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10 Things Every Intranet Should Have » Interact Intranet Software
These are 10 things every intranet should have to ensure a healthy, vital, essential intranet that engages people, supports their daily activities, reflects the company ethos and ultimately and helps people get work done. This is the vision and should be the aim of every intranet manager.
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september 2013 by fwhamm
Building A Social Media Strategy? Be Sure To Include Your Intranet Manager!
Replace customers and employees with "stakeholder" and you got it!

"Ahhh…reinventing the wheel. It’s an age-old tradition for a lot of organizations, especially when it comes to changes in technology. Some new class of productivity software comes along and the entire IT organization has to come to a grinding halt while a new strategy is defined. Remember stopping to define an ECM strategy? Or maybe it was an ERP strategy. Or could it have been an CRM strategy. Don’t even think about that amount of time and energy devoted to developing a .com or eCommerce strategy!"
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july 2011 by fwhamm
Arbeitskreis Intranet
"diskutieren Sie jederzeit mit anderen Teilnehmern über Intranet-Themen und laden sich bequem alle benötigten Dokumente der Arbeitskreise runter"
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february 2010 by fwhamm
The softer side of intranets » Step Two Designs, James Robertson
"In addition to being useful, intranets can and should be enjoyable to use. Maybe even fun. At a minimum, they should always present a ‘human face’ to staff, one that is engaging and encouraging." Good point from James Robertson
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november 2009 by fwhamm
What every intranet manager should know « manIA
Patrick C. Walsh stating that it's not about technology but about connecting content and people.

Very good point. Via James Robertson, Column Two
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october 2009 by fwhamm
Make money from your intranet like BT does « Mark Morrell
"In a recession every penny spent investing in BT’s intranet is closely monitored. So the chance to generate some revenue is very welcome. Whenever I say BT makes money from its intranet to people they raise their eyebrows and ask the obvious questions ”What?” and “How?”. "
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october 2009 by fwhamm
What do successful intranet managers have in common? » Step Two Designs
Extensive article by Catherine Grenfell on what an Intranet Manager should do, have skills and how he should do it"

