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Nestlé’s Sugar Empire Is on a Health Kick - Bloomberg
Nestlé is by far the largest food company in the world. Its 335,000 employees produce more than 2,000 brands, manufactured in 436 factories across 85 countries. It’s Europe’s most valuable corporation, worth $240 billion, comfortably more than oil giant Royal Dutch Shell.
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may 2016 by fwhamm
The Surgeon Will Skype You Now
The surgeon, who has spent 15 minutes gently tearing through tissue, suddenly pauses to gesture ever-so-slightly with his tiny scissors. "Do you see what's on this side? That's nerves." He moves the instrument a few millimeters to the right. "And on this one? That's cancer."
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february 2016 by fwhamm
Ein Mikrochip knnte bald Tierversuche berflssig machen - Technik
Das dann doch nicht. Der falsche Hase wird bei TissUse serviert, einem Berliner Biotechnologieunternehmen, das an einem menschlichen Kleinstorganismus forscht.
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february 2016 by fwhamm
‘This Man Will Almost Certainly Die’ | The Nation
Where Claudio Fagardo-Saucedo grew up, on the colonial streets of the Mexican city of Durango, migrating to the United States was almost a rite of passage. It was following the stream of departures from Durango in the 1980s that the lanky young man left his family and traveled north.
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february 2016 by fwhamm
Robots in Health Care Could Lead to a Doctorless Hospital - Singularity HUB
Imagine your child requires a life-saving operation. You enter the hospital and are confronted with a stark choice. Do you take the traditional path with human medical staff, including doctors and nurses, where long-term trials have shown a 90% chance that they will save your child’s life?
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february 2016 by fwhamm
Republicans Get Poverty All Wrong. Trust Me, I’ve Lived It. - POLITICO Magazine
"This Saturday, six Republican presidential candidates will gather alongside House Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. Tim Scott at a conference on poverty."
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february 2016 by fwhamm
Best of Luck - The Awl
"I remember telling a girl I dated in college once that I’d like to be dead by fifty."
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january 2016 by fwhamm
Rocket men | Stanford Medicine
"These three rocket-combustion experts — Christopher Strand, Victor Miller and Mitchell Spearrin — were talking about the future. In a few months they would have doctoral degrees, and then what?"
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october 2015 by fwhamm
Why Exercising Is a Higher Priority Than My Career
"There’s a prevalent attitude among entrepreneurs that the business, whatever that business is, comes first. It is the high priority that trumps everything else, including family, friends and especially health."
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june 2015 by fwhamm
Take off that Fitbit. Exercise alone won’t make you lose weight. - The Washington Post
"The fitness industry has never been stronger. Health clubs in the United States brought in $22.4 billion in 2013, doubling their revenue in just 15 years."
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may 2015 by fwhamm
Digital Health und das fehlende Grundverständnis | Health Care meets Social Media...
"Digitalisierung, eHealth, ePatient, Gesundheitsnetzwerker, HCSM, Internetmedizin, Patienten, Patientenorientierung, Telemedizin, wehealth Ich hatte in den letzten Wochen wieder einmal die Gelegenheit, unterschiedliche Konferenzen und Veranstaltungen zu besuchen."
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may 2015 by fwhamm
IBM - Tiny computing tasks add up to big scientific discoveries - United States
"By donating unused computing power, anyone can be part of the next big breakthrough"
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april 2015 by fwhamm
15 Desk Exercises You Can Do At Work
"While it seems a bit dramatic, there’s a rock solid reason this quote is thrown all over the internet. It’s more relevant than ever, since most of us spend the majority of our day, every day, sitting behind a desk, staring at a computer screen."
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march 2015 by fwhamm
What Is Productive Sleep and How Can You Do It Better?
"I remember the first day of my 10th grade English class better than any other day of my time in grade school. I entered the room with my 20-or-so classmates where we were instructed to “lie our heads down” and “stay quiet."
