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RT : to deliver global network services to
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march 2012 by fwhamm
Demografie: Mentoring für Millennials - Harvard Business Manager
Jeanne C. Meister und Karie Willyerd: "Eine neue Generation ist in den Unternehmen angekommen. Ehrgeizige, mobile, sozial engagierte Mitarbeiter, die von ihren Vorgesetzten einen anderen Kommunikationsstil verlangen - Feedback per SMS statt warmer Worte im Eckbüro."
digital-natives  millennials  study  Generation-Y  harvard-businessmanager  Mentoring  Reverse-Mentoring  BT  Dare2Share 
september 2010 by fwhamm
Extensive List of over 30 Enterprise 2.0 Case Studies and Reports | Social Media Today
"I decided to put together some of the case studies and research I have found in my own research."
Enterprise20  case-study  directory  BT  OCE  IBM  Vistaprint  Intuit  intranet 
august 2010 by fwhamm
Make money from your intranet like BT does « Mark Morrell
"In a recession every penny spent investing in BT’s intranet is closely monitored. So the chance to generate some revenue is very welcome. Whenever I say BT makes money from its intranet to people they raise their eyebrows and ask the obvious questions ”What?” and “How?”. "
intranet  BT  intranet-manager  Mark-Morrell 
october 2009 by fwhamm
Enterprise 2.0: Fakten und Tipps zum Einsatz von Social Software in Unternehmen » t3n Magazin
"Der Einsatz von Social-Software-Anwendungen wie Blogs und Wikis im Unternehmen wird derzeit unter dem Namen „Enterprise 2.0“ immer wieder als Heilsbringer für angeschlagene Organisationen gehandelt. Aber was kann man mit diesen Tools wirklich erreichen, wo sind sie gut eingesetzt und können sie klassische Mechanismen überhaupt ersetzen? "
collaboration  war-for-talents  open-source  social-software  CDW  Sender-Empfänger-Paradigma  changemanagement  Wiki  social-networks  BTpedia  BT  IBM  Bluepages  blogging  Enterprise20 
september 2009 by fwhamm
Spektrum der Intranets: Content Branding, Wiki-Intranet und Portal Roadmap
Rückblick auf die Online-Konferenz "Intranets Live". Mit Beiträgen und Screenshots von BT, Capital One, Philips, Razorfish etc.
intranet  intranet-2.0  case-study  bt  british-telecom  Capital-One  Razorfish  Philps  Arup  screenshot 
june 2009 by fwhamm
I’m on the move and still able to use BT’s intranet « Mark Morrell
IBF say “BT’s intranet is designed to support mobile workers so it is fully accessible from mobile devices. Mobile users use a text-based interface.”
intranet  mobile  mobile-intranet  bt  british-telecom  ibf 
june 2009 by fwhamm
More advance steps to a good intranet wiki/blog « Mark Morrell
I covered in my last post 5 simple steps to a good intranet wiki or blog using BT’s experience. We have NOT publicised our blog or wiki and have allowed it to grow organically concentrating on the quality rather than quantity of user generated content.
intranet  guidelines  policy  howto  bt  search 
may 2009 by fwhamm
Musical chairs … « Inside out
Richard Dennison: "I’m now responsible for managing a group of business partners in a channels centre of excellence team providing channels expertise to the communications community in BT."
social-media  blogging-policy  british-telecom  bt  social-media-guidelines 
april 2009 by fwhamm
It’s all about people being people … « Inside out
Richard Dennison sums up some busy weeks:
- people want to know how and not why to scocial media
- humanise the workplace
- communicators: learn or get flushed away
social-media  communications  bt  british-telecom  richard-dennison  Enterprise20 
june 2008 by fwhamm
Enterprise social networking has landed in BT « Inside out
BT launched its internal enterprise social network - incl. screenshot of Richard Dennisons profile page.
intranet  social-networks  social-software  british-telecom  bt  richard-dennison 
june 2008 by fwhamm
» CIO BT Design: JP Rangaswami - Transcript | CIO Sessions Vision Series on ZDNet.com
JP Rangaswami, managing director of BT Design talks to ZDNet editor-in-chief, Dan Farber about transformation and convergence at one of the world’s largest telecommunication companies ... enabling new technologies inside the enterprise [video link at en
social-software  social-networks  rangaswami  BT  video  SaaS  corporate-culture  facebook  web20 
november 2007 by fwhamm

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