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Latest USGS Photos and Videos from Kilauea’s Eruption | Pacific Island National Parks
The following photos and videos were just released by the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (USGS). Note: these photos were not taken in areas currently accessible to the public.
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january 2014 by fwhamm
Gorgeous Aerial Photos Of Hawaii Taunt The Rest Of Us
Aerial photographer Cameron Brooks did one better and took to the skies to prove that the entire state -- with its rainbows, rolling green mountains, and crystal blue water -- is taunting the rest of the country.
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january 2014 by fwhamm
7 Fantastic Free or Low Cost Sources To Get Images for Your Content Strategy | Beth’s Blog
I put together list of many resources for low cost or free stock images based on the recommendations from fans on Facebook, but here is a short list of the services more frequently mentioned as favorites from nonprofit folks.
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september 2013 by fwhamm
5 Cool Sites to Find Free Stock Photos
Whether it be for a new website design or just a placeholder in a current project, stock photos are normally a necessity. They are useful and make the design look better overall if the photo is professional. From minimalist photos to epic landscapes and self portraits, you can find just about anything on these great free stock photography sites.
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july 2013 by fwhamm
Photo Sharing für Jedermann | The Silicon Valley Experiment
Weit vor allen anderen Möglichkeiten wurde Facebook von 74% der befragten Nutzer als favorisierter Ort angegeben, Fotos zu teilen. Weit abgeschlagen am zweitbeliebtesten ist Flickr mit 7%, Picasa liegt mit etwa 5% noch dahinter.
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may 2012 by fwhamm
JamCamp: Bilder der Social-Bustour » t3n News
"Nach der gelungenen Premiere im letzten Jahr hat IBM auch in diesem Jahr wieder eine JamCamp-Bustour quer durch Deutschland organisiert, bei der Social-Media-Begeisterte aus vielen verschiedenen Bereichen auf Unternehmen und Organisationen treffen, um über den Einsatz und die Möglichkeiten von Social Media zu diskutieren."
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october 2011 by fwhamm
Earthquake in Japan - Alan Taylor - In Focus - The Atlantic
"A massive 8.9-magnitude quake hit northeast Japan on Friday, causing dozens of deaths, more than 80 fires, and a 10-meter (33-ft) tsunami along parts of the country's coastline. Homes were swept away and damage is extensive. As more images of this historic event become available, they will be added below. (Also, Alexis Madrigal lists how to follow the quake online) [48 photos]"
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march 2011 by fwhamm
SCOPE09: ein Album in Flickr
SCOPE09 am 10. und 11. September 2009 auf dem Trainingsschiff Roter Sand auf der Elbe
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september 2009 by fwhamm
INJELEA | SCOPE09 - Neue Wege im Unternehmen
Zwei Tage waren wir ein bunter Haufen auf der SCOPE09 auf dem Trainingsschiff Roter Sand. Der Segler ließ mich irgendwie doch glauben, wir seien als Piraten unterwegs (aber zu den Piraten später mehr). Doch so ganz war der Gedanke nicht abwegig: Nur abseits der üblichen Gedanken und Wege und mit einer gehörigen Portion Mut, über Althergebrachtes herzufallen, lässt sich Neues denken
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september 2009 by fwhamm
Neue Gegenwart® Magazin für Medienjournalismus. Ausgabe 58: Balsam fürs Volk
Finanzkrise, Wirtschaftskrise, Rezession, Inflation, Stimmungstief: Grund zur Aufregung gibt es genug. Neue Gegenwart widmet sich in dieser Ausgabe jenen, die das Schöne vermitteln , die über Medien Inhalte als Balsam für die Gestressten liefern (oder liefern müssen). Sie wollen besänftigen, entführen, begeistern – in ganz unterschiedlichem Auftrag.
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july 2009 by fwhamm
Preloadr: Image processing powered by nexImage
Preloadr offers professional tools to optimize your photos for free!
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may 2009 by fwhamm
Picnik :: Firefox Add-ons
Add a menu options and a toolbar icon to make importing images into Picnik easier.
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april 2009 by fwhamm
Cooliris :: Firefox Add-ons
Full-Screen, 3D -- Cooliris transforms your browser into a lightning fast, cinematic way to browse online photos and videos. Our "3D Wall" lets you fly through thousands of items in the blink of an eye on a infinitely expandable wall. To enjoy Cooliris on
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april 2009 by fwhamm
Online image / photo editor pixlr free
Pixlr is a free online photo editor, jump in and start edit, adjust, filter. It's just what you imagine!
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april 2009 by fwhamm
Wikimedia Commons
Welcome to Wikimedia Commons
A database of 4,042,187 freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute.
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march 2009 by fwhamm
NASA - NASA Multimedia Page
"NASA still images; audio files; video; and computer files used in the rendition of 3-dimensional models, such as texture maps and polygon data in any format, generally are not copyrighted. You may use NASA imagery, video, audio, and data files used for t
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march 2009 by fwhamm
everystockphoto - searching free photos
a search engine for free photos. These come from many sources and are license-specific
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march 2009 by fwhamm
Splashup, formerly Fauxto, is a powerful editing tool and photo manager. With all the features professionals use and novices want, it's easy to use, works in real-time and allows you to edit many images at once. Splashup runs in all browsers, integrates s
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january 2009 by fwhamm

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