Calibre performance monitoring
"Calibre’s powerful performance monitoring gives the page speed insights you need to improve customer experience."
performance  monitoring  tools  webdevelopment  devops 
8 hours ago
Galen Framework
Automated testing of look and feel for your responsive websites.
css  testing  responsivedesign  webdesign  java 
9 hours ago
Design System Doc Components
Excellent tips and advice for documenting a design system.
designsystems  designthinking  webdesign  design  documentation 
9 hours ago
Designed for Growth
"Design debt is acquired by design teams creating non-reusable solutions for isolated problems. Design debt is made up of an over abundance of non-reusable and inconsistent styles, treatments, and interactions and the interest is the impossible task of their management and modification."
designsystems  business  design  designthinking 
9 hours ago
What would you say you do here?
from twitter
11 hours ago
10 EdTech Companies You Need To Know About
In 2012, the MIT Technology Review posed the following question: “What’s been the single biggest innovation in education ?” At the time, most people couldn’t come up with a single answer. Today, however, MIT’s question might not stump as many people."
education  technology  edtech  innovation 
11 hours ago
Space in Design Systems – EightShapes LLC – Medium
From Basics to Expanded Concepts to Apply Space with Intent
design  designthinking  colour  space 
Our secret’s out. – VanMoof – Medium
Since we started shipping bikes eight years ago, we’ve struggled to find shipping partners that give our bikes the same obsessive love and…
cycling  business  lateralthinking 
"A highly customizable Open Source online editor providing collaborative editing in really real-time"
collaboration  opensource  writing  tools 
2 days ago
White men in digital - our privilege is blinding
We’re proudly sponsoring the Women in Drupal event at DrupalCon Dublin 2016. This prompted me to reflect on our own track record on employing and advancing women. Of course our own house is in order. Right? No, it is not.
society  equality  feminism  business  bestpractice 
5 days ago
and defines the world. Again. I adore him.
from twitter_favs
5 days ago
"Training data, machine learning, and human-in-the-loop in a single, essential platform for data science teams."
ai  artificialintelligence  machinelearning  crowdsourcing  data 
5 days ago
11 f**k ups whilst making a chatbot
"Given the relative freshness of chatbots and the rather dull articles out there professing to conclude the future of the technology, we thought there was nothing better than brutal honesty as to the f**k ups we encountered when embracing the Internet’s latest shiny toy"
userexperience  chat  chatbot  programming  pamoja 
5 days ago
TextBlob: Simplified Text Processing
TextBlob is a Python (2 and 3) library for processing textual data. It provides a simple API for diving into common natural language processing (NLP) tasks such as part-of-speech tagging, noun phrase extraction, sentiment analysis, classification, translation, and more.
python  text  processing  sentiment 
5 days ago
Museum of Modern Art | MoMA
"The digital archive project will include almost 33,000 exhibition installation photographs, most never previously available online, along with the pages of 800 out-of-print catalogs and more than 1,000 exhibition checklists, documents related to more than 3,500 exhibitions from 1929 through 1989."
archive  art  collection  history  nyc  newyork  moma 
5 days ago
Open Design Kit
Bocoup's Open Design Kit. An open source tool to promote design in distributed teams.
collaboration  design  opensource  remote  userexperience  webdesign  webdevelopment  pamoja 
6 days ago
Try serving this French-style cheesy potato bake with pickled onions, gherkins and charcuterie.
bacon  potatoes  recipe  cheese 
8 days ago
Aligot (Mashed Potatoes With Melted Cheese) Recipe
Aligot is the ultimate comfort food—think, ski lodge, by the fire, warming and filling you up. It's kind of like a potato fondue: mashed potatoes whipped with melted cheese until it gets gooey and smotheringly delicious.
cheese  french  recipe  vegetarian  garlic  potatoes 
8 days ago
2016 ILM Art Department Challenge
Industrial Light & Magic, Wacom and ArtStation teamed up to offer a community of artists the opportunity to engage directly with ILM Art Directors in the world of Star Wars. The goal was to find new and exciting creators eager to prove themselves, and we're very happy to introduce the finalists and winning artists of the 2016 ILM Art Department Challenge.
art  starwars  desktop  scifi  inspiration 
8 days ago

OXFORD 23/09


📷 by
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9 days ago
A technique to help Prioritise your Backlog
"As a Product Owner do you ever feel that you have too much work and not enough capacity, or have too many stakeholders yelling for their items to be done first? Do you never have time to tackle technical debt or innovation because the head of sales keeps demanding new features?"
projectmanagement  backlog  agile  business 
10 days ago
Communities of Practice: The Missing Piece of Your Agile Organisation
"Communities of practice bring together people who share areas of interest or concerns. They have specific applications in agile organisations: scaling agile development and allowing individuals to connect with others who share similar concerns. Communities of practice bring people together to regain the benefits of regular contact while keeping the value of multidisciplinary agile teams."
