Nigel Slater's roast courgette recipe
Courgettes are cheap and plentiful right now. Here's a nice, simple idea for using them up, says Nigel Slater
food  recipe  courgette  olives 
12 hours ago
Pledge for 's book, get an animated gif of space dogs. It's a win-win situation people!
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12 hours ago
List of cakes - Wikipedia
I've fallen into a Wikipedia food wormhole:
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13 hours ago
Spiced nuts
Spiced nuts are a classic holiday snack. In this simple recipe, pecans are coated with an egg white and dusted with sugar, salt, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.
recipe  food  to  cook  dessert  nuts 
13 hours ago
Untitled (https://spiked.co.uk/i/pirates-facepalm.gif)
Playing with MS OneDrive. Has "Getting Started" pdf, that Word tries to open, convert, and then eats the PostScript.
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14 hours ago
How we structure our work and teams at Basecamp
'“How do you guys actually work? How do you choose what to do? How big are your teams? How do you structure the work itself” are questions I get all the time. I’ve been sharing the details in small group workshops and 1 on 1, but figured it was time to write something up so we can share it at large.'
business  structure  projectmanagement  work 
15 hours ago
The Web, Worldwide
The web isn't experienced the same way everywhere. Find out more about user situations around the world.
userexperience  data  demographics  world  worldwideweb  society  pamoja 
15 hours ago
UX Minimum Checklist: the things every product team should do
"The UX Checklist I collected after building digital products with many small and large companies. These are the minimum requirements a product team needs."
checklist  process  research  userexperience 
15 hours ago
A logo maker that uses artificial intelligence
business  design  logo  artificialintelligence  automation 
16 hours ago
We Need to Talk About Technical Debt
"Harry Roberts addresses the hastily-coded elephant in the room and helps us to identify what is technical debt, and what is just bad code."
development  programming  webdevelopment  appdevelopment  technicaldebt  refactoring 
17 hours ago
Calendly - Scheduling appointments and meetings is super easy with Calendly.
Say goodbye to phone and email tag for finding the perfect meeting time with Calendly. It's 100% free, super easy to use and you'll love our customer service.
calendar  tools  productivity  business 
18 hours ago
Creating a Weekly Research Cadence
"Working on a product team, it’s easy to get hyper-focused on building features and lose sight of your users and their daily challenges. User research can be time-consuming to set up, so it often becomes ad-hoc and irregular, only performed in response to a particular question or concern. But without frequent touch points and opportunities for discovery, your product will stagnate and become less and less relevant. Setting up an efficient cadence of weekly research conversations will re-focus your team on user problems and provide a steady stream of insights for product development."
research  lean  mvp  agile  webdevelopment  productdevelopment  userexperience  pamoja 
18 hours ago
Yes! It's the “clickety-clack“ on the keyboard that reminds me it's time to groom. Obvs the other thing…
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18 hours ago
The State of UX in 2017
"We are looking forward to how UX will evolve in 2017. In the meantime, here’s our take on looking at the past, understanding the present, and anticipating what the future holds for UX."
userexperience  trends  webdevelopment  designthinking  webdesign 
18 hours ago
you're in the Recent Discoveries section on the Apple TV this morning 👍
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2 days ago
Logojoy | Make a Logo Design Online
Logojoy is a logo maker that uses artificial intelligence, so it feels like you're working with a real designer and the results are amazing.
design  logo  webapp  artificialintelligence  designthinking 
2 days ago
Why do we create style guides?
"At Next, the style guides we create are the manifestations of our design systems. They provide our clients with the scalability to support their business or product into the future on the Web."
designthinking  webdesign  webdevelopment  patternlibrary  designsystems  styleguide  bestpractice 
3 days ago
Procedural sprite generation.
"On November 19, 2016 in San Francisco, CA the first annual Gen Jam (procedural generation jam) was hosted at the awesome indie co-working space GameNest. The idea was to spend a Saturday creating an art generator, a "thing that makes a thing" if you will.

I created a thing that made character sprites in the amazing style of Christopher "Oryx" Barrett's awesome Oryx Design Lab 16-bit Sprite Set."
programming  design  designthinking  inspiration  games  sprites  pixel 
3 days ago
Spotted in Oxford a few days ago. I didn't realise you were part of a cultural exchange!
