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Diese 10 E-Mail-Regeln sorgen für eine effizientere Kommunikation in deinem Unternehmen
E-Mail-Regeln sind eine sehr wichtige Sache, wenn du willst das die Kommunikation in deinem Unternehmen schnell und effizient läuft. Um ehrlich zu sein bin ich generell kein großer Fan von firmeninternen E-Mails, denn es gibt bessere Lösungen (z.B. Slack).
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12 weeks ago by fwhamm
Management-Tools für die Unternehmenskommunikation – Bedeutung, Nutzung und Erfahrungen - mcschindler.com
Welche Relevanz haben Management-Tools in der Praxis der Unternehmenskommunikation? Die Uni Leipzig und die Unternehmensberatung Lautenbach Sass haben sich zusammengetan und Kommunikationsprofis befragt, die alle entweder eine leitende Funktion oder eine klar umrissene Verantwortung für Strategie,
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november 2018 by fwhamm
Collaborative Communication: Why It Matters and How To Support It
A feature of practice in healthcare settings for some time, collaborative communication has now crossed over into mainstream businesses. Tackling complex problems, fostering creativity and nurturing collaborative solutions is, after all, common to most businesses and not just healthcare providers.
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august 2018 by fwhamm
My Company Tried Slack For Two Years. This Is Why We Quit.
Three years ago, our remote company joined Slack. Until then, we had relied on a mix of email and an internal tool called Wedoist for all our communication. But our steadily growing team based across several time zones made it hard to stay on the same page and feel cohesive.
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august 2018 by fwhamm
Slack or Microsoft Teams? Well, That Depends ...
Microsoft's recent announcement about a free version of Teams set the industry abuzz in a new round of Slack versus Microsoft Teams rivalry.
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july 2018 by fwhamm
Die Kommunikationspyramide bei Nozbe :: Nozbe - To-do, Aufgaben, Projekt- und Zeitmanagementanwendung
So nutzt das Nozbe-Team moderne Technologien, um besser miteinander zu kommunizieren und mehr zu erledigen.
july 2018 by fwhamm
9 Secrets to Effective Communication in the Workplace - Toggl Blog
Management experts know proper communication in the workplace can lead to massive savings and a host of other benefits. For example, CRICO Strategies, a Harvard-affiliated insurer, found health care miscommunications lead to over 1,700 deaths and $1.7 billion in malpractice claims.
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november 2017 by fwhamm
Loneliness and the Digital Workplace
I’m typing this in a nearly silent coworking space. All of us here at HBR are intently focused on our computer screens. The tap-tap of our fingers on keyboards, occasional rustle of paper, and clink of a coffee mug landing on a desk are the sounds of work.
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november 2017 by fwhamm
What Do We Know About Loneliness and Work?
Spend any time reading about loneliness, and you’ll quickly hit upon a scary statistic: Since 1985 the share of people who have no one to confide in has tripled, to 25%. This statistic is common internet knowledge; it’s also wrong.
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november 2017 by fwhamm
Reframing in der internen Kommunikation nutzen: | IK-Blog
„Wir haben keine Zeit, uns mit der Strategie zu beschäftigen. Das Tagesgeschäft frisst uns auf“. Als die Managerin der internen Kommunikation die Strategie kommunizieren wollte, reagierten die Mitarbeiter/innen eher ablehnend.
august 2017 by fwhamm
Neues aus der digitalen internen Kommunikation: Die MitarbeiterApp. | IK-Blog
Herr Wolf, Sie beschäftigen sich seit vielen Jahren mit dem Thema Social Intranet – als Fachbuchautor, als Berater, aber auch als Anwender in Unternehmen – und jetzt als Anbieter der Eyo MitarbeiterApp.
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july 2016 by fwhamm
Die Zukunft der internen Kommunikation. | IK-Blog
Wie sieht die Zukunft der internen Kommunikation aus? Ist die interne Kommunikation tatsächlich auf dem Weg, eine führende Position einzunehmen? Dazu sprach Frau Prof. Dr. Dr. Mast auf der depak-Tagung „Interne Kommunikation“ Anfang Juni 2016.
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july 2016 by fwhamm
How social tools can reshape the organization | McKinsey & Company
Not all social technologies bring equal benefits. In a new survey, respondents say the most valuable tools make it easier for employees to collaborate—and could even transform the way organizations work.
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june 2016 by fwhamm
The tool isn’t the problem… — The Startup — Medium
It’s been almost a year since we went through the process of switching our entire team at Crew from HipChat over to Slack. At the time, the decision didn’t really carry much weight. Two tools. Solving pretty much the same problem. Just in different ways.
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may 2016 by fwhamm
Kanal voll « KLUGE.DE
Früher war die Welt einfach. Am Anfang der elektronischen Kommunikation landete alle Post in meinem Compuserve-Account. Aus heutiger Sicht war das Arbeit mit dem Faustkeil, aber das Prinzip dieses Werkzeugs beherrscht nach wie vor die Amtsstuben dieser Welt. Asynchrone Kommunikation im Push-Mode.
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may 2016 by fwhamm
American Express GBT implements Jive to democratise enterprise collaboration – diginomica
American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) was, until recently, one of the largest business units operating within American Express. It, like its parent company, operated a top-down approach to communication, collaboration was very traditional, operating within hierarchical enterprise structures.