community  agile  delivery  business  technology  webdevelopment  appdevelopment  society 
11 days ago
Art of the Title
"Art of the Title is the definitive resource for title sequence design, spanning the film, television, conference, and videogame industries. Featuring title design from countries around the world, we honour the creators and innovators who contribute to the field, discussing and displaying their work with a desire to explicate, facilitate, and instigate."
design  film  movies  typography  video  inspiration 
11 days ago
Accelerated Mobile Pages Foundations
Google course to learn about building AMP enabled pages
google  webdevelopment  amp  performance  mobileweb 
11 days ago
Open Innovation Toolkit
"The Open Innovation Toolkit is a community sourced set of best practices and principles to help you incorporate human-centered design into your product development process."
userexperience  productdesign  hci  product  development  pamoja 
11 days ago
Video to GIF
Easily create GIFs from Youtube, Vimeo and hundreds of other video sites.
video  gif  tools  animation 
11 days ago
Lunch Train
"Makes planning lunch outings with your team simple and pleasant (and, dare we say, fun). Want sushi for lunch? Start a Lunch Train with a quick slash command, and your teammates can easily board the train and receive a reminder when it’s time to depart."
slack  bot  automation  work  teams 
12 days ago
Peacock Spider 7 (Maratus speciosus) - YouTube
Watching videos of adorable Peacock Spiders, because why not.
nature  spider  arachnid  from twitter
12 days ago
6 web layout myths busted
Jen Simmons on real art direction on the web, explaining how you can use how flexbox, grid, shapes, multicolumn, viewport units and more to create layouts as unique as your content.
design  webdesign  designthinking  webdevelopment 
13 days ago
Boiled dumplings and pot sticker recipes, great for school/work lunches or as a snack
If you love chinese dumplings or want to try something new and exciting, this easy recipe will help you get started in your culinary journey
food  recipe  dumplings  chinese 
13 days ago
Why and How to Test Your Pattern Library – Part 1: Testing Strategy
Still testing your pattern library manually? Here's how to improve user confidence by using design specs to combine documentation, communication and automated cross-browser testing.
designsystems  patternlibrary  testing  webdevelopment  pamoja  userexperience 
14 days ago
is a program that allows you to customise your Raspberry Pi in the easiest possible way. You can add programs, edit settings and modify files, all through an easy to use block based interface.
configuration  raspberrypi  tools  programming 
14 days ago
Pics about Space
Big collection of full-sized public images about space.
space  science  exploration  nasa  blueprints  diagram 
14 days ago
How can I learn to love Shakespeare?
Russell T Davies and the cast of A Midsummer Nights Dream on the challenges of adapting Shakespeare and the values of letting the Bard into your life.
history  culture  shakespeare  society  education  literature 
14 days ago
Integrating pattern libraries with backend code
Great discussion on Github about the holy grail of pattern libraries: One source of truth, where you define the pattern once, and then distribute it to the build system.
patternlibrary  patterns  webdevelopment  designsystems 
14 days ago
Ethics of emotional intelligence in UX research
There’s no doubt that emotional intelligence plays an important role in UX. But along with all the benefits of having a user-centered strategy, there’s also the potential for unintended abuse of your knowledge and understanding of your customers.
research  userexperience  psychology  pamoja 
14 days ago
Three unconventional interview questions
A few ideas to help applicants open up Hiring is never easy. Attracting qualified candidates is hard enough — then, there are interviews. An interview is often the only collection of minutes you get with a stranger before signing up to spend, theoretically, several years with them.
work  hiring  business  bestpractice 
15 days ago
Colorized man pages: Understood and customized
Nice trick, with a great explanation of how it is performed.
bash  zsh  linux  terminal  unix  osx 
17 days ago
moxtra embeddable collaboration platform offers enterprise grade security, power messaging, annotation tools, voice clips, and voice & video meetings
tools  collaboration  sharing 
17 days ago
JavaScript Arrow Functions Introduction
"ES6 has introduced arrow functions which have three main benefits. First, they have a concise syntax. Secondly, they have implicit returns, which allows us to write these nifty one-liners. Thirdly, they don’t rebind the value of this"
javascript  syntax  es6  programming 
18 days ago
Intuitive, Fast and Composable MVVM for building interactive interfaces.
javascript  framework  mvc  webdevelopment 
18 days ago
Lectures on Digital Photography
An introduction to the scientific, artistic, and computing aspects of digital photography. Topics include lenses and optics, light and sensors, optical effects in nature, perspective and depth of field, sampling and noise, the camera as a computing platform, image processing and editing, and computational photography. We will also survey the history of photography, look at the work of famous photographers, and talk about composing strong photographs.
photography  education  lectures  video  learning 
18 days ago
Meet the Postlight Bot
Chatbots are the hot, new-old thing. They stepped out of the ancient Internet loam of IRC’s earliest days (and prior to that, ELIZA), and…
slack  bot  communication  teams 
19 days ago
Quill - Your powerful, rich text editor
Quill is a free, open source WYSIWYG editor built for the modern web. With its modular architecture and expressive API, it is completely customizable to fulfill any need.
editor  javascript  text  wysiwyg  js  latex 
19 days ago
Timeline JS
Generate interactive time lines with a Google spreadsheet.
javascript  timeline  tools  visualisation 
19 days ago
Cognitive bias cheat sheet
1: Information overload sucks, so we aggressively filter.
