HTTPS on Stack Overflow: The End of a Long Road
A very long, but super interesting, article about how Stack Overflow moved to https. Lots of really interesting takeaways
deployment  security  ssl  stackoverflow  https  devops  architecture  sysadmin 
1 hour ago
Grid by Example
"A collection of examples, video and other information to help you learn CSS Grid Layout. Developed and maintained by Rachel Andrew."
css  webdesign  webdevelopment  grid  resource  learning  education 
4 hours ago
Evaluating Technology – Jeremy Keith – btconfDUS2017 on Vimeo
Evaluating Technology Description: --------------- We work with technology every day. And every day it seems like there's more and more technology to understand: graphic design tools, build tools, frameworks and libraries, not to mention new HTML, CSS and JavaScript features landing in browsers. How should we best choose which technologies to invest our time in? When we decide to weigh up the technology choices that confront us, what are the best criteria for doing that? This talk will help you evaluate tools and technologies in a way that best benefits the people who use the websites that we are designing and developing. Let's take a look at some of the hottest new web technologies and together we will dig beneath the hype to find out whether they will really change life on the web for the better. --------------- Talk & speaker bio: https://beyondtellerrand.com/events/duesseldorf-2017/speakers/jeremy-keith Information about beyond tellerrand: https://beyondtellerrand.com/ https://twitter.com/btconf
ifttt  vimeo  video 
4 hours ago
macOS Human Interface Guidelines
Introduces the Mac user experience and explains how to design a great macOS app.
design  guide  userinterface  apple  osx  macos  reference 
5 hours ago
Dashboard - Voter registration - GOV.UK
View performance statistics for the 'Voter registration' service from the Performance Platform on GOV.UK
data  dashboard  analytics  democracy  gds  government 
20 hours ago
YouTube art channels | MetaFilter
YouTube art channels - Since people always ask me where to find neat art tutorials, here's a comprehensive list of YouTube channels that teach art in one way or another.
IFTTT  metafilter  post 
Tanaguru Contrast-Finder
Find me the good constrasts, for web accessibility, between these two colors.
accessibility  design  webdesign  tool  colour  a11y 
Codes of Conduct 101 + FAQ
"Over the past couple years, a larger discussion has been taking place about technical conferences and related events adopting code of conduct/anti-harassment policies. Below are some of the more common questions about and arguments against these policies."
codeofconduct  behaviour  society  equality 
Making of: Line drawing tutorial
Interactive tutorial about making tutorials.
drawing  tutorial  javascript  d3 
CS4G Network Simulator
"Netsim is a simulator game intended to teach you the basics of how computer networks function, with an emphasis on security. You will learn how to perform attacks that real hackers use, and see how they work in our simulator!"
education  networking  security 
Neural net invents new paint colors (and names!) | MetaFilter
Sticks Red. Ghasty Pink. Navel Tan. Paint colors (and names) invented by a neural net.
IFTTT  metafilter  post 
The Lifecycle of Software Objects | MetaFilter
Thousands of 'Second Life' Bunnies Are Going to Starve to Death This Saturday. If this feels oddly familiar, this is why.
IFTTT  metafilter  post 
Aaja Aaja Mein Hoon Pyar Tera - HD - Asha Bhosle, Mohammad Rafi, Asha Parekh, Shammi Kapoor - YouTube
More Jaan Pehechaan Ho goodness! Same crazy dancing style! Same great singer! The choreographer is Herman Benjamin, who also invented that wild dancing featured in "Jaan Pehechaan Ho." That song was originally in the movie "Gumnaam," but people in the West will recognize it as the number which kicked off the movie "Ghost World." The man who is lip syncing to the vocals of Mohammad Rafi in Jaan Pehechaan Ho is none other than the amazing Mr. Herman Benjamin himself! Yes, that mustachioed masked maniac in the white suit is him! According to IMDB this movie, "Teesri Manzil", is the first one that Herman choreographed after doing Gumnaam. Apparently Mr. Herman still had the itch to make his dancers twitch! The only thing about this number that I wish was different is that the woman in the peach sweater and blue pants at 0:24 is Laxmi Chhaya who was the main dancer in Jaan Pehechaan Ho! They didn't let her dance to this song! This number would have been perfect for her! Ah well, Asha Parekh is a great dancer, sigh. More info: the dancer at 2:48 in this video is Herman's wife Shoba. Sadly, Herman Benjamin passed away in 1969 of heart failure. A bright, brief shooting star. Much more info about this great film can be found by Googling "memsaabstory teesri manzil." What you get in this song is not only the vocals of Mohammad Rafi, but also the singing of the incredibly great Asha Bhosle. The music is by super legend R.D. Burman and was his first big success. You also get the wildly creative dance moves of Shammi Kapoor. He definitely is a master of cool. And Asha Parekh? What could I possibly say about her that you can't see for yourself? The soundtrack is from an mp3 because the sound quality was better than what was on the video.The mp3 was slower than the movie soundtrack by 13 seconds. I believe that the mp3 was closer to the original speed. I had to compress the length of the mp3 audio without changing its pitch. I then had to sync the new soundtrack to the video. It's synced as well as the original audio. Even the mp3 was far from perfect, but at least it's better. I put many hours of work into this thing, what with various tweakings and such. I hope you enjoy this! Please rate and comment, thank you!
