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Oprah Winfrey's Official Website - Live Your Best Life - is the official website for everything in Oprah's world. Find advice on your health, beauty, cooking and recipes, money, decorating, relationships and more from The Oprah Winfrey Show, O, The Oprah Magazine, Oprah Radio, Oprah's Angel Network, Harpo Films and Oprah's Book Club
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Burnside Writers Collective
The Burnside Writers Collective is an online magazine for Christians looking for a connection with the world outside of franchise Christianity.

This is where we detail our high-minded principles. This is where we mention Truth and Beauty. This is where we tell you we want to introduce you to great art, stand up to hypocrisy, and publish thoughtful, world-shifting writing with a Christian perspective.
We believe in all those things. More even. We do want to shift the world. We believe Christians have a role that no one else can play in the story of the world. We want creativity and thoughtfulness to be Christian values again.
In the end, though, we want to publish writing we enjoy reading. That’s what it comes down to.
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The Upper Room
The Upper Room® is a global ministry dedicated to supporting the spiritual formation of Christians seeking to know and experience God more fully. From its beginnings as a daily devotional guide, The Upper Room has grown to include publications, programs, prayer support, and other resources to help believers of all ages and denominations move to a deeper level of faith and service.
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Lessons Learned While Listening: Christian Devotions for the Day to Day | Debra Fileta
A Christian Counselor's reflections on faith, life, love and God in the day to day...
First and foremost I'm a woman in love with her Lord. Secondly, the wife of an amazing husband. Thirdly, a proud mother two precious children. Fourthly, a Licensed Professional Counselor who has the honor of sharing in the lives of others. And lastly, I'm an author- who sees these words on a page as the most therapeutic part of my day. I'm writing my first book about dating and finding true love called True Love Dates. Look for it with Zondervan publishing, coming Fall 2013!
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january 2013 by fridalee
Grit and Glory | Alece Ronzino
My life is filled with a glorious grit. Or maybe it’s a gritty glory.
The beautiful dissonance of grit and glory is the soundtrack of my life as a missionary. It’s also the melody line of this season of my life as I move forward as a once-again single woman.
I enjoy the tension of my paradoxical life. The grit is what makes the glory so glorious. If it were all glory, I wouldn’t recognize it anymore. When souls saved and genuine hugs become mundane, I’ve missed out on the grit of my life. When answering emails and cooking dinner become overwhelmingly weighty, I’ve missed out on the glory. I need both, and I strive to see Him mixed into it all.
My life is nothing more than grit and glory.
Mostly grit.
I’m just a Long Island girl who’s passionate about grace, authenticity, and good salsa. I moved to South Africa when I was 19, where I lived and served as a missionary for 13 years {though I still shudder a bit at the word “missionary”}. I’m now a communications strategist and program architect for non-profits, embracing a new season of life in Nashville. {And I’m only half-joking when I say life in Africa prepared me for life in the South.}
I’m starting over after my marriage and ministry came to a screeching halt at the hands of infidelity and divorce. I live with far more questions than answers and try always to write candidly about the grit and glory of learning to trust God through uncertainty and loss.
I’m an extroverted introvert. I laugh really loud, dance in the car, and burst into random off-key songs. I despise choosing favorites, can’t decide which I crave more: roots or wings, and am on a lifelong search for the perfect margarita.
Most of all, I’m thankful for a God who writes remarkable redemption stories.
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A Time To Laugh | He has made everything beautiful in His time. | Camille Lewis
I’m a happy wife to Grant and a gentle, work-at-home mom to my sweet children and six babies in Heaven. I am also an independent scholar, historian, published author, and freelance journalist — what is now called a “nontraditional academic.” I like to knit, smock, bead, scrap, read, and, of course, blog.
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Brehm Center: creative integration of worship, theology, & arts in culture. - Brehm Center
Founded in 2001, and named after Fuller Seminary Board of Trustee members William and Delores Brehm; the Brehm Center’s mission is to revitalize the church and culture through the arts. We believe that God is the original artist, the first Creator. By engaging expert faculty, world-class artists, and visiting scholars to investigate the theory and practice of making art in ministry, we hope to inspire a new generation of culture-changers for Jesus’ name.
Often described as an “evangelical think tank”, the Brehm Center and its initiatives sponsor research, community outreach, and integrated education in worship, theology and the arts. The Brehm Center does not operate as a separate school at Fuller. Rather, a Brehm Center Emphasis can be pursued in tandem with any current Fuller Seminary Degree program in the schools of Theology, Psychology, or Intercultural Studies.
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The Screaming Kettle | a blog by David Nilsen
My name is David, and I’m a 29 year old father and husband living in the small town of Greenville, Ohio. I more or less fit the bill of the trendy Christian bohemian – I love indie rock; I take deep meaning from classic and independent films; I find more encouragement and truth in the writings of Donald Miller and Anne Lamott than John MacArthur or Al Mohler; I hold my theological beliefs with an open hand; I take environmental and social justice issues very seriously (but of course don’t do enough about them). Your dad has never heard of my favorite beer breweries. Etcetera. You probably know the drill.
Recurring characters you will read a lot about here are my pretty-and-witty wife Lyndie and my daughter Yoselin (Yosi), whom we adopted from Guatemala at the age of 8 months in April, 2008.
I currently work a totally unsatisfying job as an I.T. Specialist at a bank, and also sell used and rare books on the side. I hope to make this my full time source of income in the next year or two by opening a brick and mortar shop on the charming downtown main street of our little burg.
I’ve been writing since childhood, and hope to publish a book before I’m too old to be obnoxious about it. I write creative non-fiction, poetry, fiction, and film reviews, though mostly only that first category makes it onto this blog.
I love to hear from readers, so feel free to use any of the following means to get in touch with me!