2: Lack of meaning is confusing, so we fill in the gaps.
3: Need to act fast lest we lose our chance, so we jump to conclusions.
4: This isn’t getting easier, so we try to remember the important bits.
psychology  sociology  cognitive  cognitivebias  brain 
19 days ago
When should we create a document on an agile team?
When should we create a document on an agile team? http://www.disciplinedagiledelivery.com/agile-documention-strategy/ The point is that many documents aren’t really needed, they are merely...
agile  projectmanagement  diagram  process 
20 days ago
Using real sample data to make great designs
Helping you create customized JSON file to generate product related content.
json  webdevelopment  prototype  data 
20 days ago
The Improbable, Bold History of Space Concept Art
In 1966 Norman Rockwell really needed a spacesuit — and NASA didn’t want to give him one.
space  history  art  design  science 
20 days ago
The most advanced API tool for Mac
Paw is a full-featured and beautifully designed Mac app that makes interaction with REST services delightful.Whether you are an API maker or consumer, Paw helps you build HTTP requests, inspect the server's response and even generate client code.
api  browser  http  rest  osx 
20 days ago
The Building Blocks Of Progressive Web Apps
What are the do’s and dont’s on how to make a progressive web apps? Ada Rose Edwards explains how and why not enough people are familiar with progressive web apps... it's time to change that.
mobile  webdevelopment  progressivewebapps  pwa 
21 days ago
The Ultimate Beef Stroganoff Recipe
Beef stroganoff is a dish of quick-cooked beef in a creamy sauce made flavored with mushrooms, onions, paprika, and sour cream. In our upgraded version, the beef is cooked as a whole steak to maintain a more tender, medium-rare center, while the sauce is carefully layered and constructed to optimize its rich, comforting, savory flavor.
beef  recipe  food  stroganoff 
23 days ago
Style Guides: Best Practices and Workflow for Web Developers
With responsive websites being an expectation in today's web landscape, we need to maintain the complexity and flexibility of a system by designing and building individual components that move and reflow within layouts. Style Guides are a mechanism to style most (if not all) of your site's themable elements in one place, and have quickly become the foundational tool for tackling an increasingly-diverse web landscape. Getting greater theme coverage allows your site builders and content managers to dynamically add new pages and layouts to your site, all while keeping the look and feel intact and maintaining a consistent experience for the end user. Style Guides give designers and developers a platform to create a shared vocabulary, building out components of a system instead of ‘pages’ to a website, and deciding on markup together.
styleguide  patternlibrary  designsystems  designthinking  webdevelopment 
25 days ago
Being Smart with Sound
UI Sound has the ability to instantly draw your attention, or simply add a subtle layer of information to a UI interaction - either alerting you to something important,...
audio  sound  design  userinterface 
25 days ago
Five tips for improving your technical writing and documentation.
Get more users and fewer support requests by leveling up your writing and technical documentation.
documentation  writing  readme 
25 days ago
Pantsuit: The Hillary Clinton UI pattern library – Git out the vote
Absolutely love ’s deep dive into “Pantsuit,” the pattern library used by the Hilary Clinton campaign
patternlibrary  designthinking  designsystems  webdevelopment  from twitter_favs
26 days ago
Interface Inventory
Post and keynote template for performing an interface inventory.
interface  interfaceinventory  webdevelopment  userinterface  from twitter
26 days ago
I Wanted to Type a Number
How to call the correct keyboard on mobile devices
userinterface  userexperience  ios  android  keyboard 
26 days ago
Packal is the repository for Alfred 2 Workflows and Themes. All Workflows and Themes are user-contributed, and all can extend the Mac OS X application Alfred 2.
mac  osx  workflow  alfred  productivity 
26 days ago
The cost of small modules
About a year ago I was refactoring a large JavaScript codebase into smaller modules, when I discovered a depressing fact about Browserify and Webpack: "The more I modularize my code, the bigger it gets. 😕"
javascript  performance  programming  webpack  nodejs  npm 
26 days ago
Interactive music-making. Build synths & sounds all in the browser, and share your creations...
audio  browser  javascript  music 
26 days ago
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