"The role of an intranet manager is very new, and most intranet managers only started on this career path in the last five to ten years. Intranet managers come from all walks of life and have very different skills."
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june 2009 by fwhamm
Intranet Content – dealing with the technical stuff « manIA
Patrick C. Walsh about his keynot speech at Intranet Summit and thoughts on intranet management
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june 2009 by fwhamm
Globally local - locally global : Intranets & business impact
Jane McConnell: "I have uploaded the presentation in the long version that I had planned to give at the J.Boye Philadelphia 09 conference. I was unable to travel and delivered a shorter version remotely."
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may 2009 by fwhamm
Principles for designing global-local intranets » Column Two
James Robertson "In thinking about designing intranets to meet global-local needs, the following principles may to be relevant:"
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april 2009 by fwhamm
Intranet Articles — Prescient Digital Media - intranet consultant, intranet consulting, intranet planning and Internet planning.
Toby Ward on intranet strategy: "A strategy has definition, is well documented and shared by all stakeholders, and has key performance indicators (KPIs) or metrics"
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march 2009 by fwhamm
Globally local - locally global : 2009: Efficiency, Energy and Voice on the Intranet
1. Intranets need to catch up to what virtual teams need.
2. Intranets should be used to help energise nervous workforces.
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january 2009 by fwhamm
Intranet Benchmarking Forum: Some recurring patterns in Intranet Strategy and Governance
IBF benchmarking Model looks at intranets from four different perspectives:
* Strategy & Governance
* Metrics & Performance
* Communication & Culture
* Design & Usability
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november 2008 by fwhamm
Intranet teams: are we leading or managing? » Column Two
James Robertson is live blogging from the 2-day Intranet Leadership Forum workshop in Sydney
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november 2008 by fwhamm
What NOT to do with your intranet « manIA
Half of the problem with a lot of intranets is that they try to be everything to everyone in an organisation. I’ve been thinking that some of the best advice I could give is what NOT to do with your intranet.
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august 2008 by fwhamm
Misserfolg Mitarbeiterportal: Zehn Gründe für das Scheitern von Intranet-Projekten
Das Intranet als Mittel zur Unternehmenskommunikation ist aus modernen Betrieben kaum noch wegzudenken. Was einst nicht viel mehr als ein den Mitarbeitern offen zugänglicher Informationsspeicher war, dient heute mehr und mehr dazu, Prozesse zu digitalisie
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august 2008 by fwhamm
Simon's KM Blog: The intranet team
"We started to define roles to cover the various aspects needed to keep a healthy and vibrant intranet."
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august 2008 by fwhamm
Be Zen Change : : » Blog Archive » Intranet trends
Quote: "Where are intranets and portals going in 2008 and beyond? What will be the hot topics for intranet managers? The IBF charts the trends to look out for in the year ahead."
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march 2008 by fwhamm
Intranet Blog :: Companies are taking the intranet more seriously?
"Why are most intranets so poor? Because senior management don’t give a damn."..."Learn to sell the intranet – or hire an outside intranet consultant who can help you" My advice: Instantly hire a good outside intranet consultant who sells it
intranet  intranet-manager  corporate-communications  survey  management 
february 2008 by fwhamm
Enterprise 2.0 · Thoughts on the lack of Intranet participation · Shaping Thoughts
I have been trying to list some of the issues around the subject of participation on the Intranet. Here is my draft outline of symptoms, backgrounds and possible solutions
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february 2008 by fwhamm
Intranet Benchmarking Forum: Governing the intranet inside and "outside" - Intranet Governance 2.0
At an IBF Member service review meeting this week, I listened to a discussion about whether it was "better or worse" to enable or prevent staff from using social software sites on the internet.
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january 2008 by fwhamm
Intranet Benchmarking Forum: Self-service publishing: Implement with care
Self-service social computing tools such as Wikis and Blogs offer fast routes to publishing and collaboration on an Intranet. These applications enrich the Intranet “under Web;" the informal layer that foments beneath formal information channels.
intranet  governance  intranet-manager  blog  wiki 
january 2008 by fwhamm
Intranet Blog :: Intranet governance
"Politics will kill your intranet. Without a well defined governance model and should your intranet survive the naturally occurring politics of competing priorities amongst various stakeholder – communications, IT, human resources, ..."
intranet  intranet-manager  governance  steering-committee 
january 2008 by fwhamm
Intranets: A Reflection of your Corporate DNA
The intranet can be the pulse of your company - at least it should be "Before you join that next company, consider asking for a look at the corporate intranet first. Why? The intranet is a direct reflection of the ethos, soul, and culture of a company."
intranet  corporate-culture  war-for-talents  knowledge-management  intranet-manager  corporate-communications 
january 2008 by fwhamm
The Challenges, Evolution, and Success Factors of the Enterprise Intranet
Wow - he's so right! ' "If a company’s competitive strength is it’s employees and how they work together, the intranet is a valuable tool."
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january 2008 by fwhamm
Globally local - locally global : Attitudes & activities for intranet managers in 2008
As an intranet manager, you are in a unique position: you may well be one of the few people in your company who realise the full potential value of the intranet, how close your organisation is to achieving this or how far away you are.
intranet  intranet-manager  strategy 
january 2008 by fwhamm
Avoiding Dangerous Intranet Managers
Intranet governance isn't handled by any one person or group, but rather by a collective. ....I now continue my journey to identify the deadliest species of intranet manager:
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october 2007 by fwhamm
Intranet Governance – zwischen Wild West und Polizeistaat
Zwar bricht in der Regel nicht gleich die völlige Anarchie aus, wenn in einem Unternehmen keine Intranet Governance vorhanden ist, es müssen jedoch erhebliche Nachteile in Kauf genommen werden:
intranet  governance  policy  intranet-manager  unternehmenskultur 
august 2007 by fwhamm
Intranet Blog :: Intranet case study: SimCorp
Content is still ‘king’ on the intranet. Whether it’s a static page, a form or data in a hidden application, employees want content. But they demand good content.
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june 2007 by fwhamm

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