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january 2013 by fridalee
Stitching up the Seams | on every broken promise that [our bodies] couldn't keep. | Stitching Seams
Stitching Up the Seams was created to help me work through issues created in part by fundamentalist Christianity.
Hi. I’m Stitching Seams. Feel free to call me Stitch – or if you’d rather an actual name that’s still not mine (anonymous blog and all that) you can call me Joanna or Jo.
I’m a 25-year-old wife, daughter, and sister who grew up quite conservatively. While I’ve not left my faith, I’ve experienced sexual, spiritual, mental, and emotional abuse that has affected me to the point that I simply need an outlet where I can systematically explain what happened to me from my perspective.
Please understand. This is my story. My blog. Where my memory is fuzzy, I will say so. I will speak quite poorly of some people, even close friends – not out of anger or bitterness, but out of a proper understanding of their behavior towards me at various times. I am not perfect. I will not gloss over my mistakes, but neither will I apologize for them. I speak plainly, openly, and honestly – a trait that has gotten me into trouble more times than I can count. But I can assure you – with me, what you see and read is exactly what you get.
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Brambonius' blog in english | I am a stranger on this planet
who am I? You might call me Brambonius, like some people do (mostly online) but my real name is Bram, and I’m from belgium, a very secular post-catholic little kingdom by the sea in Earope. My religious background is more pentecostal/evangelical, with a interest in all other branches of Christianity, and even more… I’m part of a vineyard Church.
I’m born around the time when John Lennon died, and I’m married and living in Antwerp, in the second-biggest city of Belgium. I like weird music, cooking with wild plants, and meeting people… My blog in Dutch can be found here (, and I also have a bilingual blog about plants and gardening called Hortus Brambonii (
If my English is not perfect, forgive me and keep in mind that I’m not a native speaker.
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january 2013 by fridalee
The Boy with the Thorn in His Side | Musings on Faith, Culture, And Life. | Travis Mamone
I'm not very good at introducing myself, but here is goes. My name is Travis Mamone. I live in Easton, MD. I work at a public library by day, and a freelance writer by night. I've contributed to a number of different websites and publications throughout the years, including Relevant Magazine, Burnside Writers Collective, Indie Ink, and The Upper Room. I also used to co-host the Something Beautiful podcast.
As far as what this blog is all about, well, let me begin by saying what this blog is NOT:
-This blog is NOT a guide to dating, sex (specifically how to avoid it before marriage), and surviving your twenties.
-This blog is NOT a political blog where I try to fit God into a tiny little political box. As far as I know, Jesus is not a liberal, a conservative, a libertarian, an anarchist, a socialist, a capitalist, etc.
-This blog does NOT have any cute cat pictures. I like cats, though.
-This blog is NOT just a "gay Christian blog." As a bisexual man, I do talk about LGBT-related issues a lot. But not in every single post.
So what is The Boy With The Thorn In His Side all about?
This blog is the story of my ever-evolving faith. There are times when God is so clear to me that I can hardly take it, and other times when He doesn't make a darn bit of sense. Either way, I hope you'll join me in my journey, and feel free to share your story with me.
And as far as the title, yes I like the Smiths! But the phrase "The Boy with the Thorn in His Side" more as a reference to the thorn in Paul's flesh. In my weakness, that's when I can feel God's strength the most.
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Crooked Neighbor, Crooked Heart. | Dani Kelley
In general: obsessive geek, lover of words, passionate friend, skeptical feminist, fighter of depression, reluctant activist, survivor of sexual assault, thinker of many thoughts, struggling writer.
By trade: almost equal parts graphic designer, web designer, email campaign manager, marketer, copywriter, and illustrator.
This blog is where I contemplate different issues that interest or affect me. A lot of those issues will involve feminism, surviving various abuse, and discovering how to better interact with my world. For more on what that means for conversations on this blog, please see the comment policy.
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january 2013 by fridalee
Sarah Over the Moon | Sarah Moon
Working my way from fundamentalism to freedom (without losing my mind)
Thank you for visiting my blog!
In it, I tell stories, and I stand on soapboxes.
I call out and I call to action.
I try to figure out who God is.
I attempt to reconcile my Christian faith with my feminist politics.
Welcome readers!
My name is Sarah Moon, and I am a writer and student. I am currently attending Bowling Green State University in Ohio, pursuing a degree in Women’s Studies.
I am a feminist and a member of BGSU’s Organization for Women’s Issues. I am passionate about reconciling my Christian faith with feminism, and about helping to make the church a better place for women everywhere.
I’m opinionated, but I appreciate other points of view, so feel free to ask me any questions!
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january 2013 by fridalee
Are Women Human? — Debunking gender myths
Are Women Human? is a blog about issues of gender and sexuality in Christian communities, and broader social justice issues in the church. AWH? exists to create greater awareness about the oppression of marginalized groups in Christian churches, provide a safe space where people can safely discuss their experiences in the church, and be a voice for greater equality and justice in the church. Email AWH? at arewomenhuman2 at gmail dot com.
AWH? is run by T.F. Charlton (better known as Grace to readers), a former evangelical Christian, recovering academic, spouse, and parent. She’s also a writer and commentator on media and culture from a black, Nigerian American, queer feminist perspective. Say hi to her on Twitter at @graceishuman.
KiriAmaya is a former evangelical, atheist, disabled trans woman and a contributor to AWH. She hopes to use her experience and insight into evangelicalism to bring a new perspective to this blog, to push back against anti-queer abuse, and to give help and support to those hurt by and recovering from it. Kiri also blogs at Kiri 4.0.
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谈妮 | 新浪博客
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january 2013 by fridalee
天国蜜女 | 张文文牧师 | 新浪博客


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Episcopal Church
The Episcopal Church welcomes all who worship Jesus Christ, in 109 dioceses and three regional areas in 16 nations. The Episcopal Church is a member province of the worldwide Anglican Communion.
