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RT : - Start planning early on in the and constantly adjust and review it based on your situat…
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july 2017 by funkymuppet
RT : is not a trend or a fad, it is here to stay. Every is jumping on this bandwagon, you should too.…
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march 2017 by funkymuppet
5 Business Resolutions to make for a successful 2017 – tempCFO
RT : A week into 2017 & many of us have already forgotten our 2017 resolutions. But surely make these for your :
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january 2017 by funkymuppet
RT : Are you nailing every customer touchpoint? If not, you’re failing
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february 2016 by funkymuppet
RT : Are you nailing every customer touchpoint? If not, you’re failing
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february 2016 by funkymuppet
Start Fund: Yuri Milner, SV Angel Offer EVERY New Y Combinator Startup $150k
"Two years ago Yuri Milner, through his investment firm DST, disrupted the traditional Silicon Valley venture capital model when he began investing in the hottest startups – companies like Facebook, Zynga and Groupon – at very high valuations and extremely easy deal terms. He looks brilliant in hindsight, with all of his U.S. investments at significantly higher valuations since he invested. "
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february 2011 by funkymuppet
Social Venture Network: Transforming the Way the World Does Business
Social Venture Network connects, supports and inspires business leaders and social entrepreneurs in expanding practices that build a just and sustainable economy.
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january 2011 by funkymuppet
USA Corporate Services Inc. - Incorporate Now
When it comes to choosing your corporate services partner, it pays to choose wisely. Select USA Corporate Services Inc. and you bring a leading professional service provider to your side. After all, our business depends on your success. And with 25 years of service, we are the top company serving both US and international accountants. You can trust us with your clients incorporation needs.
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june 2009 by funkymuppet
Expense Reduction Analysts
Since 1992, ERA has helped thousands of organizations of all types and sizes find savings hidden in their non-core expense categories ("overhead", such as office supplies, insurance, small-package freight, etc). No matter how much you have saved through y
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may 2009 by funkymuppet
Beyond the Bottom Line
is a different kind of financial consulting service.

Sure, we're number crunchers, but we're number crunchers with vision — vision to see beyond the bottom line so we can help your nonprofit or social enterprise succeed.

Our outso
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may 2009 by funkymuppet
MIT Enterprise Forum of New York City
The MIT Enterprise Forum of NYC (MITEF-NYC) is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide educational programs and services that promote networking and innovation at the intersection of business and technology. Formed by MIT alum
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april 2009 by funkymuppet
NCNE: A “How-To” for Joint Ventures
In recent years, many nonprofit charitable organizations have increasingly relied for their support on payments for services rather than from charitable contributions. In an attempt to increase revenue from these mission-related activities, many charities
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april 2009 by funkymuppet
B Corporation
Higher purpose. Higher standards of accountability, transparency, and performance. These leaders across the United States have created profitable, competitive businesses while taking care of their employees, community, and environment.
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april 2009 by funkymuppet
eEmerge | flexible new york office space | (212) 404-2000
eEmerge is the leading provider of flexible, short-term work space solutions for companies looking for ready-to-use and hassle-free New York office space.
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december 2008 by funkymuppet
Gerson Lehrman Group - The Expert Network
Gerson Lehrman Group clients tap a network of more than 200,000 subject-matter experts worldwide.
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october 2008 by funkymuppet
Jensen Publications
Michael C. Jensen
Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus
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september 2008 by funkymuppet
Porter 5 forces analysis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Porter's 5 forces analysis is a framework for industry analysis and business strategy development developed by Michael E. Porter in 1979 of Harvard Business School.
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february 2008 by funkymuppet
Life after Odwalla - San Francisco Business Times:
Life after Odwalla
Greg Steltenpohl wasn't looking, but business opportunity found him
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february 2008 by funkymuppet

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