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Scarcity Is A Shitty Business Model (, 15.1.2012)
»restricting access to content is a bad business model in the age of a global network that costs practically nothing to distribute on.«

»If they went direct to their customers, offered their films at a reasonable price (say $5/view net to them), and if they made their films available day one everywhere in the world, I can't see how they wouldn't make more money.«

In a nutshell: »This is what happens in digital distribution. Prices come down, markets expand, customers see lower prices and broader availability. Producers do better. Everyone else does worse.«

»they lose transactions every night, to piracy, to competing forms of entertainment, and possibly to apathy brought about by frustration.«
Mediennutzung  Medienwandel  Distribution  Disruption  Filmindustrie 
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