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march 2016 by fwhamm
The Pyramid of Communication in a Remotely Working team — or — how to get meetings done… in many different ways. In the 18th episode of The Podcast with Radek we talked about how we use different tools for different types of communication.
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february 2016 by fwhamm
Gruppenchat für Teams: Kann Fleep gegen HipChat und Slack ankommen? | Nachrichten, Tipps & Anleitungen für Agile, Entwicklung, Atlassian Software (JIRA, Confluence, Stash, ...) und //SEIBERT/MEDIA
Read this article in English. Atlassian push HipChat wirklich enorm und steckt viel in die Weiterentwicklung. Das ist auch klug und vorausschauend, denn wahrscheinlich wird Instant Messaging für Teams und im gesamten Unternehmen schon in naher Zukunft so wichtig wie die E-Mail werden.
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february 2016 by fwhamm
Will Fleep beat HipChat and Slack? | News, tips & guidance for agile, development, Atlassian Software (JIRA, Confluence, Stash, ...) and //SEIBERT/MEDIA
"This post introduces you to Fleep.io a promising competitor of the group chat rivals HipChat and Slack, that comes from the Skype founders and tries to solve ‘Email communication’ just as well."
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january 2016 by fwhamm
Buffer Transparency Timeline
"Transparency is a way of life for us at Buffer. It’s a core part of our identity as a company and as individuals. Nowadays, we default to sharing everything about Buffer, from our real-time revenue dashboard to our diversity stats."
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december 2015 by fwhamm
5 Lessons Traditional Companies Can Learn From Remote Companies
"There is no denying that telecommuting and remote work is increasingly becoming a reality in 21st century workplaces. According to a new Gallup poll, 37 percent of all American workers have telecommuted during their careers. In 1995, that number was just 9 percent."
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december 2015 by fwhamm
What Email Reveals About Your Organization
"By studying data from email archives and other sources, managers can gain surprising insights about how groups should be organized and led — as well as about optimal participation and communications patterns."
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december 2015 by fwhamm
Boxed in: Do you talk to your colleagues enough? - BBC News
"It may seem paradoxical but in age when we are more connected than ever, via smart phones and 24/7 internet connections our workplaces and businesses risk becoming increasingly fragmented. It's all to do with expertise."
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november 2015 by fwhamm
Twitter für Einsteiger | Harald Schirmer
"Was ist Twitter? wofür soll das gut sein? wie geht das? … aber ich will doch nicht alles über mich erzählen …das interessiert doch eh keinen …das steht nur Unsinn drin …ich kann damit nichts anfangen… > Fragen und Sätze die mir sehr häufig begegnen."
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october 2015 by fwhamm
Work Email is Dying. What's Next?
"Ray Tomlinson can’t remember what he wrote when he sent himself the world’s first email back in 1971, but his colleague Jerry Burchfiel remembers what Ray said when he first showed him what he’d done: “Don’t tell anyone! This isn’t what we’re supposed to be working on."
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october 2015 by fwhamm
simply-communicate.com | 522: Connection timed out
"Kevin Ruck is the Co-Founder of The PR Academy and course leader for the CIPR Internal Communication qualifications delivered by his institution. He is the editor of Exploring Internal Communication, a textbook for students and practitioners, which is now in its third edition."
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september 2015 by fwhamm
Collaboration - Mehr als nur Zusammenarbeit - Einfach Online Arbeiten
"Was ist Collaboration? Wenn man das Wort „Collaboration“ hört, denkt man zunächst nur an die Übersetzung „Zusammenarbeit“. Doch was steckt dahinter? Collaboration bedeutet viel mehr als nur Zusammenarbeit."
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september 2015 by fwhamm
Multi-tasking: how to survive in the 21st century - FT.com
"Forget invisibility or flight: the superpower we all want is the ability to do several things at once. Unlike other superpowers, however, being able to multitask is now widely regarded as a basic requirement for employability."
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september 2015 by fwhamm
How We Use Slack - Productivityist
"I’ve only sent a handful of emails to the Productivityist team over the last year. Why? It’s all because of Slack. Slack has not only improved the flow of communication throughout the team, it has also improved our overall productivity as well."
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september 2015 by fwhamm
Why these startups think chat apps are the next big thing in workplace collaboration — Tech News and Analysis
The big cloud storage companies like Amazon and the file-sync players like Box aren’t the only ones rolling out work-collaboration features; there’s a host of startups generating a lot of interest in the market and these companies are betting that improving upon chat is the way of the future.
collaboration  communication 
august 2014 by fwhamm
The Naive Optimist • How to communicate in a #NoManager company
We actively discourage use of email because it silos information, discourages accountability and causes busywork. The default mode of communication at Treehouse is ‘public’. This is important because without managers, everyone needs to be able to drop into a Project and understand where it’s at. If all the progress and information is hidden away in email, no one can access it except the sender and receiver.