IFTTT  YouTube  video 
3 days ago
The Discovery Education design system and pattern library.
designsystems  designthinking  branding  patternlibrary  webdesign  webdevelopment  appdevelopment 
4 days ago
Nettitude Security Testing
"Nettitude is a global leader in the delivery of Cyber Security Testing, Penetration Testing, Risk Management, Compliance and Digital Forensic services."
security  performance  webdevelopment  business  testing  company 
4 days ago
Best practices: Organizing content in your knowledge base
"When it comes to organizing your knowledge base into categories and sections, it's important to consider the type of audience you have and their usual behaviour. Some people like to search, while others like to browse, so think about how you'll group articles in a way that makes sense for your product or service, as well as your customers. "
knowledge  support  knowledgebase  business  bestpractice  zendesk 
4 days ago
Best practices: Developing content for your knowledge base
"There are many ways to manage the content creation process for your knowledge base (KB). The size of your team, type of business you have, and whether you are creating internal or public-facing content might determine your process.

These best practices, based on feedback from Zendesk users, are meant to offer guidance and help you build a valuable knowledge base."
knowledge  support  knowledgebase  business  bestpractice  zendesk 
4 days ago
Three ways to add value
"Tasks, decisions, and initiation... Doing, choosing, and starting... Each of the three adds value, but one is more prized than the others."
business  society  inspiration 
4 days ago
Best Practices for Horizontal Lists in Mobile
Many Android and iOS apps have horizontal scrolling lists. Maybe it’s also combined inside a vertical list. But is it necessary? Even assuming it is, are you doing it right?
medium  article  css  html  userinterface  pamoja  webdesign  webdevelopment  appdevelopment 
4 days ago
Final cut: films condensed into a single frame – in pictures
Jason Shulman photographs entire movies with ultra-long exposures, creating impressionist photo masterpieces in the process
art  movies  photography  cinema 
5 days ago
Let them paste passwords
Allow your website to accept pasted passwords - it makes your site more secure, not less.
security  password  forms  webdevelopment  bestpractice 
5 days ago
Here’s When You Should Use Email Instead Of Slack
You spend your whole day chatting with your coworkers on Slack, but these are the times that it’s actually better to email.
email  slack  communication  management  business  society  work 
5 days ago
Templates And Hints For The Perfect Email For Almost Every Situation
If every email you sent was perfectly phrased and well-received right out of the inbox, how much time could you save?
email  management  business  communication  society 
5 days ago
AI Toolkits: A Primer – Edd Wilder-James – Medium
If you’re not an AI specialist, but trying to understand the area, it helps to know the major tools that data scientists use to create AI systems.
programming  business  artificialintelligence  software  toolkit 
5 days ago
Size and layout of e-commerce product grids: a user research case study
If you’re in e-commerce, the way you lay out your products is a critical part of your customer experience. It’s your digital shopfront.
webdesign  webdevelopment  userexperience  product  layout  ecommerce  research 
6 days ago
Experiments in fixed aspect ratios
Revisiting responsive aspect ratios techniques with CSS Grid.
css  grid  video  webdevelopment  webdesign  media 
6 days ago
How Etsy Ships Apps
In which Etsy transforms its app release process by aligning it with its philosophy for web deploys
android  ios  deployment  appdevelopment  webdevelopment  etsy  management 
6 days ago
"Mavo extends the syntax of HTML to describe Web applications that manage, store, and transform data. Store data in the cloud, locally, or not at all by just changing an HTML attribute. Edit data right in the website, with an intuitive, auto-generated, customizable interface. No more wrestling with CMSes and servers!"
cms  data  html  webapp  webdevelopment 
6 days ago
Easing Linear Gradients
"Linear gradients are easy to create in CSS and are extremely useful. As we'll go through in this article, we can make them visually much smoother by creating them with non-linear gradients. Well, non-linear in the easing sense, anyway!"
css  gradient  webdesign 
6 days ago
When TV Logos Were Physical Objectsby Christopher Jobson on May 15, 2017
It goes without saying that nearly everything made with graphic design and video software was once produced using a physical process, from newspapers to TV Logos. But some TV stations and film studios took things even further and designed physical logos that were filmed to create dynamic special effects.
