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Was ist Gamification? III: Risiken und Herausforderungen «
gute Betrachtungsreihe von Was ist Gamification? III: Risiken und Herausforderungen «
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january 2013 by fwhamm
Was ist Gamification? Wie funktioniert es, und was motiviert zur Teilnahme? «
Michael Ludwig Höfer gibt einen sehr guten Überblick zu Gamification:
1. Was ist Gamification grundsätzlich?

2. Game Mechanics: Nach welchen Mechanismen funktioniert Gamification?

3. Game Dynamics: Was treibt und motiviert Spieler? Welche Mechanik funktioniert bei wem warum?

4. Schlussfolgerung/Fazit: Welche Fragen an Gamification im Intranet ergeben sich daraus?
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december 2012 by fwhamm
Gamification key to launching new FedEx...
Gamification key to launching new FedEx social collaboration platform
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august 2012 by fwhamm
E L S U A ~ A KM Blog Thinking Outside The Inbox by Luis Suarez » How Playing Games at Work Can Help Boost Your Productivity
Luis Suarez, IBM ("the man without email"): With all of the buzz going on about gamification, it looks like the latest scapegoat to help prevent employees from becoming more productive is playing games. But what happens *if* playing games actually makes you *more* productive?
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september 2011 by fwhamm
Enterprise 2.0 for a Fun Work Culture | Social Media Today
Having fun not only is funnier for people but makes companies with knowledge workers more productive: "As organization grows the number of layers between the people who have the enthusiasm to take initiatives to brighten up the work culture, the power holders and others keep on increasing. It takes more like minded people to do something fun in the company and these like minded people need to be connected and facilitated with the right tools. Enterprise 2.0 comes handy as it has the potential to socially connect people at work, initiate and participate in conversations and discover the hidden potential and interests among people."
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september 2011 by fwhamm
Gamification - eine Einführung [Vortrag] - Namics Weblog
Weshalb setzt sich Tim auf das Karusellpferd? Die Motivation von Menschen zu verstehen ist essentiell wichtig bei der Konzeption von Angeboten! Gamification beschreibt die Nutzung von Spielmechanismen (und damit die Ansprache des Spieltriebs) für Anwendungen die keine Spiele per se sind.
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september 2011 by fwhamm
The Enterprise 2.0 Features for Enterprise 3.0 Benefits Driving Social Business | The Business of Social Media Beyond Web 2.0
"Something different happened at the 2011 Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston. Something that goes beyond the Enterprise 2.0 Community. A paradigm shift that affects all people."
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july 2011 by fwhamm

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