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Player Project
Stage simulates a population of mobile robots, sensors and objects in a two-dimensional bitmapped environment. Stage is designed to support research into multi-agent autonomous systems, so it provides fairly simple, computationally cheap models of lots of
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june 2007 by funkymuppet
Player Project
Player is a network server for robot control. Running on your robot, Player provides a clean and simple interface to the robot's sensors and actuators over the IP network. Your client program talks to Player over a TCP socket, reading data from sensors, w
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june 2007 by funkymuppet
Karel J. Robot Simulator
The current version of the Karel J Robot Simulator (click at left to go to download page) is available. The zip now contains the Simulator User's Guide and a set of world files keyed to the figures in the book. The new version scales the robot images as y
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june 2007 by funkymuppet
The Mac Robotics Blog
The Mac Robotics Blog A Mac user, electronic hobbyist community blog, concerned in bringing robot design tools to the Macintosh.
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june 2007 by funkymuppet

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