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march 2016 by funkymuppet
Shock the System | Startl
"We founded Startl to pave the way for cool new digital media learning products to move from idea to funding and into learners’ hands. We’re working outside the established systems in a public-private partnership to break new ground in the education market and help to launch the next generation of digital tools for learning. "
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february 2011 by funkymuppet
Dreamit Ventures
"Join us for an experience that will change your life!

In the last three years, DreamIt entrepreneurs have raised $4 million from Google Ventures, appeared on ABC's Shark Tank and been selected as finalists at the TechCrunch50.

We're looking for this year's best startups. If you have a great team and a great idea, apply now for our three-month program and change your life! "
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february 2011 by funkymuppet
Start Fund: Yuri Milner, SV Angel Offer EVERY New Y Combinator Startup $150k
"Two years ago Yuri Milner, through his investment firm DST, disrupted the traditional Silicon Valley venture capital model when he began investing in the hottest startups – companies like Facebook, Zynga and Groupon – at very high valuations and extremely easy deal terms. He looks brilliant in hindsight, with all of his U.S. investments at significantly higher valuations since he invested. "
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february 2011 by funkymuppet
Social Venture Network: Transforming the Way the World Does Business
Social Venture Network connects, supports and inspires business leaders and social entrepreneurs in expanding practices that build a just and sustainable economy.
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january 2011 by funkymuppet
EnerTech Capital, EnerTech Fund, Investing in Energy technology Companies
EnerTech Capital has been successfully investing in energy and clean energy technology companies since 1996. The Firm focuses on early to expansion stage ventures that dramatically improve the profitability of producing and consuming alternative and incumbent fuels and electricity. The company manages three funds totaling $380 million.
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july 2009 by funkymuppet
David B. Lerner
Entrepreneurship, Venture/Angel Investing, University Spin-Offs, and more
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june 2009 by funkymuppet
Term Sheet Series Wrap Up
Jason and I hope you enjoyed reading our term sheet series at least as much as we enjoyed writing it. While we won’t be competing with our friend Jack Bauer for any drama awards (I tried to make it 24 posts, but could only get to 20), we’ve tried to take a balanced and pragmatic approach to explaining the mysterious “VC term sheet.” Remember – we’re not lawyers (ok – Jason is) and this isn’t legal advice so you should not rely on it for anything, yada yada standard disclaimers follow. In other words, use at your own risk.
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june 2009 by funkymuppet
Good Company Ventures - Home
GoodCompany Ventures catalyzes start-ups with innovative solutions to big, unmet social needs. GoodCompany entrepreneurs get a great place to work in Philadelphia, a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, and access to a network of capital sources and ex
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may 2009 by funkymuppet
MIT Enterprise Forum of New York City
The MIT Enterprise Forum of NYC (MITEF-NYC) is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide educational programs and services that promote networking and innovation at the intersection of business and technology. Formed by MIT alum
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april 2009 by funkymuppet
Private Placement Memorandum
A private equity firm offers a private placement memorandum to potential investors. The document explains an investment opportunity to potential limited partners, and the firm hopes they will be interested enough to invest capital in the investment.
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november 2008 by funkymuppet
Private placement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the United States, a private placement is an offering of securities that are not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Such offerings exploit an exemption offered by the Securities Act of 1933 that comes with several restriction
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november 2008 by funkymuppet
VC funding: must have three to tango
In this IVCJ article, management consultant Harry Yuklea examines the substantial dependency among general partners, limited partners and entrepreneurs in the venture capital field and describes inefficiencies that result when interests of all three playe
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september 2008 by funkymuppet
GreenMango is a trusted and reliable platform that helps shoppers find the daily service providers they need. At the same time, GreenMango creates a level playing field for small business owners, particularly low-income entrepreneurs, to compete with lar
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january 2008 by funkymuppet
OmniPerception | Face Recognition, Facial Biometrics & Image Processing
OmniPerception Ltd. is a world leading research and advanced technology company, offering unique Computer Vision products and solutions to customers world-wide.
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november 2007 by funkymuppet
Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing
The CAMM was established in 2005 when the United States Display Consortium selected Binghamton University, a global leader in electronics packaging and small scale systems integration, to spearhead development of next generation roll-to-roll (R2R) electro
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september 2007 by funkymuppet
Kwiqq Blog » Blog Archive » European Venture Capitalist: YL Ventures
Its good to see the VC culture developing rapidly in Europe. More and more Venture Capital funds are focused on or based in Europe while keeping close links to Silicon Valley. Most of them have a specific niche they like to invest in although some of the
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september 2007 by funkymuppet
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