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Moving from tactical social media experiments to social business transformation
The elephant in the social media room at the moment is that most corporate social media initiatives to date have been tactical experiments. Of those, few have generated meaningful business results. Sure, people have built up Facebook Fans and Twitter followers or they have launched the odd viral video on YouTube. They have claimed these as a success, but in reality these metrics should never be the end goal.
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may 2012 by fwhamm
Why Business Executives Fear Social Media Marketing
Taking a look at the top three roadblocks, it makes sense that concerns over ROI measurability, legal issues and strategy would make executives hesitate in their adaption of a new marketing platform. Having said that, social engagement is actually quite measurable; unless someone nukes the entire planet, all legal issues surrounding the dissemination of online content are going to have to be dealt with by organizations sooner or later. Moreover, there are innumerable resources on the web for any executive or organization to bone up on social media adaptation and strategy.
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may 2012 by fwhamm
Why Social Media ROI Doesn't Exist but Business ROI Does.
"Did your strategy and tactics meet your planned objectives using the time and resources you had projected? That’s because social media can be utilized inside a company for so many different things, not just marketing, but areas that are normally considered “cost centers” like human resources, legal, IT, and public relations. Have you ever calculated the return on investment of your HR division?"

"Social media in itself is not a strategy – it is a tool, a tool that is integrated into the things that your company has always done. "
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february 2012 by fwhamm
Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch | Fast Company
"Culture is a balanced blend of human psychology, attitudes, actions, and beliefs that combined create either pleasure or pain, serious momentum or miserable stagnation. "
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january 2012 by fwhamm
Increase Your Company's Productivity With Social Media - Jeanne C. Meister - Harvard Business Review
"Unisys, the 138-year old tech firm, has quickly made "going social" part of its culture. Here's how they did it, and how they're using social media tools to become more agile, to share knowledge, and to increase the speed of innovation."
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september 2011 by fwhamm

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