The mission of the Church, as stated in The Book of Common Prayer’s catechism (page 855), is to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ.
The 2012 General Convention established the Anglican Communion Five Marks of Mission as a mission priority framework for the 2013-2015 triennium:
· To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom
· To teach, baptize and nurture new believers
· To respond to human need by loving service
· To seek to transform unjust structures of society
· To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth
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Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS)
The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) is a North American Confessional Lutheran denomination of Christianity. Characterized as theologically conservative, it was founded in 1850 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As of 2011, it had a baptized membership of over 383,506 in 1,287 congregations, with members in all 50 US states and 4 provinces of Canada. It is the third largest Lutheran denomination in the United States, following the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS).
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Faith Forward — Voices from the Mainline, Progressive and Emerging Church
Welcome to Faith Forward, the group blog of the Progressive Christian Portal at Our hope is to create an online space for a wide variety of forward-thinking voices from the mainline, progressive and emergent church around the conversations that are shaping the future of the Church.
We are pastors, scholars, youth ministers, sacred artists, spiritual directors, laypeople, parents and youth — all seeking to express some piece of the glorious mystery of what it is to live faithfully as a Christian in a multi-faith world. We’ll be hosting conversations on the changing church landscape, transforming theology, spirituality, preaching, faith and culture, faith and politics, religion and science, interfaith dialogue, movies, the arts and sports.
Our faith is nothing if it’s not alive and incarnate in the world. We hope the conversations we’re hosting will inspire you to be a more alive and gracious person of faith in this rapidly changing world. Come back often and join a discussion that inspires you, or raises a question for you. And if you’d like to add your voice to this conversation, contact Portal Manager Deborah Arca at Blessings!
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Comment Magazine | Cardus
Comment magazine serves Christian leaders and culture makers with rooted, fresh ideas for the faithful practice of North American public life. Leaning on 2000 years of Christian thought, we seek a renewed social architecture - "not new wine into old wine-skins, but old wine in new wineskins for festive drinking" (Calvin Seerveld, "Footprints in the Snow").
Comment works to:
read the Bible in public
love faithful institutions
prophesy, not parrot social relevance
pursue proximate justice
recover the lost logic of church
Comment is the first principles journal of Cardus, a think tank dedicated to the renewal of North American social architecture. We publish online essays, reviews, and opinions, as well as a print edition.
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december 2012 by fridalee
L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture | Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
The intention of  L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture is to engage culture as salt and light, bringing the Christian faith to bear upon all areas of the human experience in a spirit of Christian love and respect.  It is dedicated to providing a responsible voice in the public square speaking Christianly both in content and in spirit to the issues and concerns facing contemporary culture. In addition, the Center is committed to supporting, encouraging and helping the community of faith in all aspects of its mission and ministry. Thank you for your interest in the Center.
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Society for the Arts in Religious and Theological Studies
Welcome to the online home of the Society for the Arts in Religious and Theological Studies, an academic society of scholars and practitioners of religious studies and the arts. Ours is an organization that purposefully sits at the intersection of a variety of trajectories—of scholarship, artistry and pedagogy—with the intention of fostering collaboration among these often disparate strands in our educational and ministerial institutions and academic societies.
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december 2012 by fridalee
The Curator
The Curator launched on August 29, 2008 as a web publication of International Arts Movement (IAM), which announces the signs of a “world that ought to be” as we find it in our midst, and seeks to inspire people to engage deeply with culture that enriches life and broadens experience.
In keeping with IAM’s belief that artistic excellence, as a model of “what ought to be”, paves the way for lasting, enduring humanity, The Curator seeks to encourage, promote, and uncover those artifacts of culture – those things which humans create – that inspire and embody truth, goodness, and beauty. We do this through considering and grappling with the zeitgeist.
The opinions in this magazine are not necessarily the viewpoint of The Curator or IAM, but represent a continuing commitment to wrestling with the culture that is and looking toward what could be.
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december 2012 by fridalee
Faith In Literature & Art | Ruminate Magazine | Poetry, Short Stories, Nonfiction, Art
Ruminate is an award-winning quarterly literary arts print magazine engaging the Christian faith. Ruminate publishes poetry, short stories, photography, visual art reproductions, short fiction, memoir, creative nonfiction, essays, reviews, and interviews. We accept online submissions year-round. Ruminate also sponsors four contests each year--our poetry contest, short story contest, nonfiction contest, and visual art contest. Join us!
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december 2012 by fridalee
Patrol - A review of religion and the modern world | Writing about religion, culture, and politics
“We have neither the Western Christendom of the past nor the secular, religionless society that was predicted for the future. We have something else entirely.” — Tim Keller
“For no one who wholeheartedly shares in a given sensibility can analyze it. He can only, whatever his intention, exhibit it. To name a sensibility, to draw its contours and to recount its history, requires a deep sympathy modified by revulsion.” — Susan Sontag
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december 2012 by fridalee
Ecumenica: A Journal of Theatre and Performance
The primary aim of Ecumenica is to provide a venue for scholarship and discussion related to the performing arts and to the relationship between performance and society. Published biannually, the journal welcomes submissions on a variety of topics and approaches to criticism, including theatrical performance and theatre history, dramatic literary criticism, social, political and cultural studies of theatre and performance, ethnographic explorations of performance traditions, and editorial commentaries on topics related to the performing arts. We are particularly interested in scholarship that explores the relationship between spiritual faith and the arts, and which promotes positive dialogue about different faith traditions. We publish articles by both established and emerging scholars of theatre.