We have four primary tools:

Convoy - General discussions, celebrations, animated GIFs, banter and trolling
Flow - Project status
HipChat - Group chat and IM
Email and Docs - Google Apps
collaboration  communication 
february 2014 by fwhamm
The Power of Unintentional Collaboration | MIT Sloan Management Review
A senior colleague recently asked me about the difference between communication and collaboration. It’s a great question with important implications for businesses that are adopting social tools. On one level, the difference between the two is clear: communication involves conveying information from one party to another. It may be one-directional, and it is not necessarily goal-oriented. In contrast, collaboration is a recursive interaction between two parties intended to accomplish a particular goal.
collaboration  communication  Social-Business  INJELEA-Lesenswertes 
february 2014 by fwhamm
Effective Methods of Project Team Collaboration
Collaboration can be described as the act of working together to accomplish a common goal. It seems to me that definition also describes “teamwork”. Thus, teamwork and collaboration are synonymous, or in other words you can’t have real teamwork without having an environment which is conducive to effective communication. Therein lies the challenge for a project manager. The project manager must foster a project environment which encourages open communication between team members and provide an infrastructure to make that type of communication possible.
collaboration  team-working  communication  Project-Management 
december 2013 by fwhamm
The Modern Intranet: A Mobile, Social, Collaborative Decision Support Platform
People commonly consider intranets to be part of the Digital Workplace. For any business beyond the small end of the small to medium business sector, an intranet acts as an ecosystem of various platforms delivering (at an absolute minimum) web publishing functionality for one to many (dissemination of information) and collaboration functionality for many to many (information sharing).
Intranet  collaboration  communication  Framework 
november 2013 by fwhamm
The Future of Work: A Manifesto — on management
This manifesto is about the future of work in a post-­Cluetrain world. This manifesto is also about an emerging ideology of business, where people are at the center of a human ecosystem instead of boxed into a mecha­nical system.
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november 2013 by fwhamm
Modern Intranets and the Technological Circle of Life
Updates and improvements are commonplace in the enterprise technology world. Business needs change, demands pop up for different functionality and the technology must be amended to meet requirements or risk being rendered useless. This evolution is part of the technological circle of life, and things either survive and thrive or die off completely.

Which brings us to corporate intranets.
Intranet  collaboration  communication  social-intranet 
november 2013 by fwhamm
Are We Done With Email?
A Fool with a Tool is still a Fool: "When we talk about email reduction at this point we need to be thinking about email reduction that counts. Massive email lists where reply all is the norm, using email as IM, forcing notifications or thoughtlessly spamming each other — these are all behaviors, not failings of a tool."
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october 2013 by fwhamm
5 Tips For Writing Productive Email Subject Lines - Asian Efficiency
One of the quick wins for everyone who wants to spend less time managing emails is by writing effective subject lines. When you and everyone else around you writes productive email subject lines, you all save time.