video  animation  design  history 
6 days ago
Design Better Data Tables
Good data tables allow users to scan, analyze, compare, filter, sort, and manipulate information to derive insights and commit actions. This article presents a list of design structures, interaction patterns, and techniques to help you design better data tables.
css  data  table  webdesign  webdevelopment  information  userexperience  pamoja 
6 days ago
Sip for Mac
Sip Color picker for Mac and iPhone
webdevelopment  appdevelopment  colour  tool  software  osx  ios 
7 days ago
The Infinite Now - YouTube
Over the past months I've been working with Australian photographer Ray Collins to bring his amazing oceanscapes to life in the form of cinemagraphs, a blend between photography and video. Each cinemagraph is created from one of Ray's stills, and sets it in infinite motion, making a unique moment in time last forever. These cinemagraphs inspired André Heuvelman from the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra to get together with pianist Jeroen van Vliet to record a very moving custom soundtrack, which I combined with a selection of the cinemagraphs. You can see the original cinemagraphs at http://armanddijcks.com/cinemagraphs-waves Ray's images can be found at http://raycollinsphoto.com André Heuvelman's music: http://andreheuvelman.com The soundtrack is available here: http://soundcloud.com/armanddijcks/the-infinite-now
IFTTT  YouTube  video 
7 days ago
VR and women: a tale of two problems | MetaFilter
The rise of modern virtual reality brought with it a nasty rash of discrimination and harassment issues, both inside the headset and out. Problem #1 is a tale as old as time: a high-profile lawsuit between Magic Leap and former employee Tannen Campbell, who sued the company for sex discrimination after originally being hired to help create a more female-friendly product. The second problem? A growing list of women who have experienced physical/sexual harassment from other users while inside multiplayer VR experiences, where being touched inappropriately can have the same emotional and psychological impacts as if they were harassed in real life. (CW: descriptions of physical/sexual harassment in the links)
IFTTT  metafilter  post 
8 days ago
20 Useful CSS Snippets for Responsive Menus
You'll find CSS snippets for vertical and horizontal navs with dropdowns, slideouts and also some animated menu systems.
webdevelopment  navigation  webdesign  css  html  responsivedesign 
9 days ago
Milton Glaser and World Literature - 50 Watts
Illustration and book art with a literary bent. Focus on international illustrated books and Surrealism.
design  books  art  inspiration 
9 days ago
Explore Parts Unknown
Eat, Drink, Know, Go: The world according to Anthony Bourdain
travel  cooking  food  television  guide  archive 
10 days ago
Birth of LeSS
Many people ask me, how long have you been practicing Large-Scale Scrum(LeSS)? I invariably end up telling this story.  LeSS framework is not
agile  business  methodology  management 
11 days ago
Recipe: Gnocchi Skillet with Chicken Sausage & Tomatoes
Late summer nights call out for easy food that is also fresh and vibrant, abundant with tomatoes, herbs, and other garden booty
food  recipe  sausage  tomato  cooking 
12 days ago
The truth about button color on websites (according to NASA and eye tracking)
Learn how to choose the right button color on your website to improve UX and conversion rates.
colour  design  webdesign  userinterface  buttons  luminosity  accessibility  a11y 
12 days ago
Lance Library:
For building real time multiplayer javaScript games.
javascript  framework  node  games  gaming  library  multiplayer  realtime 
12 days ago
Get a peek into the power of user research.
See and hear a 5-minute video of a real person using your site or app with Peek, the free usability tool brought to you by UserTesting.
video  usability  testing  userexperience  usertesting  pamoja 
12 days ago
Skillet Mexican Street Corn | Fork Vs Spoon
I remember it being late summer.  The kitchen cool ( it was always cool with a slight breeze coming through the south facing window) and dimly light as the
food  recipe  corn  spicy  mexican 
16 days ago
Changing to more distributed digital teams
"As the years go on and technology becomes ever more entrenched in our day-to-day lives, many (including myself) are looking to use it to remove the necessity of our in-person physical form in the working world, at least some of the time."
business  planning  empoyment  bestpractice  distributed  teams 
18 days ago
FlightLapse #01 - MilkyWay on Vimeo
Flying through the night, while the world beneath us is at sleep, is a pretty common thing as a longhaul pilot. Late evening departures lead to far distant destinations like Singapore, Hong Kong, Sao Paolo or J’burg. Depending on the direction of the flight the crew and the passengers either have a short night up ahead if flying eastbound or almost eternal darkness if headed westwards. Read the full article on: https://www.beyondclouds.ch/2017/04/05/vuelo-nocturno-the-magic-of-flying-at-night/
ifttt  vimeo  video 
18 days ago
Better Than Free
The internet is a copy machine. At its most foundational level, it copies every action, every character, every thought we make while we ride upon it. In order to send a message from one corner of the internet to another, the protocols of communication demand that the whole message be copied along the way several times. IT companies make a lot of money selling equipment that facilitates this ceaseless copying. Every bit of data ever produced on any computer is copied somewhere. The digital economy is thus run on a river of copies. Unlike the mass-produced reproductions of the machine age, these copies are not just cheap, they are free.