Religion  Christianity  Theatre  Arts  Culture  Literature  History  Politics  Society  Spirituality  Theology  Criticism  Research  LiteraryStudies  CulturalStudies  Journals  Articles  Interviews 
december 2012 by fridalee
香港基督徒學會 | Hong Kong Christian Institute
緣 起
九七前,香港經歷巨大的轉變,因此需要社會各階層人士的參與和貢獻,作為基督徒更要積極參與建設社會,與普羅大眾站在一起,勇敢地表達發乎良知的意願與香港人攜手共同建立一個更公義、民主、和尊重人權的社會。由於建制教會在牧養和社會服務方面背負了沉重的包袱, 以致無法有效地回應當前會的需要;有鑑於此,一百二十位教牧同工和信徒領袖於八八年六月以個人身分,發起成立「香港基督徒學會」,為香港教會提供一個更靈活的架構,以回應時代的挑戰,為教會的更新和社會的建設而獻出一分力量。

香港回歸後,經歷金融風暴,貧富懸殊加劇,市民參與政府決策之間日益縮窄,人大釋法令法治受嚴重衝擊,凝聚民間力量(包括教會)擴闊公民參與的空間, 更形重要。

目 標

功 能
作為一個超宗派的神學團契,為教會和基督徒尋覓使命路向,並 發展適切本港實況的神學思想。
Religion  Christianity  Church  Ministry  Theology  Spirituality  Ethics  Politics  Economics  Policy  Society  Culture  Education  Research  Activism  Feminism  Postmodernism  HumanRights  SocialJustice  Institutes  Journals  Publications  Articles  Opinions  HongKong 
december 2012 by fridalee
Leadership Journal | Church Leaders & Leadership Training |
Leadership Journal provides today's church leaders with biblically faithful, pastorally practical writing. Leadership Journal offers smart, honest perspective on matters of ministry and the Christian leadership experience. Our mission is to serve Christ's church by keeping leaders informed, encouraged, and connected to the global community of leaders. We are published quarterly by Christianity Today International, 465 Gundersen Drive, Carol Stream, Illinois 60188.
Religion  Christianity  Church  Ministry  Leadership  Discipleship  Culture  Spirituality  Magazines  Articles  Blogs 
december 2012 by fridalee
Holiness Today
Holiness Today is the primary print voice of the Church of the Nazarene. With a circulation of approximately 30,000, the magazine serves English-speaking Nazarenes around the world and all Christians seeking holiness material.
Holiness Today is a 40-page bimonthly web and print magazine with articles geared to enhance holiness living by connecting Nazarenes with our heritage, vision, and mission through real life stories of God at work in the world. Articles are written by pastors, lay experts in various fields of study, and denominational leaders.
David J. Felter, editor in chief, and Carmen Ringhiser, managing editor, along with the Holiness Today staff, serve alongside writers from around the world. The magazine is published by the General Board of the Church of the Nazarene and printed by Nazarene Publishing House.
Religion  Christianity  Spirituality  Theology  Family  Church  Missions  Relationships  Magazines  Blogs  Methodism 
december 2012 by fridalee
frequencies | a collaborative genealogy of spirituality
Frequencies is an experiment. The experiment is simple:
Ask scholars, writers, and artists what they think of when they think of the word spirituality.
Religion  Spirituality  Church  Culture  Literature  Arts  Theology  Philosophy  Politics  Ethics  Science  Technology  Education  Research  CulturalStudies  SocialSciences  Articles  Opinions  Blogs 
december 2012 by fridalee
Tikkun Magazine | A Jewish Magazine, an Interfaith movement
Tikkun is a magazine dedicated to healing and transforming the world. We seek writing that gives us insight on how to make that utopian vision a reality. We build bridges between religious and secular progressives by delivering a forceful critique of all forms of exploitation, oppression, and domination while nurturing an interfaith vision of a caring society — one whose institutions are reconstructed on the basis of love, generosity, nonviolence, social justice, caring for nature, and awe and wonder at the grandeur of the universe.
Religion  Spirituality  Politics  Society  Ethnicity  Environment  Literature  Culture  Arts  Israel  Jewish  Activism  Pacifism  SocialJustice  Magazines  Reviews  Articles  Opinions 
december 2012 by fridalee
心理學與基督教信仰 Psychology and Chrsitian Faith
一、萬有都是本於神、倚靠祂、歸於祂 (羅11:36)‧我們要使本於神的學問歸於神、榮耀神、服事神一更不讓科學否定神。
二、透過心理學這門知識與見識,加增信徒的愛心、能分別是非,作誠實無過的人。 (腓1:9-10)
Religion  Christianity  Psychology  Spirituality  Science  Education  Research  Articles  Resources 
december 2012 by fridalee
Everybody Has A Theology | 晰瑋
Biblical or not, everybody has his/her own ideas/views of God. This is a blogger site for anybody who is interested in reading, sharing, and discussing their evangelical theology understandings. Christianity is not just about what you do, or what you know, it is about what you FEEL! For God's love is to be felt.
Religion  Christianity  BibleStudy  Theology  History  Church  Culture  Ethics  Spirituality  Psychology  Evangelicalism  Education  Research  Blogs  Academics  Opinions 
december 2012 by fridalee
Fieldnotes Magazine » Practical Wisdom for Emerging Leaders
“Fieldnotes,” according to the sociologist Robert M. Emerson, are “accounts describing experiences and observations the researcher has made while participating in an intense and involved manner.”
In Fieldnotes, we provide examples and stories and practical wisdom from men and women who are intensely involved in the day-to-day work of managing businesses, non-profits, churches, and other organizations. We seek to inspire and help emerging leaders to do their work better, manage their relationships, and discover what faith means for the way they lead their lives in the workplace.
Fieldnotes readers are a diverse bunch: Some have a natural inclination toward leadership; others find themselves in a position of responsibility for others. Knowing that God’s reign extends over every area of life, they understand that their work counts, but they want to understand what it really means to connect faith and work – beyond the standard answers. What does faith mean for what they actually do and how they do it? What does it mean for how they run meetings? For how they spend their mornings? For how they interact with coworkers, employees, partners, friends? How can their work count for the greater good? How can work, leadership, and organizational life be practiced in a “truly human” way – and what does that even mean?
