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Video Speed Controller - Chrome Web Store
Speed up, slow down, advance and rewind any HTML5 video with quick shortcuts.
HTML5 video provides native APIs to accelerate playback of any video, but most implemented players either hide or limit this functionality. This extension fixes that, plus more...

It will help you optimize your video viewing by allowing you to make quick playback speed adjustments, as well as rewind the video to hear the last few second one more time. We don't read at a constant speed, and we talk much slower than we read - there is no reason why we have to listen at a constant speed and at a (very) slow rate.

Once the extension is installed simply navigate to any page that offers HTML5 video, and you'll see a speed indicator in top left corner of the video player. Hover over the indicator to reveal the controls to accelerate, slowdown, or rewind the video (10 seconds + lowers playback speed). Or, even better, use your keyboard:

- S - decrease playback speed.
- D - increase playback speed.
- R - reset playback speed.
- Z - rewind video by 10 seconds.
- X - advance video by 10 seconds.
- V - show/hide controller.

If you prefer other shortcuts, want to change the increment value, or want the player to remember your playback speed in the future, head into the settings page and customize it to your heart's content.
chrome  video  speed  extensions  usability  testing 
11 weeks ago by garcon
UserBob Audio Wrapper
Audio Wrapper
This tool is for anyone that has an audio file on some server in the cloud but needs a web page that will play the file. Enter the address of your .wav, .mp3, or .ogg audio file and then click the Create button. Then copy the URL from your browser's address bar to use as desired.
audio  usability  testing  player 
11 weeks ago by garcon
UserBob split view
Split View Tool
Enter the URLs of two different web sites that you would like to display. After clicking the View button, copy the browser's URL and use that as the URL for your test. (Some websites won't work with this tool as they block being displayed within a frame.)
split  view  iframe  unmoderated  usability  testing 
11 weeks ago by garcon
UserBob - Usability Testing
Users will record a video discussing their visit to your site or app.
usability  testing  ux  feedback  tools 
11 weeks ago by garcon
Checklist Design - best UI elements for the best UX practice
Checklist Design A collection of the best UX and UI practices.
design  checklist  ui  ux  usability  heuristics 
12 weeks ago by garcon
UX Check
UX Check is a Chrome Extension that helps you identify usability issues through a heuristic evaluation.
usability  heuristics  plugin  addon  chrome  annotation 
february 2019 by garcon
(PDF) New ISO Standards for Usability, Usability Reports and Usability Measures
Several new and revised ISO standards will be published in 2016/17 that define the basic terms and concepts of usability (ISO 9241-11), give guidance on processes and outcomes of human-centred design (ISO 9241-220), provide examples of measures that can be used in usability evaluation (ISO/IEC 25022 and 25023) and define what should be included in usability evaluation reports for usability tests, inspections and surveys (ISO/IEC 25066). The paper explains some of the new content and how it can be used.
iso  standards  usability  ux  evaluation  heuristics 
january 2019 by garcon
(PDF) Using heuristics to evaluate the playability of games
Heuristics have become an accepted and widely used adjunct method of usability evaluation in Internet and software development. This report introduces Heuristic Evaluation for Playability (HEP), a comprehensive set of heuristics for playability, based on the literature on productivity and playtesting heuristics that were specifically tailored to evaluate video, computer, and board games. These heuristics were tested on an evolving game design to assess their face validity and evaluation effectiveness compared to more standard user testing methodologies. The results suggest that HEP identified qualitative similarities and differences with user testing and that HEP is best suited for evaluating general issues in the early development phases with a prototype or mock-up. Combined with user studies, HEP offers a new method for the HCI game community that can result in a more usable and playable game.
heuristics  games  ux  usability  playability 
january 2019 by garcon
Severity Ratings for Usability Problems: Article by Jakob Nielsen
Severity ratings can be used to allocate the most resources to fix the most serious problems and can also provide a rough estimate of the need for additional usability efforts. If the severity ratings indicate that several disastrous usability problems remain in an interface, it will probably be unadvisable to release it. But one might decide to go ahead with the release of a system with several usability problems if they are all judged as being cosmetic in nature.
usability  ux  nielsen  heuristics  severity  priority 
january 2019 by garcon
First Principles of Interaction Design (Revised & Expanded) | askTog
First Principles
Efficiency of the User
Explorable Interfaces
Fitts's Law
Human-Interface Objects
Latency Reduction
Protect Users' Work
State: Track it
Visible Interfaces
ux  design  usability  principles  heuristics 
january 2019 by garcon
(PDF) Usability concerns of android casual game applications: Analysis and improvements
For the game to be successful and for a good user experience, game usability and its interface usability is very important. Users now have a great variety of mobile game applications but their usability is not guaranteed. Among many other game applications, android casual game applications are very “in” these days. Bubble shooter concept based games are selected for this study, being the casual game applications. As there was no usability framework for these types of games, so usability questionnaire framework is developed to test their usability on android games audience. Secondly usability improvement framework is also suggested to improve these games and is also the outcome of the study along with the questionnaire framework.
games  ux  usability  research  papers  heuristics  pdf 
january 2019 by garcon
What is Customer Effort Score (CES)?
Customer Effort Score (CES) is a type of customer satisfaction metric that measures the ease of an experience with a company by asking customers, on a five-point scale of "Very Difficult" to "Very Easy," how much effort was required on the part of the customer to use the product or service to evaluate how likely they are to continue using and paying for it.
satisfaction  usability  metrics  survey  sus  suprq  netpromoter  score  measure 
january 2019 by garcon
Pište ty chybový hlášky tak, ať si vás nemusím přestat vážit!
usability  euronet  atm  math  from twitter
october 2018 by garcon
Daring Fireball: On ‘Shake to Undo’
RT @daringfireball: ★ On ‘Shake to Undo’:
apple  ios  undo  ideas  patterns  usability 
august 2018 by garcon
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