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Hill Leaders Back Obama on Syria |
RT : "Hill Leaders Back Obama on ". Of course they do. But what about the rest of America?
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september 2013 by gaelicWizard
Google Pressure Cookers and Backpacks, Get a Visit from the Cops - Philip Bump - The Atlantic Wire
RT : "Google Pressure Cookers ..., Get a Visit from the Cops". America fought wars to be free of such govt threats.
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august 2013 by gaelicWizard
Missile attack on Camp Liberty in Iraq in midst of sham Iranian presidential election
RT : Interventions have unintended consequences.There was a time when Iraq kept Iran in check. Now this:
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june 2013 by gaelicWizard
EU Ends Syria Arms Ban, But Fears Grow Of A Foreign-Fed Arms Race
RT : "Managing" other nations' civil wars rarely pans out, and the unintended consequences can be very costly.
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may 2013 by gaelicWizard
The GOP’s growing Libertarian problem
RT : From WaPo's : "The GOP’s growing Libertarian problem". Worth reading.
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november 2012 by gaelicWizard
RT : Injunction requested in case to prevent Twitter from being forced to hand over data before appeal: ...
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december 2011 by gaelicWizard

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