Fieldnotes, in other words, is for emerging leaders who want to work and live well.
Religion  Christianity  Business  Management  Productivity  Technology  Career  Spirituality  Theology  Culture  Arts  Lifestyle  Leadership  Magazines  Tips  Testimonies  Reviews 
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The Online Book of Common Prayer
and Administration of the Sacraments
and Other Rites
and Ceremonies of the Church
Together with The Psalter or Psalms of David
According to the use of
The Episcopal Church
Religion  Christianity  Anglicanism  BibleStudy  Church  Ministry  Spirituality  Liturgy  Worship  Reference  eBooks  Resources 
december 2012 by fridalee
Kairos Journal
Kairos Journal seeks to embolden, educate, equip, and support pastors and church leaders as they strive to transform the moral conscience of the culture and restore the prophetic voice of the Church.
Religion  Christianity  BibleStudy  Theology  History  Church  Ministry  Ethics  Politics  Economics  Society  Culture  Education  Family  Spirituality  Pro-Life  Leadership  Discipleship  Articles  Quotes  News  Resources  Journals  Reference 
december 2012 by fridalee
Greenflame | Jottings on science, religion, technology, pop culture and faith from the Antipodes.
Hi, I’m Stephen Garner and I’m currently a lecturer in Practical Theology at the School of Theology at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, where I lecture in contextual theology, ethics, spirituality, popular culture, and science-technology-religion interaction (See my profile here). As well as being a theologian I have an academic and commercial background in Computer Science.
Religion  Christianity  Theology  Ethics  Spirituality  Culture  Science  Technology  Environment  SciFi  Education  Research  GradSchool  Blogs  Academics  Comics  Tools  Resources 
december 2012 by fridalee
Christians in Context: from orthodoxy to orthopraxy.
Christians In Context is a gospel-centered collective focusing on three main themes: gospel preparation (apologetics, pre-evangelism), gospel proclamation, and gospel application.
Religion  Christianity  BibleStudy  Evangelism  Apologetics  Theology  Hermeneutics  Ethics  Spirituality  Worship  Church  Ministry  Politics  Culture  Reformed  Evangelicalism  EmergingChurch  Blogs  Quotes  Reviews 
december 2012 by fridalee
Peace Theology
This website is operated by Ted Grimsrud for the purpose of gathering materials I have written on theology, the Bible, pacifism, issues of war and peace, and other ethical themes . I teach theology and peace studies at Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, VA. My professional homepage is here ( And here is an autobiographical essay I wrote for a conference on “Journey with Jesus.” ( I write occasional pieces at my blog, Thinking Pacifism ( I warmly welcome responses and reactions to the materials on this site.
Religion  Christianity  BibleStudy  Theology  History  Spirituality  Politics  Ethics  Sexuality  GLBT  Pacifism  Anabaptists  Education  Research  Blogs  Academics  Articles  Reviews  Papers  Sermons  Publications  Resources 
december 2012 by fridalee
The Urban Ministry Institute |
The Urban Ministry Institute is the research center of World Impact, Inc., an interdenominational missions organization dedicated to ministering God's love in the inner cities of America. As a missions organization, World Impact evangelizes the lost, ministers cross-culturally among the people in the city, and plants churches specifically targeting America's urban poor. To support and further World Impact's purpose and vision, TUMI seeks to facilitate dynamic, indigenous church planting movements among the poor to reach the inner city unreached populations.
Religion  Christianity  Church  Ministry  Missions  Discipleship  Leadership  Evangelism  Spirituality  Theology  Liturgy  BibleStudy  Education  Research  Institutes  Resources  Tools  Websites 
december 2012 by fridalee
Tony Jones — theologian, blogger, author, speaker
Tony Jones is an ecclesiologist — that’s like a proctologist for the church.
Tony Jones is the author of The Church Is Flat: The Relational Ecclesiology of the Emerging Church Movement and is theologian-in-residence at Solomon’s Porch in Minneapolis and an adjunct professor at Fuller Theological Seminary and at Andover Newton Theological School. Tony serves as a senior acquisitions editor at sparkhouse. He’s developed an iPhone app called Ordain Thyself.
Tony is the author of many books on Christian ministry and spirituality, including The New Christians: Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier and The Sacred Way: Spiritual Practices for Everyday Life, and he is a sought after speaker and consultant in the areas of emerging church, postmodernism, and Christian spirituality. You can see all of his books here.
He co-owns a social media consulting and event planning company. Tony is married, has three children, and lives in Edina, Minnesota. In his spare time, he trains his yellow lab, Albert, and takes Albert hunting for ducks, grouse, and pheasants.
Religion  Christianity  Theology  Church  Ministry  Spirituality  Culture  Technology  Postmodernism  EmergingChurch  Blogs  Academics  Authors  Videos  Publications 
december 2012 by fridalee
Common Prayer | A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals
Common Prayer is a tapestry of daily prayers inviting faith communities from around the world to pray, sing, and act together. At this site, you’ll find prayers for every evening, morning, and midday that celebrate the best of the Christian tradition and engage with the most pressing issues of our world today. There are also songs from various traditions, including African-American spirituals, traditional hymns, Mennonite gathering songs, and Taize chants—a ‘greatest hits’ from the church’s first 2000 years. There’s a calendar to help us remember our saints and landmark dates in the struggle for peace and justice. And there’s a collection of prayers for special occasions.
Religion  Christianity  Church  Spirituality  Worship  Liturgy  Devotionals  Hymns  Resources 
december 2012 by fridalee
The Englewood Review of Books | Community, Mission, Imagination, Reconciliation
The Best Books for Missional Church communities. Community. Mission. Imagination Reconciliation.
