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12 key concepts behind digital workplace success « Digital Workplace Group
How do you define and manage the digital workplace? What is the role of the intranet and the intranet team? This compendium includes 12 key concepts to answer those questions. Are you ready?
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july 2014 by fwhamm
Tetra Pak: Using the intranet to drive productivity and efficiency: case study - Customer Carewords
Tetra Pak has taken the concepts of top task management for an intranet further than any other organization I have worked with. I asked their e-Communications Director, Gabriel Olsson, why this might be. "We are both the sons of farmers," was his reply. The point he was making was that, as a farmer's son I should understand that task management is like farming. Perhaps because farmers know about the need to save time on tasks, and have been doing so longer than many industries. It is about getting the basics right and being willing to do the boring but necessary stuff (like content review) on an ongoing basis. Rolling your sleeves up, focusing on what is important to your employees, not just what is cool and fun for the web team.
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july 2012 by fwhamm
Intranet Blog :: Intranet design
Toby Ward: "No one said it was going to be easy. The intranet is not a website."
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november 2010 by fwhamm
Management für ein Internationales Intranet – Einsichten | text-gold.de
Gute Erläuterung unterschiedlicher Sichtweisem, wenn ein Intranet international von einem anderen Land, d.h. nicht von einem deutschen Unternehmen, aufgesetzt wird. Oder eben, was deutsche Unternehmen anders machen
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august 2010 by fwhamm
Try a self-managed intranet « Mark Morrell
Mark Morrell: "In BT I lead a small central team. I’m responsible for the strategy, governance and standards and how they are applied to content published on BT’s intranet using a menu of templates that I manage."
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march 2010 by fwhamm
Eight intranet design mistakes » Column Two, James Robertson
"Intranet projects are challenging at the best of times. Sites are large and content rich. Project teams are often thrown into the deep end, with many constraints and expectations."
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february 2010 by fwhamm

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