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Removing Mental Overhead on Your iPhone
A while back I mentioned that I had switched to the CGP Grey method of organizing my main home screen on both my iPhone and iPad. This method is simple: One page of apps only
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february 2016
Upon This Wrist
By Craig Mod
It is on my wrist. Do I wish it to be? Not really. Did I crave it? No. Well, maybe a little. I am human. And it is new. And it contains media. And
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may 2015
Life After Cancer: How the iPhone Helped Me Achieve a Healthier Lifestyle
I've been struggling to get back in shape after chemo. Since being diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma (Stage IV) in late 2011, my life changed. Beyond the psychological and emotional consequences of how cancer affected me, my family, and my relationships, it is undeniable and abundantly clear that cancer took its toll on me from a physical perspective. Last year, I decided to regain control of my body, my life habits, and my health. I started tracking everything I could about my activities, my exercise routine, the food I ate, and the time I spent working with my iPad instead of walking, sleeping, or enjoying time with my family. Since then, I've made a decision to not let cancer and its consequences define me any longer. I want to be healthier, I want to eat better, and I want to take the second chance I was given and make the most of it. What started as an experiment has become a new daily commitment to improve my lifestyle and focus. And it wouldn't be possible without my iPhone. Background I've never been an athletic type. I used to play soccer when I was 10, but I strongly preferred reading, videogames, and going out with friends to running in a field with 21 other boys. I continued playing as a goalkeeper in matches with friends or during the summers by the beach, but it was obvious to my parents that I wasn't into sports, and they accepted it. I wasn't fit but I wasn't doing too bad either, so it felt like I was fine. A normal kid. Later in life, I developed the kind of sedentary lifestyle that doctors advise against. After finishing high school and dropping out of university, I started working immediately and, unsurprisingly, all the work happened behind a PC. I was 20 years old, a smoker, and I still didn't care about diet or achieving a “healthy lifestyle”. (“Lame! You only live once”, I'd often say. Funny how that works.) My lack of exercise and attention to my habits resulted in mild back pains, posture issues, and other byproducts of spending most of my days at a desk with no fresh air and minimal activity – except for the weekends, when I would go out and drink and party and regret it on Sunday morning. This went on for about four years. I was fine – just a little short on breath and not particularly active, but I didn't complain because, somehow, I was losing weight. I've learned to never trust inexplicable “somehows” when it comes to my health and body. As it turned out, weight loss was one of the first symptoms of cancer: it was f
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march 2015
Apple has lost the functional high ground
Apple’s hardware today is amazing — it has never been better. But the software quality has taken such a nosedive in the last few years that I’m deeply concerned for its future.
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january 2015
Roger Angell: 'The Best' ↦
This is a fantastic short piece about Game 7 of the World Series1 by Roger Angell. Watching Bumgarner is like feeling an expertly administered epidural nip in between a couple of vertebrae and deliver bliss: it’s a gliding, almost eventless slide through the innings, with accumulating fly-ball o
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november 2014
‘The Best Bullpen in Baseball Was Him’
Loved this take on the Giants’ World Series victory from Adam Kilgore: The Kansas City Royals clung this October to the well-founded belief they owned the most dominant bullpen in the major leagues. On Wednesday night, Madison Bumgarner emerged from the gates of the left field corner at Kauffman
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november 2014
iOS 8 Changed How I Work on My iPhone and iPad
When I reviewed iOS 7 last year, I took a different approach and tried to consider Apple's redesigned OS from the perspective of someone who uses iPhones and iPads for work and personal tasks on a daily basis. I noted that a new structure enabled developers to make more powerful apps, and I conclud
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september 2014
★ The iPhones 6
The Big Picture A few days into testing the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, I accidentally left my personal iPhone 5S on a desk next to the iPhone 6 Plus. While my back was turned, the Plus tried to eat my 5S. It’s a monster. I kid, but only sort of. The 6 Plus is ginormous. And it wants to be your only
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september 2014
Instapaper 4: Deciding to Read | 43 Folders
[43f] "Instapaper 4: Deciding to Read"

"Throughout my life, *deciding* to read has made my life better."

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october 2011
Matt Gemmell on Accessibility for iPhone and iPad Apps
Must-read for developers. Both a good high-level overview of what accessibility really means and who
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december 2010
Organizing from the Inside Out: Form a Plan of Attack for Lifelong Organization [Organization]
If you're disorganized, unhappy with your clutter and the time wasted looking for things, and ready
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december 2010
Most Popular Free Mac Downloads of 2010 [Video]
Unless you built yourself a Hackintosh, Macs can be get pretty expensive. Fortunately, some of the b
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december 2010
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