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march 2015 by fwhamm
Freie Ärzteschaft fordert Stopp der elektronischen Gesundheitskarte
"Wieder muss die elektronische Gesundheitskarte (eGK) einen herben Rückschlag einstecken: Die Krankenkassen haben offenbar die Faxen dicke und der Betreibergesellschaft Gematik den Geldhahn zugedreht."
via Pocket
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january 2015 by fwhamm
Healthcare’s digital future | McKinsey & Company
Insights from our international survey can help healthcare organizations plan their next moves in the journey toward full digitization.
july 2014 by fwhamm
Der elektronische englische Patient
Das britische Gesundheitswesen wird zum Big-Data-Projekt – ohne Zustimmung der Patienten. Ein Lehrstück über die chaotische Umsetzung einer sinnvollen Idee
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april 2014 by fwhamm
Innovation Through Collaboration | INSEAD Knowledge
Collaboration now is vital even in high competitive healthcare industry:
"But all too often, these collaborations are dogged by a rash of challenges and culture clashes – between for-profit pharma and academia, between corporate cultures, between established institutions and nimble startups, and a financial sector more attuned to funding therapies in late-stage clinical trials. A lack of openness and trust working with outside actors in general, and misunderstandings across national cultures also come into play."
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january 2014 by fwhamm
Collaborative Innovation: The Cure for Pharma's Innovation Affliction? | LinkedIn
Notably the healthcare and pharma branch that until now was always "closed shop minded" starts to rethink innovation:
"Reaching out and collaborating in a hub and spoke system is nothing new to the pharmaceutical industry but thanks to ubiquitous and pervasive connectivity there are more spokes and fewer hubs these days. This not only levels the playing field for small biotech companies but also creates diseconomies of scale for behemoth corporations that carry the weight of extensive overhead. InnoCentive, the open innovation company that connects searchers and solvers to create innovative solutions was born out of the challenges of Eli Lilly faced in the late 1990’s when their product pipeline dried up."
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january 2014 by fwhamm
Mayo Clinic Leads Social Conversations About Healthcare
The Mayo Clinic has been able to leverage and enhance its reputation as a trusted source of health information through a robust online presence and expansive social media program.
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august 2013 by fwhamm
Individuelle Analysen: Neue IT-Trends in der Medizin - CIO.de
Früherkennung mit Apps RT : Individuelle Analysen: Neue IT-Trends in der Medizin
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december 2012 by fwhamm
Ich hätte gern etwas Neues! « Health Care meets Social Media…
+1 Vernetzung für Ärzte und Patienten fehlt. Lesenswert: Ich hätte gern etwas Neues!
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october 2012 by fwhamm
AUCH DAS NOCH: Lesegerät für Steven Hawkings Gehirnströme | silicon.de
irgendwann für Hirntumorpatienten mit gestörtem Sprachzentrum? Lesegerät für Steven Hawkings Gehirnströme
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june 2012 by fwhamm
Using the iPad’s camera and algorithms to estimate blood loss in the operating room
Using the iPad’s camera and algorithms to estimate blood loss in the operating room via
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june 2012 by fwhamm
Doctors’ iPad use improving patient care at Ottawa Hospital
OTTAWA — The Ottawa Hospital’s groundbreaking decision to equip its doctors with iPads is already improving patient care, the hospital says. The iPad experiment has been so successful, says Dr. Glen Geiger, the hospital’s chief medical information officer, that the Ottawa Hospital plans to provide thousands of iPhones and iPod Touches to its nurses, therapists and other staff if a pilot project now underway confirms their utility.
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june 2012 by fwhamm
Patientenaufklärung auf dem iPad
Thieme Compliance, eine Tochter der Thieme Verlagsgruppe, bietet verschiedene Tools an, mit denen Arztpraxen und Krankenhäuser ihre Prozesse bei der Patientenaufklärung digitalisieren können. Alles, was bisher von Patienten oder Ärzten und Pflegepersonal per Hand und auf speziellen Bögen ausgefüllt wurde, soll nun direkt in PCs und andere Geräte wie iPads wandern.