Here are our top 5 tips for writing productive subject lines that will save you and your team time.
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august 2013 by fwhamm
The 12 habits of highly collaborative organizations
Jacob Morgan: "Every company is unique and no two collaboration initiatives are the same. However, after working with, speaking with and researching hundreds of companies ... I have identified twelve collaboration patterns or “principles” that the successful organizations follow. Below you will find a visual highlighting these principles followed by a more in-depth description of each one."
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march 2013 by fwhamm
Enterprise Social Networking Will Kill Business Email. Here's Why.
But replacing email with another tool that's misused won't help! "McKinsey’s research indicates that interaction workers typically spend 28% of each day (13 hours a week) reading, writing and filing e-mails. (McKinsey Quarterly, Nov 12) "
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march 2013 by fwhamm
swabr - The secure enterprise microblogging tool. Made in Germany.
swabr.com ist ein intuitiver Kommunikationsdienst für Unternehmen und Organisationen, der Mitarbeiter, Inhalte, Konversationen und Unternehmensdaten an einem einzigen Ort verbindet. Der Online-Dienst ermöglicht Mitarbeitern unabhängig vom Arbeitsplatz, Ort oder Geographie mit Kollegen in Echtzeit zusammenarbeiten.

swabr.com ist das "virtuelle Büro": Mitarbeiter können ad-hoc Netzwerke zur Zusammenarbeit anlegen, um gemeinsam an Themen, Projekten und Dokumenten zu arbeiten. Nutzer können Mitteilungen lesen, verfassen, beantworten und Dokumente mit Kollegen online in Echtzeit teilen.

swabr.com ist einfach, intuitiv und kann direkt über den Webbrowser genutzt werden.
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february 2013 by fwhamm
Das läuft 2013: Kongresse, Symposien und BarCamps rund um Online-Kommunikation in Europa | mcschindler.com PR-Beratung | Redaktion | Corporate Publishing
Marie-Christine Schindler: "Einige Events habe ich fest auf dem Radar, andere habe ich per Zufall entdeckt; Grund genug also, das Angebot zu durchforsten und das Jahr 2013 zu planen. Im Fokus dieser Übersicht stehen Kongresse, Symposien und BarCamps in Europa, die sich ganz oder ansatzweise mit der PR im Social Web beschäftigen und soziale Medien in der Online oder internen Kommunikation mit einbeziehen."
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january 2013 by fwhamm
Sieben Gründe warum Social Software die E-Mail nicht ablösen wird
Frank Wolf: Landingpages sind eines der wichtigsten Mittel wenn es um die Generierung von Leads geht. Oft wird das Potential, das in diesem besonderen Seitentyp steckt von Unternehmen unterschätzt und zu wenig oder falsch genutzt. In diesem Artikel sollen die wichtigsten Faktoren zum Bau einer perfekten Landingpage genannt und erläutert werden:
Email  Office  Communication 
august 2012 by fwhamm
How Enterprise Social Will Transform Corporate Operations and Culture
Social media platforms are useful tools for brands looking to communicate and develop relationships with their clients. But social media can also have valuable internal applications for companies. Enterprise social networks are private platforms that are designed to help large businesses improve their operations with faster, smarter communication.
Social-Media  Collaboration  Enterprise20  Communication 
july 2012 by fwhamm
Investing in the Mobile Enterprise
Brien Solis: Your customers are not only becoming increasingly social. Their digital lifestyle is fueled by mobile devices. Whether it’s a smart phone or a tablet, they are masters of the small screen experience and accomplished in the art of communicating with both their thumbs and their voice. The most riveting facet of the mobile revolution is not only what we’re witnessing, it’s what we’re missing in these important times of transformation. These connected customers, or Generation C as I refer to them, are critical to your organization beyond their role of consumer. They are increasingly taking over the inside of your company as your everyday workforce. So in many ways, we are the very people we’re trying to reach. And, to do so takes standardization, transformation, and empowerment.
Enterprise20  Intranet  Collaboration  Information-Worker  Mobile  Communication 
june 2012 by fwhamm
Corporate Speech - Unternehmen, Sprache, Glaubwürdigkeit
lesenswertes von Unternehmen, Sprache, Glaubwürdigkeit – Corporate Speech; & Wordings
pr  communication  from twitter
may 2012 by fwhamm
Is it time for a C-level social media executive?
Companies are social and always have been. But we have come to realize that we’ve greatly underleveraged the power of human interaction now that new social technologies have arrived that dramatically amplify our efforts, reshape the very nature of work, and derive significantly higher orders of value for our businesses
Collaboration  Communication  Social-Business  Enterprise20  Social-Media  SocBiz  E20 
may 2012 by fwhamm
How the Talking Stick Rule Applies to Internal Communications
"To understand and to be understood. And what better mission for any internal communicator?"

Zuerst verstehen, dann verstanden werden. Der Köder muss dem Fisch und nicht dem Angler, die Kommunikation dem Mitarbeiter und nicht dem Chef schmecken.
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december 2011 by fwhamm

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