The Englewood Review of Books is a weekly book review published by Englewood Christian Church, Indianapolis. We review books that we believe are valuable resources for the people of God, as we follow the mission of God: i.e., the reconciliation of all things. The books we review are not necessarily books from the “Christian market,” and most of the books that we review will not be stocked in your local Christian bookstore.
Our friend, Shane Claiborne, likes to say that “Another World is Possible,” and indeed we hope that the books we review point toward a new world that is characterized by the justice and shalom of God.
Religion  Christianity  Church  Missions  Spirituality  Culture  Literature  Reading  Publishing  Blogs  News  Reviews  Resources  Activism 
december 2012 by fridalee
John G. Stackhouse, Jr. | Clear, Expert, and Entertaining Connections
John G. Stackhouse, Jr. is an award-winning scholar and public communicator who has spent years adventurously mapping our complex cultural terrain, identifying both its worthy achievements and its zones of confusion.
He collects research from a wide range of sources, corrects currently popular interpretations, and connects audiences with information and insight they can put immediately into practice. He is therefore a skilled guide in helping us chart a course through the prospects and impasses of modern society. And he does all this with a wit you’ll find surprisingly refreshing in a scholar.
Our world demands our best,
and Dr. Stackhouse helps us think it and do it.
Religion  Christianity  Theology  Evangelism  Apologetics  Church  Discipleship  Leadership  Missions  Spirituality  Philosophy  Politics  Ethics  Culture  Science  Education  Research  Blogs  Academics  Evangelicalism 
december 2012 by fridalee
Ekklesia Project | Fostering conversations about the Church among theologians, pastors, and congregations.
The Ekklesia Project is a network of Christians from across the Christian tradition who rejoice in a peculiar kind of friendship rooted in our common love of God and the Church. We come together from Catholic parishes, Protestant congregations, communities in the Anabaptist tradition, house-churches and more as those who are convinced that to call ourselves Christian means that following Jesus Christ must shape all areas of life. Our shared friendship is one of God’s good gifts. With deep gratitude for God’s ongoing grace, we are unapologetically…
* God-centered
* Church-centered
* Shalom-centered
* Political
Seeing Christ’s Body as our “first family,” The Ekklesia Project aims to put discipleship and the Church as an alternative community of practices, worship, and integration at the center of contemporary debates on Christianity and society. We work to assist the Church as it lives its true calling as the real-world community whose primary loyalty is to God’s Kingdom that has broken into the world in Jesus’ person, priorities and practices, and that continues to do so in and through the gathered Body of Christ.
Religion  Christianity  Church  Ministry  Discipleship  Spirituality  Worship  Liturgy  Theology  Politics  Ethics  Communities  Events  Publications  Blogs 
december 2012 by fridalee
nothing new under the sun | of doom, gloom and empty tombs | Byron Smith
Heroes: Karl Barth, Jed Bartlet, Bart Simpson. Nemeses: misplaced apostrophes, escapist eschatologies, urban 4WDs.
A blog - always room for one more - devoted to thinking things through to the end. But not in a gloomy, doomy, or weird mushroomy kind of way, but in the roomy & quietly empty tomby kind of way that the God & Father of Jesus seems to work.
Religion  Christianity  BibleStudy  Theology  Eschatology  Philosophy  Politics  Economics  Ethics  Science  Culture  Society  Environment  Church  Evangelism  Spirituality  Activism  SocialJustice  Blogs  Academics  News  Opinions  Articles  Resources 
december 2012 by fridalee
biblicalia | biblica + alia = biblicalia
I am Kevin P. Edgecomb of Brookline, Massachusetts, where I am a seminarian in the MDiv program at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, with the intention to be eventually ordained to the priesthood.
My undergraduate work was at U.C. Berkeley, with a BA in Near Eastern Studies (Classical Hebrew emphasis). Since then, I’ve kept up with my field of studies and expanded them to include the early Christian period. I’ve a special fascination with apocryphal/pseudepigraphic works, and with early church orders and lectionaries. You may have noticed that from the site. Some of the translations here are from scratch, others are based on earlier translations, as noted. In a way, this website is a record of how my curiosity has led me far and wide.
I’m a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church, and find many of my studies to be related to my faith, to a greater or lesser degree. And while prayer is the foundation, reading and study have contributed to the building of my current life as well.
I appreciate all the kind thanks that many have sent, and am grateful for the various links that others have made to my site, its usage in graduate seminars and sermons, publications that have resulted from pages and posts here, and through kind mention of my humble efforts in whatever media. I’m always interested to hear what different people find most useful on the site, or what they’ve enjoyed most. I also appreciate all input on things like format and presentation. I try to keep things simple. The important thing is the information imparted, not the presentation.
Thank you for visiting bombaxo and biblicalia!
Religion  Christianity  Judaism  Orthodoxy  BibleStudy  Theology  Spirituality  History  Archaeology  Philosophy  Literature  Culture  Arts  Patristics  Liturgy  Education  Research  Reference  Reading  Blogs  Academics  Reviews  Resources 
december 2012 by fridalee
Into the Mud | The blog of Christine Jeske
Christine Jeske has spent seven years working in microfinance, refugee resettlement, development, and holistic missions with her husband Adam. Their journeys have taken them from Wisconsin to Nicaragua, China, and South Africa. Christine’s work has appeared in a number of publications in both the United States and South Africa, including Relevant Magazine, Neue Quarterly, MomSense, Overland Journal, EMQ, Country, The Lookout, and Reject Apathy. She currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin, where she writes, speaks, teaches for Eastern University, parents two children, and works toward a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology.
Religion  Christianity  Church  Ministry  Missions  Discipleship  Spirituality  Family  Lifestyle  Anthropology  Charity  Politics  SocialJustice  Blogs  Authors  Quotes  Publications  Resources 
december 2012 by fridalee
Disciple Dojo –
An Online Source for Straight-forward Biblical Teaching, Training, and Equipping!