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may 2012 by fwhamm
Patients' Voices Are Changing Medical Devices
Sanofi now runs a design crowdsourcing challenge that pulls ideas from the public about what matters most living with diabetes to innovate in quality, delivery and the cost of diabetes care. I've been invited to Roche's annual social media summit to exchange thoughts, ideas, needs and wants between patients and pharma, and I've been invited to Medtronic to see what they're up to.
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may 2012 by fwhamm
How Mobile, Cloud, Are Transforming Healthcare
Spurred by a combination of government incentives and aging technology, healthcare is entering an IT renaissance. Mobile and cloud technologies are at the heart of healthcare's transformation. Tablets are replacing paper medical charts, private clouds are enabling secure access to medical records, and mobile cloud collaboration tools are improving information sharing among medical professionals and academics.
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april 2012 by fwhamm
(404) http://t.co/lZ
RT : What if professionals could interact w/ patients more effectively outside of the office? ...
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march 2012 by fwhamm
Hirntumor-Informationstag für Ärzte und Patienten
für Ärzte und Patienten: Hirntumor-Informationstag am 28.04. in Würzburg
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march 2012 by fwhamm
Why one-third of hospitals will close by 2020
In U.S. - but consider situation in Germany as similar: Why one-third of hospitals will close by 2020
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march 2012 by fwhamm
IBM Patient Empowerment System - a set on Flickr
"The IBM Patient Empowerment System is the next evolution of the patient portal, significantly expanding the types of information, alerts, recommendations and interactive coaching healthcare providers can offer to interact with their patients online."
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march 2011 by fwhamm
Bridging the Digital Skills Gap - Pharmaceutical Executive
Interesting article on how social media and online in general are changing the way healthcare industry has to deal with customer relationship (i.e. doctors, patients) and how that influences recruiting and talenting
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october 2010 by fwhamm
Facebook | Boehringer Ingelheim
"This page is the official facebook page of the Boehringer Ingelheim group of companies. We have set up this page to help share our message of 'more health for the family' as we celebrate our 125th anniversary."
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september 2010 by fwhamm
Boehringer Ingelheim - Jubilee 125
125 years more health - Boehringer Ingelheims website for their Jubilee celebration. Well done :-)

Happy Anniversary Boehringer Ingelheim!
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september 2010 by fwhamm
Healthcare Providers on Twitter and Facebook: What You Need to Know
"how can you keep the worlds of business and socializing separate, especially if you work in the healthcare field? While these platforms can promote services as well as connect with patients, how far can healthcare workers take these platforms, and what do they need to know?"
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august 2010 by fwhamm
How to Reach a Difficult Audience through Content | B2B Social Media Blog
"The healthcare industry faces a unique challenge, finding ways to cut costs without affecting the quality of patient care. Sacrificing care means the difference between life and death. Furthermore, hospital decision-makers are so busy that they have built shells around them to protect their time and sanity."
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june 2010 by fwhamm
With the iPad, Apple may just revolutionize medicine
"Steve Jobs got a new liver, the rest of us got an easier way to watch Hulu in bed, and the health-care industry just may have gotten the big break it needed to launch into the 21st century. Following his hush-hush surgery last spring, it's easy to imagine the colossus of Cupertino, Calif., staring at the ceiling tiles in his hospital room and wishing for a way to hop online without having to bother with a laptop. "
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may 2010 by fwhamm
25 iPad Apps Revolutionizing Healthcare
"There was a lot of buzz in public health circles with the release of the iPad, since it promises a more mobile way of access patient information and of finding answers to common questions. Healthcare professionals make use of information everyday, and it is possible that the iPad can help streamline processes, as well as provide doctors and other healthcare professionals with the tools they need to diagnose and treat disease."
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may 2010 by fwhamm
Pharma and Healthcare Social Media Wiki | Dose of Digital
"With a growing number of pharma companies testing the waters of social media, an intrepid few have tried to keep track of every site, YouTube video, Twitterer, Facebook page, and so on. It’s become a daunting task and no one list seems to have it all, so we created the Pharma and Healthcare Social Media Wiki"
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december 2009 by fwhamm

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