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Så här undersöker du om nyheten är falsk

Det är främst tre saker som är viktiga att tänka på när man på ett vetenskapligt sätt värderar nyheters trovärdighet, enligt Thomas Nygren som forskar om desinformation i sociala medier på Uppsala universitet:

Vem är avsändaren och vilka avsikter har den personen? Professionella nyhetsgranskare utnyttjar nätets resurser för att avgöra hur trovärdig avsändaren är. De använder sökmotorer som Google och uppslagsverk som Wikipedia för att ta reda på om de som står bakom informationen har anledning att vilja vinkla, undanhålla eller fabricera fakta.

Vilka bevis finns för olika påståenden i nyheten? Är det exempelvis forskningsresultat, statistik från myndigheter eller personliga berättelser?

Vad säger andra oberoende källor? Hur framställs nyheten i andra oberoende källor, till exempel trovärdiga nyhetsbyråer. Det räcker alltså inte att läsa nyheten noggrant eller att klicka sig vidare på samma sajt. För att avgöra trovärdigheten måste man lämna sidan och hitta andra uppgifter på andra webbplatser.
march 2018
Everyone Is Going Through Something | By Kevin Love
After halftime, it all hit the fan. Coach Lue called a timeout in the third quarter. When I got to the bench, I felt my heart racing faster than usual. Then I was having trouble catching my breath. It’s hard to describe, but everything was spinning, like my brain was trying to climb out of my head. The air felt thick and heavy. My mouth was like chalk. I remember our assistant coach yelling something about a defensive set. I nodded, but I didn’t hear much of what he said. By that point, I was freaking out. When I got up to walk out of the huddle, I knew I couldn’t reenter the game — like, literally couldn’t do it physically.

Coach Lue came up to me. I think he could sense something was wrong. I blurted something like, “I’ll be right back,” and I ran back to the locker room. I was running from room to room, like I was looking for something I couldn’t find. Really I was just hoping my heart would stop racing. It was like my body was trying to say to me, You’re about to die. I ended up on the floor in the training room, lying on my back, trying to get enough air to breathe.
panic  health  mental_health  psychology  anxiety 
march 2018
Home Page | World Scientists' Warning to Humanity
The AWS is a new international assembly of scientists, which is independent of both governmental and non-governmental organizations and corporations. We submit, that in order to prevent widespread misery caused by catastrophic damage to the biosphere, humanity must practice more environmentally sustainable alternative to business-as-usual. Our vital importance and role comes from scientists' unique responsibility as stewards of human knowledge and champions of evidence-based decision-making. The main goal of the AWS is to be a collective international voice of many scientists regarding global climate and environmental trends and how to turn accumulated knowledge into action. Other organizations do laudable work toward this goal, but to our knowledge, AWS is the only independent, grass-roots organization comprised of scientists from around the world committed to the well-being of humanity and the planet.
Science  environment  environmental  life  earth  planet  future  climatechange  climate  grassroots  report  collaboration 
november 2017
Study: Female Brains More Sensitive to Prosocial Rewards Than Men
“Empirical studies show that girls are rewarded with praise for prosocial behavior, implying that their reward systems learn to expect a reward for helping behavior instead of selfish behavior. With this in mind, the gender differences that we observed in our studies could best be attributed to the different cultural expectations placed on men and women.”
november 2017
Emoji fans take heart: Scientists pinpoint 27 states of emotion | Berkeley News
The 27 emotions: admiration, adoration, aesthetic appreciation, amusement, anger, anxiety, awe, awkwardness, boredom, calmness, confusion, craving, disgust, empathic pain, entrancement, excitement, fear, horror, interest, joy, nostalgia, relief, romance, sadness, satisfaction, sexual desire, surprise
emotions  psychology  human  research  Science 
september 2017
Fructose alters hundreds of brain genes, which can lead to a wide range of diseases: Scientists report that diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids can reverse the damage -- ScienceDaily
Fructose alters hundreds of brain genes, which can lead to a wide range of diseases
Scientists report that diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids can reverse the damage
brain  diet  sugar  alzheimers 
june 2017
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