Hi everyone! My name is James-Michael Smith and I want to thank you for checking out my site. I have a passion to see the gap bridged between top-notch Biblical scholarship and the Body of Christ as a whole…from the academy to the pews, so to speak!
In order to help accomplish this, I have released a number of teaching DVDs and Audio resources designed to help even the newest follower of Jesus go deeper in their understanding of Scripture. I also regularly teach short-term Biblical courses and seminars aimed at anyone with a hunger for truth and a desire to grow in their faith. Feel free to browse my online library of articles, view some of my teaching videos, and listen to (and subscribe to!) some of my longer versions via my podcast. If you like what you find I’d encourage you to consider buying some of my Teaching resources for yourself, your small group, your friends, or a family member.
Religion  Christianity  BibleStudy  Theology  Eschatology  Apologetics  History  Culture  Literature  Arts  Politics  Society  Ethics  Science  Church  Ministry  Discipleship  Spirituality  Relationships  Education  Research  Methodism  Blogs  Academics  Reviews  Articles  Lectures  Videos  eBooks  Images  Resources 
december 2012 by fridalee
Society of Jesus, Chinese Province 耶穌會中華省
Religion  Christianity  Catholicism  Church  Ministry  Spirituality  Jesuits  China 
december 2012 by fridalee
The Text This Week - Revised Common Lectionary, Scripture Study and Worship Links
This site features a wide variety of resources for study and liturgy based on the 3-year Revised Common Lectionary* cycle. I intentionally include a diverse variety of resources for scripture study, reflection and liturgy, and purposefully do not restrict the resources to any particular theological/ideological position, including my own. The site is a work-in-progress. I spend between 40 and 60 hours each week updating links and finding more resources to link.
The purpose of this website is to provide links to resources for study, reflection and liturgy which correspond to the RCL readings you may be using for study, teaching & preaching. The lectionary tables on this site are the easiest way I could think of to provide easy, lectionary-relevant access to study and liturgy resources. I am not attempting to provide calendars for official readings for any particular denomination. Please check your denominational sources for the official readings for any particular occasion. If/when you find any errors at The Text This Week, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know about them.
At The Text This Week, you will find conveniently-organized links to a treasure of resources for study, reflection and liturgy pertaining to each week's lectionary texts - both as individual pericopes and as a group of readings within their liturgical setting -- a virtual study desk of sorts, laid out for your weekly exegetical work. Try the Art Concordance if you're looking for lists of artwork indexed according to Biblical themes.
Religion  Christianity  BibleStudy  Spirituality  Liturgy  Church  Worship  Devotionals  Resources 
december 2012 by fridalee
Sacred Space | Your daily prayer online
Welcome! We invite you to make a 'Sacred Space' in your day, praying here and now, as you visit our website, with the help of scripture chosen every day and on-screen guidance.
Sacred Space is inspired by the spirituality of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, a sixteenth-century Basque, whose insights into God's working with the human heart have been of great assistance to countless people over the centuries and are found more helpful than ever today.
Sacred Space is a work of the Irish Province of the Society of Jesus - the Jesuits. The site originated in the offices of the Jesuit Communication Centre in Ireland in 1999. Within a short time, many other languages were introduced.
Religion  Christianity  Spirituality  Church  Catholicism  Devotionals  Resources  Tutorials  Multilingual 
december 2012 by fridalee
A Different Way | Rethinking how we disciple the next generation | Joey Espinosa
This blog is particularly intended for parents and other leaders of children, especially those who enjoy hearing and giving different viewpoints.
I am a Christ-follower, husband, dad. Half-Colombian, all Jewish. Yankee-born but mostly Southern-raised. Chemist and pastor. Former athlete (rather, semi-athlete). I love to work as a team, but as a skeptic I question just about everything. I'm analyzer, arranger, and maximizer. I like lists (bullet points or numbered), graphs, and spreadsheets. Feel free to email me at DifferentWay4Kids[at]
Religion  Christianity  BibleStudy  Theology  Spirituality  Church  Ministry  Discipleship  Leadership  Education  Family  Marriage  Parenting  Homeschooling  Blogs  Testimonies  Tips  Reviews  Tools  Resources  Websites 
december 2012 by fridalee
Home: Kids 4 Truth
Kids 4 Truth International is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that exists to inspire and equip God's people to reach boys and girls worldwide with the memorable, creative, leading-edge teaching of God-focused truth.
Religion  Christianity  BibleStudy  Evangelism  Apologetics  Spirituality  Ministry  Education  Creativity  Multimedia  Devotionals  Videos 
december 2012 by fridalee
Revising Reform | Rachel Marszalek
Wife, mum, disciple and minister in the good old C of E. Thinking out loud about stuff in community...wondering, pondering, reflecting, guessing people might resonate somewhere along the way.
Religion  Christianity  Anglicanism  Church  Ministry  Leadership  Discipleship  Theology  Spirituality  Women  Feminism  Blogs  Opinions  Resources  Websites 
december 2012 by fridalee
Freedom Log | Frank Emanuel
The musings of a pastor swimming in the deep waters of political theology.
I pastor an alternative Vineyard in Ottawa, meeting in homes and stumbling towards God through ancient liturgy and modern worship. I am also a PhD (Theology) candidate at Saint Paul University in Ottawa. Views expressed on this blog belong solely to the posting individual and do not represent the views of my church, university or any other collective organization I might participate in. Enjoy.
Religion  Christianity  Theology  Church  Ministry  Spirituality  History  Politics  Education  Research  Blogs  Academics  Resources  Websites 
december 2012 by fridalee
Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength | Weekend Fisher
Religion  Christianity  BibleStudy  Theology  Spirituality  History  Patristics  Ethics  Church  Ministry  Liturgy  Literature  Culture  Arts  Relationships  Parenting  Feminism  SocialJustice  Education  Research  Blogs  Resources 
december 2012 by fridalee
Sivin Kit's Garden | Planting Seeds for a Better World
Born in October 1, 1972.