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3 days ago
SurveyGizmo | Professional Online Survey Software & Tools
SurveyGizmo is an advanced (but easy to use) online survey software tool that comes with amazing customer service, every survey feature you can imagine and an open API.
survey  poll  form  tool 
3 days ago
Think your job is safe from the robo-uprising? Think again
The position of specialised professionals is coming to an end - machine learning and AI is set to change it
artificialintelligence  machinelearning  business  creativity  future  designthinking  from instapaper
3 days ago
I ran a retrospective today. You'd be so proud of me 🤓
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4 days ago
It's that time of year again, welcome back
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5 days ago
Ask first, judge later
"So here is my rule of thumb. If someone comes to me with an idea, even if my immediate reaction is very negative, ask at least three questions about that idea to make sure you really understand it and appreciate it."
creativity  process  innovation  business 
5 days ago
Using Card-Based Design To Enhance UX
Web and mobile apps move away from pages, towards completely personalized experiences. And this experience built on an aggregation of many individual pieces of content.
userexperience  webdesign  userinterface  cards 
5 days ago
Sounds fun
Queueing, synchronising, and looping audio using the web audio API.
webdevelopment  sound  audio  worldwideweb  api  javascript 
5 days ago
Fixed Scrolling Disappearing Banner
I recently saw a very interesting visual effect that I can only describe in a series of antonyms: a fixed, scrolling, disappearing banner. This article details my recreation and explanation of the effect.
css  css3  html  html5  scrolling  webdesign  inspiration 
6 days ago
Immersive Toilet Paper at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community
Someone released a mod to make the toilet paper in Fallout 4 hang the correct way 👏 ?
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6 days ago
Learn to Code HTML & CSS
"Learn to Code HTML & CSS has one goal — to teach people how to build beautiful and intuitive websites by way of clear and organized lessons. The guide covers a variety of web design and development topics, ranging from beginner to advanced skill levels."
book  webdesign  webdevelopment  html5  css3  education  learning 
6 days ago
"A free tutorial to learn HTML and CSS. It's short (just as long as a 50 page book), simple (for everyone: beginners, designers, developers), and free (as in 'free beer' and 'free speech'). It consists of 50 lessons across 4 chapters, covering the Web, HTML5, CSS3, and Sass."
book  webdesign  webdevelopment  html5  css3  sass  education  learning 
6 days ago
A key=value log format whose output is readable by a human or a computer, while at the same time not being absolutely optimal for either.
code  logging  tools  bestpractice 
6 days ago
How it works
Museum In A Box explanatory video.
video  museum  history  technology  designthinking 
6 days ago
Design trends: Farewell big hero image
Torchbox look at alternatives to the hero banner.
designthinking  webdesign  content  layout 
6 days ago
Designing digital services that are accountable, understood, and trusted (OSCON 2016 talk)
These are the speaker notes and slides from my talk at OSCON 2016 last month. Hello. Welcome to this session about power and importance of designing digital services that are understandable, accountable and trusted. I’m hoping to convince you that designing digital services that are understandable, accountable and trusted
6 days ago
Explain Space
Beautiful, simple explanations about space phenomena.
design  space  inspiration  education  from twitter_favs
7 days ago
This is How a Camera Adds 10 Pounds
The effect of focal length on face shape.
photography  tips  tricks 
7 days ago
The Most Influential Images of All Time
Explore the stories behind 100 images that changed the world, selected by TIME and an international team of curators. And watch our new series of original short documentaries that tell the surprising stories behind the pictures.
history  photography  photos  inspiration 
7 days ago
RT : I also liked, "This shit's been done, son."
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9 days ago
Continuous Unix commit history from 1970 until today
The history and evolution of the Unix operating system is made available as a revision management repository, covering the period from its inception in 1970 as a 2.5 thousand line kernel and 26 commands, to 2016 as a widely-used 27 million line system. The 1.1GB repository contains about half a million commits and more than two thousand merges.
unix  bsd  history  computing  freebsd  pdp7 
10 days ago
Bruce Schneier: 'The internet era of fun and games is over'
Speaking before members of Congress, the internet pioneer made clear the dangers of the internet of things.
internet  security  iot  internetofthings  technology 
10 days ago
12 Signs You’re Working in a Feature Factory
'I’ve used the term Feature Factory at a couple conference talks over the past two years. I started using the term when a software developer friend complained that he was “just sitting in the factory, cranking out features, and sending them down the line.”

How do you know if you’re working in a feature factory?'
pamoja  userexperience  webdevelopment  productdesign  business 
10 days ago
What is your favourite album?
