Isle Of Man (211/365) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
I like this one of the Isle Of Man: You might also like this group:
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5 hours ago
Flickr: The Window seat please Pool
I like this one of the Isle Of Man: You might also like this group:
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5 hours ago
Flickr: The jQuery UK Pool
Only 2 months late, but I've finished processing the photos for . We have our own pool now you know:
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Miura-ori fold
Origami technique for folding items into a small area.
origami  paper  craft  art 
2 days ago
Count to ten when a plane goes down...
A cautionary tale about rumours and conspiracy theories.
airline  computer  history 
2 days ago
Twitter / liamjay66: If you only see one rabbit ...
I didn't mean to imply you believed in horoscopes, only that the bias effect might be similiar. Anyway:
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2 days ago
Breach - A browser for the HTML5 era
Entirely written in Javascript. Free. Modular. Hackable.
browser  html5  javascript  opensource 
2 days ago
An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories
opensource  text  adventure  tool 
3 days ago
Walk Score
Grades areas for local amenities
environment  neighbourhood  walking  wayfinding  home  tool 
5 days ago
Papa Parse - Powerful CSV parser for Javascript
A powerful, in-browser CSV parser that can convert to/from JSON, auto-detect delimiters, open local files, download remote files, and gracefully handle malformed input.
csv  json  javascript  library  tool 
5 days ago
JIBO: The World's First Family Robot - YouTube
One step closer to getting my own GERTY from "Moon" /via
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6 days ago
Custom Elements
A Web Components Gallery for Modern Web Apps
javascript  library  web  webcomponents 
6 days ago
"For a web developer the editor is the pen and the browser is a piece of paper." - by

Amen to that.
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6 days ago
4 Principles of DevOps
There are a lot of misconceptions about DevOps. Really, it's a way of thinking. We explore 4 key principles that drive our operations.
devops  sysadmin  principles  bestpractice 
6 days ago
Client photo gallery for modern photographers.
business  photography  web  digital 
13 days ago
Help Joy help you. On the unusability of internal systems.
"This is Joy’s notebook. At the airport earlier today I had to switch my ticket from one flight to another. Joy was the customer service person who helped me do this.

Joy’s notebook is about two inches thick, she’s created an A-Z index for it, it is packed full of handwritten notes about how to do different tasks in the various system she uses – steps that need following, codes that need inputting."
userexperience  usertesting  usercentereddesign  userinterface 
15 days ago
Moving comic about time travel and death
comic  death  health  scifi 
16 days ago
Some interesting things about how we do content design
"We don’t just write the content for GOV.UK – we design it. This sounds simple, but they’re fundamental to the way we work: understanding user needs, designing content that meets those needs, and iterating to improve it in response to user feedback."
gds  content  contentstrategy  contentdesign 
18 days ago
The Gunfighter on Vimeo
"Just another period western meta comedy short film. Featuring the mellifluous voice of Nick Offerman."
ifttt  vimeo  video  funny  comedy  western 
18 days ago
What Every Frontend Developer Should Know About Webpage Rendering — Frontend Babel
Rendering has to be optimized from the very beginning, when the page layout is being defined, as styles and scripts play the crucial role in page rendering. Professionals have to know certain tricks to avoid performance problems.
browser  webdevelopment  performance  css  javascript  dom  html  http  https 
23 days ago
World War I in Photos - The Atlantic
Incredible collection of photos marking the 100th anniversary of World War 1
history  photography  war  wwi 
23 days ago
5 Tips to Get Donations on Nonprofit and Charity Websites
To encourage donations, focus on answering potential-donors’ top questions and streamlining the donation process.
nonprofit  charity  userexperience  userjourney  webdevelopment 
24 days ago
Lightweight charting library.
chart  code  html5  javascript  visualisation  data  analytics 
24 days ago
Just upgraded to Xscope 4. The new Text and Overlay tools are worth the price alone. Good work
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25 days ago
Epoch by Fastly
A general purpose real-time charting library for building beautiful, smooth, and high performance visualizations.
d3  javascript  realtime  visualisation  data  analysis  analytics 
25 days ago
Flickr Search: gerbil
There are a whole bunch of CC gerbils on Flickr *:)
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28 days ago
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: 10 of the best | Music | theguardian.com
RT : I wrote my first thing for : delving into Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' ace back catalogue
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29 days ago
GTD and OmniFocus 2 - my productivity workflow
Rachel Andrew from Perch writes about how she uses OmniFocus
gtd  omnifocus  productivity 
4 weeks ago
Ops School Curriculum — Ops School Curriculum 0.1 documentation
Ops School is a comprehensive program that will help you learn to be an operations engineer.
sysadmin  devops  linux  windows  unix 
4 weeks ago
garrettc | This Is My Jam
I'm really getting into the new EMA album, this is one of the stand out tracks.
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4 weeks ago
Blitzortung.org – lightning map Europe
Thunderstorms and lightning strikes in real-time.
cartography  maps  weather  sensors  data  lightning 
4 weeks ago
SUIT CSS: style tools for UI components
"SUIT CSS is a reliable and testable styling methodology for component-based UI development. A collection of CSS packages and build tools are available as modules."
css  webdesign  component  system  userinterface 
4 weeks ago
Miyazaki backgrounds
Giant downloadable archive of backgrounds from Ghibli films.
animation  art  design  desktop  from twitter_favs
5 weeks ago
Critical path CSS generator
Makes inlining above-the-fold #CSS faster
css  performance  webdevelopment  webdesign 
5 weeks ago
Compose a liveblog directly from Twitter, with multiple contributors
twitter  tool  collaboration  liveblog  events 
5 weeks ago
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