I’m married with one wife Long May Chin (whom I dated for 10 years!).
We have 4 children , Gareth (9 years old ), Elysia (7 years old), Ewan ( 4years old) and Anja (Soon to be 1 year old!)
Currently, I am pursuing a PhD in Religion, Ethics and Society at the Institute of Religion, Philosophy and History , University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway.
I come from a Christian family, baptized as an infant, affirmed in my teens, responded to the call to be a pastor at 21.
From April 2000 – January 2011, served as the pastor of Bangsar Lutheran Church.
I’ve enjoyed coordinating emergent Malaysia for a number of years, and now it has evolved into Friends in Conversation and awaits its next emergence!). I was part of the founders for RoH Malaysia (which is now taking a break) and was one of the initiators for The Micah Mandate.
I completed my Master of Theology (MTheol) with South East Asia Graduate School of Theology(SEAGST) in 2010 while wearing the multiple hats on my head The title of the thesis is “A Trinitarian Public Theology: Malaysian Churches and Civil Society“.
Religion  Christianity  Church  Ministry  Spirituality  Worship  Missions  Leadership  Discipleship  Theology  Politics  Ethics  Society  Family  Technology  Education  Research  EmergingChurch  Lutheranism  Blogs  Academics  Videos  Images  Malaysia 
december 2012 by fridalee
WOUNDED BIRD | June Butler
Faith is not certainty so much as it is acting-as-if in great hope.
Religion  Christianity  Church  Politics  Ethics  Culture  Literature  Spirituality  Travel  Humor  Anglicanism  Activism  Blogs  News  Opinions  Testimonies 
december 2012 by fridalee
Living Wittily | James M. Gordon
God made the angels to show His splendour - as He made animals for innocence and plants for their simplicity. But men and women He made to serve Him wittily, in the tangle of their minds.
I'm a husband, a father, a Baptist minister, a theological educator, an Aberdeen supporter, and a bibliophile.
Interests: now an incurably omnivorous reader, when opportunity arises I cook, this blog is a quite large tip of my writing iceberg, I design and work tapestry, play with elementary haiku and fibonacci, and often read poetry (sometimes out loud when alone).
Religion  Christianity  BibleStudy  Theology  Spirituality  Literature  Poetry  Culture  Church  Ministry  Evangelicalism  Baptists  Education  Research  Blogs  Academics  Reviews  Resources 
december 2012 by fridalee
Bishop Alan’s Blog | Bishop Alan Wilson
Working notes of the Church of England Bishop of Buckingham — life, ministry, leadership, justice, hope, history, humor, film, Buckinghamshire, UK
Child of God by adoption and grace, husband of Lucy, father of five, jumped-up vicar (Area Bishop of Buckingham). Born Edinburgh. Deacon 1979, Priest 1980, Bishop 2003. Cambridge MA, Oxford DPhil — ‘I am a doctor, but not the kind that helps people.’ I trained for ordained ministry at Wycliffe Hall. I have worked in various contexts, urban and suburban, as well as in prison chaplaincy.
Religion  Christianity  Church  Ministry  Leadership  Theology  Spirituality  History  Ethics  Politics  Education  Culture  Arts  Movie  Blogs  News  Opinions  Reviews  Resources  Anglicanism 
december 2012 by fridalee
Dr. Platypus | Darrell Pursiful's blog
I’m a curriculum editor in Macon, Georgia. I’m married, with one exceptionally bright and incredibly mature daughter. I was formerly a pastor in Indiana and occasionally I am an adjunct professor in the Christianity department of the local university.
My family is very active in our church. I’m a Baptist, but not a very good one.
Religion  Christianity  BibleStudy  Theology  Ethics  History  Church  Ministry  Spirituality  Liturgy  Education  Research  Blogs  Academics  Articles  Resources  Websites 
december 2012 by fridalee
FEBC Canada | 加拿大遠東廣播公司
Religion  Christianity  Evangelism  Spirituality  Discipleship  Theology  Ministry  Education  Radio  Devotionals  Lectures  Resources 
december 2012 by fridalee
Episcopal Cafe
Welcome to the Episcopal Café, an independent Web site featuring news, commentary, art, meditations and video.
The Café is collaborative effort by more than two dozen writers and editors, and an ever-growing list of visual artists. Together, we aspire to create a visually appealing, intellectually stimulating, spiritually enriching and at least occasionally amusing site where Episcopalians and those interested in our church can read, watch, listen and reflect upon contemporary life in a context informed by faith and animated by the spirit of charity.
Our aim is frankly, but we hope gently, evangelical. To the extent that we can speak intelligently, passionately, persuasively and truthfully—and to the degree that we manifest wisdom, humility and genuine concern for those we disagree with—we will succeed in drawing Episcopalians more deeply into their faith, and in persuading those without a spiritual home to explore our Church.
Religion  Christianity  Church  Anglicanism  Culture  Politics  Theology  Spirituality  Arts  Blogs  News  Opinions  Sermons  Videos 
december 2012 by fridalee
JR. Forasteros - Everyone has a story. So what's yours?
JR. Forasteros is the teaching pastor at Beavercreek Nazarene inDayton, OH. He studied New Testament and Early Christianity at Southwest Baptist University and the University of Missouri Columbia. JR. and his wife, Amanda, love to travel and are obsessed with pop culture. JR.blogs about pop culture and theology at
Religion  Christianity  Church  Theology  Worship  Culture  Politics  Spirituality  Literature  Movie  TV  Reading  Blogs  Reviews  Podcasts  Sermons  Resources 
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