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Collaborative Innovation: The Cure for Pharma's Innovation Affliction? | LinkedIn
Notably the healthcare and pharma branch that until now was always "closed shop minded" starts to rethink innovation:
"Reaching out and collaborating in a hub and spoke system is nothing new to the pharmaceutical industry but thanks to ubiquitous and pervasive connectivity there are more spokes and fewer hubs these days. This not only levels the playing field for small biotech companies but also creates diseconomies of scale for behemoth corporations that carry the weight of extensive overhead. InnoCentive, the open innovation company that connects searchers and solvers to create innovative solutions was born out of the challenges of Eli Lilly faced in the late 1990’s when their product pipeline dried up."
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january 2014 by fwhamm
Why Regulations Create Social Media Barriers for Pharma Brands
However, for industries that are subject to strict regulatory rules, navigating social media is not as simple as creating accounts on Twitter and Facebook. It takes a greater investment of time and energy to stay within the letter of the law, especially when the law may not been evolving as quickly as social media. The pharmaceutical sector is one example of an industry that must tread the social media world with great caution. Businesses have to adhere to rules about when they can directly mention their products and how they interact with possible patients. Here are some of the barriers that heavy regulation has created for the drug industry, along with some examples of how savvy businesses have overcome these obstacles.
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may 2012 by fwhamm
Consumerization of tech: The new enterprise disruptor
consumerization is not just about devices or user supplied technology like Web and mobile applications. It’s not even directly about social media, app stores in the workplace, or extreme ease-of-use, even though all of these feature prominently in what I call the CoIT phenomenon. Instead, it’s about a new mindset.
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march 2012 by fwhamm
What can pharma do to keep ahead in social media? | pharmaphorum
Judith von Gordon is Head of Media + PR worldwide at the Boehringer Ingelheim Headquarter in Ingelheim,Germany: "Boehringer Ingelheim belongs to the top 15 pharmaecutical companies. We are privately owned. We have our Headquarter in Germany and yes, we are driven by our Research & Development spirit. In 2008 we, the Communications people, decided it was the right point in time to start with social media."
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march 2011 by fwhamm
Bridging the Digital Skills Gap - Pharmaceutical Executive
Interesting article on how social media and online in general are changing the way healthcare industry has to deal with customer relationship (i.e. doctors, patients) and how that influences recruiting and talenting
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october 2010 by fwhamm
Pharmaceutical Social Media E-Book by SHIFT Communications – Free Download
"To help Pharma marketing execs navigate this journey, SHIFT today released an eBook aimed at offering practical advice on successfully implementing Social Media programs in the pharma space."

Explanation and link to download the e-book (via email)
SHIFT-Communications  download  ebook  social-media  pharma  implementation 
september 2010 by fwhamm
Digital Pharma: Boehringer gets social with Facebook | InPharm
"Boehringer Ingelheim is looking for fans on Facebook and wants its employees to be thought of as “superheroes, only with lab coats instead of capes”."
boehringer  Boehringer-Ingelheim  Ingelheim  pharma 
september 2010 by fwhamm
Facebook | Boehringer Ingelheim
"This page is the official facebook page of the Boehringer Ingelheim group of companies. We have set up this page to help share our message of 'more health for the family' as we celebrate our 125th anniversary."
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september 2010 by fwhamm
Boehringer Ingelheim - Jubilee 125
125 years more health - Boehringer Ingelheims website for their Jubilee celebration. Well done :-)

Happy Anniversary Boehringer Ingelheim!
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september 2010 by fwhamm
Not Social - Ross Mayfield's Weblog
"When Pfizer launched the first social media channel on SlideShare for a regulated industry, it was met with industry applause, but also some controversy. Case in point, and article Pharma News: Pfizer Channel criticized as 'not social.'"

Is a blog or sharing platform social without offering comments?
pharma  Pfizer  social-media 
august 2010 by fwhamm
Pharma and Healthcare Social Media Wiki | Dose of Digital
"With a growing number of pharma companies testing the waters of social media, an intrepid few have tried to keep track of every site, YouTube video, Twitterer, Facebook page, and so on. It’s become a daunting task and no one list seems to have it all, so we created the Pharma and Healthcare Social Media Wiki"
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december 2009 by fwhamm
Eye on FDA: New Offerings by Pharma on YouTube
"There has been a slow, but steady march into YouTube-land by pharmaceuticals. Two new companies were added to the growing roster of pharma on YouTube with three new channels added. "
YouTube  FDA  boehringer  Novartis  AstraZeneca  Sanofi-Aventis  Johnson-Johnson  pharma 
august 2009 by fwhamm
Pharma Twitterama
Extensive how to Twitter with pharma industry examples
twitter  social-media  presentation  tutorial  howto  pharma 
august 2009 by fwhamm
Nathan @ e-gineer: Our Intranet, the Wiki: Case Study of a Wiki changing an Enterprise
In 2006, Janssen-Cilag completely replaced our simple, static HTML intranet with a Wiki solution. Over the 16 months since launch, it has dramatically transformed our internal communication and continues to increase in both visits and content ...
wiki  case-study  intranet  pharma  australia 
august 2007 by fwhamm
reine Formsache » Blogs: Pharma und Gesundheit
Blogs im Bereich Pharma (-industrie und -marketing) oder Gesundheit - ein weites Feld, aber in der deutschsprachigen Blogosphäre ein noch arg unbestelltes.
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december 2006 by fwhamm

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