested in game development, this is the place to start. We'll introduce you to Pygame, the Python-based game library, and show you how to get started.
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19 days ago
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if doRectsOverlap(bouncer['rect'], food):
117.             foods.remove(food)
python  pygame  collisions 
26 days ago
blob or Contour overlap area - OpenCV Q&A Forum
int calculateIntersectionArea(const cv::Mat& blobImg, const std::vector<cv::Point> contour1, const std::vector<cv::Point> contour2)
cv::Mat aux1 = cv::Mat::zeros(blobImg.size(), CV_8UC1);
cv::Mat aux2 = cv::Mat::zeros(blobImg.size(), CV_8UC1);

cv::rectangle(aux1, cv::boundingRect(contour1), 255, -1, 8, 0);
cv::rectangle(aux2, cv::boundingRect(contour2), 255, -1, 8, 0);

cv::bitwise_and(blobImg, aux1, aux1);
cv::bitwise_and(blobImg, aux2, aux2);

cv::Mat intersectionMat = aux1 & aux2;

cv::Scalar intersectionArea = cv::sum(intersectionMat);

return (intersectionArea[0]);
26 days ago
Intersection and Union of Two Rectangles using OpenCV | Putu Yuwono Kusmawan
Rect2d r1(x1, y1, width1, height1);
Rect2d r2(x2, y2, width2, height2);
Rect2d r3 = r1 & r2;
if (r3.area() > 0)
 cout << "Intersecting Rectangles" << endl;
 cout << "Non-intersecting Rectangles" << endl;
opencv  python 
26 days ago
I just became a charter subscriber to the new Criterion Channel, launching spring 2019! You can too to keep actuall…
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27 days ago
Shapely Shapes and OpenCV Visions
masking and intersect of polygons (shapes)
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4 weeks ago
Welcome to the 116th Congress!!
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4 weeks ago
Python Programming Tutorials
Template Matching OpenCV Python Tutorial
opencv  python  template  matching 
5 weeks ago
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