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Carpool Agency - Switching from Yammer to Facebook at Work: First Impressions (Part 1)
Carpool is a social place—really social. Most of our informal conversations take place over an enterprise social network (ESN), and very little, if any communicating is relegated to email (emailing within Carpool can result in lashings, depending on the egregiousness of the offense).

Previously, we were a Yammer kind of company. We used Yammer a lot and we did it effectively. However, we also like to try new things and stay ahead of new developments within internal communications. So when we had the unique opportunity to try out Facebook at Work (FB@W), we jumped at it.
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april 2016 by fwhamm
PR-Blogger - Sharepoint goes Social: Interview mit Ragnar Heil zur Integration von Yammer
Zwei Jahre nach dem Aufkauf integriert Microsoft die einst unabhängige Enterprise 2.0-Lösung Yammer zunehmend in die bestehende Software-Palette. Anbieter und Nutzer erhoffen sich dadurch eine Aufwertung des oftmals kritisierten Sharepoint. So soll Yammer die hohe Komplexität von Sharepoint nehmen und durch soziale Elemente dynamischer gestalten. Dazu habe ich einen Experten, Ragnar Heil, Customer Success Manager Office 365 & Yammer bei Microsoft, interviewt. Zuvor war er im Konzern als Senior Consultant unter anderem im Business-Intelligence-Bereich mit Office+SharePoint tätig.
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october 2014 by fwhamm
Kommunikation+Digitale Transformation im Reporting: mehr Zeit und Effizienz durch ein Redaktionssystem
Die Bilanzpressekonferenz ist gerade gelaufen, die Geschäftsberichte sind verteilt und der Online-Bericht live geschaltet. Im Idealfall strahlen die Vorstände nicht nur im Geschäftsbericht, sondern auch vor Freude über diesen. Zeit für das Projektteam, tief durchzuschnaufen. Aber nicht zu lange, denn bei einer durchschnittlichen Projektlaufzeit von neun bis zehn Monaten gilt auch im Reporting frei nach Sepp Herberger: „Nach dem Geschäftsbericht ist vor dem Geschäftsbericht.“
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june 2014 by fwhamm
Enterprise-Social-Networks in der Übersicht: Von Stackfield bis Yammer » t3n
Für Dienste wie Yammer gibt es viele Namen: „Collaboration-Plattform“ oder „Enterprise-Social-Network“ sind wohl die populärsten Bezeichnungen – der ein oder andere nennt sie auch gerne „Social-Intranet“-Dienste. So unterschiedlich die Bezeichnungen sein können, so eindeutig ist der Sinn und Zweck dieser Services: Enterprise-Social-Networks helfen Teams, die interne Unternehmenskommunikation effektiv abzuwickeln. Gerade kleine und mittlere Unternehmen greifen häufig auf die externen Dienstanbieter zurück, da sie selbst selten in der Lage sind, eigene Lösungen aufzusetzen.
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november 2013 by fwhamm
Six reasons to use Yammer for IT project management - TechRepublic
Project managers can use the Yammer social network to expedite decision making, open new collaboration channels, and much more.
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august 2013 by fwhamm
How Microsoft is using Yammer inside the company | ZDNet
Microsoft officials have discussed publicly the company's planned timeline for integrating its Yammer enterprise social-networking technology with products like SharePoint.

Now they're also starting to talk about how Microsoft employees themselves are using Yammer inside the company.
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april 2013 by fwhamm
Enterprise 2.0 for a Fun Work Culture | Social Media Today
Having fun not only is funnier for people but makes companies with knowledge workers more productive: "As organization grows the number of layers between the people who have the enthusiasm to take initiatives to brighten up the work culture, the power holders and others keep on increasing. It takes more like minded people to do something fun in the company and these like minded people need to be connected and facilitated with the right tools. Enterprise 2.0 comes handy as it has the potential to socially connect people at work, initiate and participate in conversations and discover the hidden potential and interests among people."
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september 2011 by fwhamm
Deloitte Bets Big On Informal, Social Learning - The BrainYard - InformationWeek
"Chief Learning Officer Nick van Dam says 90% of all corporate learning is informal learning, including information gleaned through social networks."
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september 2011 by fwhamm
Microblogging at Capgemini | Management Innovation eXchange
"A few years ago we launched a “microblogging” system called Yammer at Capgemini. Yammer is a private and secure enterprise social network that allows colleagues to hold conversations, read posts and actively collaborate with co-workers in real-time. It is contributing to the collective consciousness of the 25,000 people who subscribe to it, a consciousness that is continually shifting and updating, as those people constantly learn and share new experiences."
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august 2011 by fwhamm
Yammer: lessons I learned « KM on a dollar a day
"I frequently get queries from people asking me about our use of and experiences with Yammer. In the spirit of knowledge sharing, I’m going to put some of my observations here in a blog post. My comments are from the point of view of someone working in an aid organization – but much of this would apply more generally."
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march 2011 by fwhamm
Intranet Blog :: Intranet 2.0 case study: Oce
"The intranet is primarily built on a shoestring budget and powered on the old Microsoft CMS product. Rather than build a new intranet, the Oce team of Jan van Veen, Manager Internal Communications, and Samuel Driessen, the intranet’s Information Architect, rolled-out social media tools, and an enhanced corporate news service on the existing home page."
OCE  intranet  case-study  Wiki  Blogging  open-source  Yammer  microblogging  social-bookmarking  corporate-culture 
march 2010 by fwhamm
Catch-up with Peter Williams of Deloitte Digital - the intersection of digital and professional services - Trends in the Living Networks
Ross Dawson "had a very interesting meeting yesterday with Deloitte Digital's CEO Peter Williams, someone who is always on the vanguard of innovation in professional services."
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september 2009 by fwhamm
Portals and KM: Implementing Enterprise Micro-messaging with Yammer at Océ
Bill Ives spoke with Samuel Driessen, Information Architect at Océ, about their enterprise micro-messaging experiences
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september 2009 by fwhamm
namics Weblog: Inhalte via Yammer für PR
Konkretes Beispiel für den Einsatz von Mikroblogging intern bei namics
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march 2009 by fwhamm

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