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Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT on 10 - 12 November, 2009
"The Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT is organized by Kongress Media and was first been held at CeBIT 2008. The event is about how corporations have to change to be more productive as well as innovative and competitive for their markets by the use of social software. With the presentation of European and international best-practices coupled with a gathering of the international expert's community the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT is helping participants in gaining new ideas and inspiration for their projects as well as learning about the real-life opportunities and challenges. The upcoming conference is held on November 11 & 12th, 2009 in Frankfurt with additional pre-conference seminars on November 10th."

With Lee Bryant, Markus Bentele, Betrand Duperrin, Craig Hepburn, Dion Hinchcliffe, Oliver Marks, Mark Masterson, Frank Schönefeld, Simon Wardley, Gil Yehuda and others

With best practises from
* Dassault Systems
* Deutsche Bundeswehr
* Lago
* National Suisse
* Otto Group
* SUN Microsystems
* Westaflex
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