"I'd like to paint peoples favourite albums."
art  music  painting  tobuy 
10 days ago
Why Product Thinking is the next big thing in UX Design
"When thinking of User Experience, we often think of a simple, beautiful, and easy to use feature-set of a product, that makes the user’s life easier. But as a matter of fact, features are merely a small, fragile part of the product. They are only a few of many thinkable solutions for a user’s problem the product tries to solve. Thinking in products means thinking in specific user’s problems, in jobs to be done, in goals, and in revenues."
pamoja  userexperience  product  productdesign  productthinking  webdevelopment  appdevelopment 
10 days ago
Build a Slow TV OSX screensaver in 2min
Matt Haughey explains how to use WebViewScreenSaver to make slow video screensavers
osx  screensaver  designthinking 
10 days ago
Tilt Hover Effects
Some ideas for hover effects with a fancy tilt effect. They add a nice subtle depth to the UI.
animation  css  demo  webdesign  userinterface 
11 days ago
I totally forgot about print style sheets
Optimizing web pages for print is important because we want our sites to be as accessible as possible, no matter the medium. We shouldn’t make assumptions about our users and their behaviour. People still print web pages.
webdevelopment  webdesign  css  print  usability 
11 days ago
Office 365 vs Google Apps 2016 - an in-depth comparison review
In this Office 365 vs Google Apps comparison, we explore two leading suites of cloud productivity apps, discuss the pros and cons in depth, and help you work out which one is best for your business.
microsoft  google  office  collaboration  review  comparison 
12 days ago
Google for Work vs. Microsoft Office 365: A comparison of cloud tools
While Google for Work and Microsoft Office 365 offer many similar services, choosing between the two can be a significant challenge for CIOs. This comparison eases that burden.
microsoft  google  collaboration  office  work  pamoja  comparison  review 
12 days ago
RT : 25 🎟 left for Critters on Sun, 27/11. Oh, and we've got the BEST raffle prize ever. Disappoint, we will not!
Tix 👉…
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12 days ago
6 steps to designing better dashboards
The dashboard can make or break the success of an application.
dashboard  webdesign  webdevelopment  data  designthinking 
13 days ago
7 Keys to Creating Winning Enterprise-level Personas
Employ these 7 strategies to ensure your user and customer personas support organization-wide customer experience initiatives.
personas  usercentereddesign  research 
13 days ago
Atlas of Design
"A gallery of beautiful and inspiring maps from around the world."
book  cartography  design  maps  mapping 
13 days ago
Paperholm began in August 2014 as a daily project by artist Charles Young. One new object is designed, made, photographed and uploaded each day. All of the models are made using 200gsm watercolour paper and PVA glue. This method allows for rapid construction and exploration of diverse areas of architecture, pushing the possibilities of this single material.
art  craft  inspiration  paper  sculpture  design  designthinking 
13 days ago
5 things I’ve learned creating digital things for kids (in the arts and beyond)
"I’m a children’s content obsessive. I really really enjoy making and being around the creation of things — mostly interactive things — for kids and young people."
pamoja  userexperience  children  contentdesign  contentstrategy 
13 days ago
Textio: Hire smarter.
Boost your hiring performance by every metric that matters: Textio users recruit better qualified, more diverse talent—and they get it done faster.
hr  writing  job  diversity  equality  society 
13 days ago
The Shape of Things – Welcome to Thington
"Today I’m going to be talking about the thinking we’ve been doing at Thington about the right and wrong ways to interact with a world of connected objects, and some of the problems we’ve been trying to solve."
iot  internetofthings  internet  network  automation 
14 days ago
The Count Censored - YouTube
Bringing the whole of to a standstill with The Count Censored. Take that Monday.
from twitter
14 days ago
Agile vs Scrum
What's the difference between Agile vs Scrum vs Waterfall vs Kanban? Here's everything you need to know about these project management methodologies.
projectmanagement  agile  scrum  kanban  waterfall  methodology 
14 days ago
Cook-Along Kitchen Experience
"The Cook-Along Kitchen Experience (CAKE) is a new object-based broadcasting experiment from BBC R&D using a cooking programme as an example learning experience."
bbc  research  technology  communication  experiment  broadcast 
14 days ago
Rouladen (German Braised Beef Rolls)
In this version of the German classic, thinly pounded beef is smeared with whole-grain mustard; rolled with bacon, onion, and pickle spears; and then braised until tender.
german  bacon  beef  recipe 
15 days ago
You Might Not Need JavaScript
"we take a look at the power of modern native HTML and CSS as well as some of the syntactic sugar of Sass. Because, you might not need scripts for that task at all!"
css  html  javascript  webdesign  webdevelopment  from twitter_favs
18 days ago
Housing Go - Behind the Screens
Redesign of our mobile website provided us the opportunity to revamp the code base to push performance to the max. With the technological advancement and improved capabilities of modern browsers like…
webdesign  webdevelopment  offlinefirst  serviceworker  pwa  performance  casestudy 
18 days ago
Red Right Hand by DrFaustusAU on DeviantArt
The Dr. Seuss/Nick Cave mashup you never knew you needed: /via
from twitter
18 days ago
SEO Spider
The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a desktop program (PC or Mac) which crawls websites’ links, images, CSS, script and apps from an SEO perspective.
seo  tools  app  webdevelopment 
18 days ago
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