business  internet  economy  society 
18 days ago
Sitespeed.io is an open source tool that helps you analyze and optimize your website speed and performance, based on performance best practices. Run it locally or use it in your continuous integration. Download or fork it on Github!
performance  monitoring  userexperience  webdevelopment 
19 days ago
Yellow Lab Tools web performance tool
Free online web performance tool. Audit your webpage for performance and front-end quality issues. And it's open-source!
performance  testing  webdevelopment  opensource  userexperience 
19 days ago
Smartphone OS sales market share
This information is based on the research extracted from the Kantar Worldpanel ComTech global consumer panel and refers in all cases to 3 months periods ending the stated month.
ios  android  research  data  geography  smartphone  demographics  business 
19 days ago
Too Hot To Handle - Optimizing for Low Powered Devices
Simon Hearne explains why the CPU will soon be the biggest challenge for web performance (if it isn’t already), explores the many tasks that now rely on the CPU and the impact that these have on user experience, and demonstrates how to profile CPU usage to find issues and limit their impact as well as how to manage CPU load at scale to ensure that every customer gets a good experience, regardless of gigahertz.
javascript  webdevelopment  pwa  programming  performance  mobileweb 
19 days ago
Studio Ghibli - A Brief History - YouTube
Studio Ghibli - A Brief History With Hayao Miyazaki recently announcing that he was coming out of retirement to work on his new feature film, Boro the Caterpillar we felt it was the perfect time to take a look back at the history of the legendary Studio Ghibli from its early days to its top grossing films in Japan and its Academy Awards. Enjoy! Video created by Blake Faucette and Matthew Williams Music "Emotional & Sentimental" by Energy Sounds licensed at: https://audiojungle.net/ Links to blu-rays and photographers Pinocchio and Bambi footage © Walt Disney Studio Studio Ghibli trailers © Walt Disney Studios, Madman and Studio Ghibli Studio Ghibli Blu-rays: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=studio+ghibli+blu-rays The Secret Of Kells Trailer © StudioCanal and Buena Vista Secret Of Kells Blu-ray: http://a.co/aINrRNP A Cat In Paris Trailer © Gébéka Films A Cat In Paris Blu-ray: http://a.co/izBlrxc The Castle Of Cagliostro trailer © Toho and Madman The Castle Of Caglistro Blu-ray: http://a.co/dnOYphK Studio Ghibli Museum -- Photo Credit: Insidejapantours.com & academics.skidmore.edu https://academics.skidmore.edu/blogs/dejavutokyo/2013/11/17/mr-miyazaki-the-studio-ghibli-museum/ https://www.insidejapantours.com/experience-japan/i-ta001-14/studio-ghibli-museum/ Warriors Of The Wind trailer © New World Pictures Miyazaki Retirement footage © ANN News https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GP8f3Sxd8ug&list=PLKeSkVQhqoOqTbbypfz4zEV9LMmsV5GIw Ronja, The Robber’s Daughter trailer © Amazon Studios and Studio Ghibli Mary And The Witch’s Flower trailer © Studio Ponoc Academy Awards footage - Clip Courtesy A.M.P.A.S. Gkids & Fathom Events present Studio Ghibli Fest https://www.fathomevents.com/series/studio-ghibli-fest?utm_source=fathom&utm_medium=press+releases&utm_campaign=gkids The Kingdom Of Dreams And Madness DVD: http://a.co/7kfBx7B All footage used in accordance with the Fair Use Act
IFTTT  YouTube  video 
20 days ago
The Backfire Effect
This is a comic about the backfire effect.
comic  psychology  bias  society 
20 days ago
The Ultimate Guide to Font Pairing
Good graphic design doesn’t happen by mistake, and neither does clever font marriage. Use this guide to font pairing to create your own beautiful designs.
design  typography  fonts  designthinking 
21 days ago
Dieter Rams’ classic design principles updated for the tech industry
Dieter Rams, the legendary designer, came up with a now-famous list of Ten Principles for Good Design. Among them: Good design makes a product understandable. It clarifies the product’s structure. Better still, it can make the product talk. At best, it is self-explanatory. Recently, designer Tobias Van Schneider posted a tongue-in-cheek update of Rams’ list, the 2017 Tech Industry edition.
humour  design  designthinking  dieterrams  principles 
21 days ago
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