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A Time To Laugh | He has made everything beautiful in His time. | Camille Lewis
I’m a happy wife to Grant and a gentle, work-at-home mom to my sweet children and six babies in Heaven. I am also an independent scholar, historian, published author, and freelance journalist — what is now called a “nontraditional academic.” I like to knit, smock, bead, scrap, read, and, of course, blog.
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Brehm Center: creative integration of worship, theology, & arts in culture. - Brehm Center
Founded in 2001, and named after Fuller Seminary Board of Trustee members William and Delores Brehm; the Brehm Center’s mission is to revitalize the church and culture through the arts. We believe that God is the original artist, the first Creator. By engaging expert faculty, world-class artists, and visiting scholars to investigate the theory and practice of making art in ministry, we hope to inspire a new generation of culture-changers for Jesus’ name.
Often described as an “evangelical think tank”, the Brehm Center and its initiatives sponsor research, community outreach, and integrated education in worship, theology and the arts. The Brehm Center does not operate as a separate school at Fuller. Rather, a Brehm Center Emphasis can be pursued in tandem with any current Fuller Seminary Degree program in the schools of Theology, Psychology, or Intercultural Studies.
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Left Cheek
Turning the other cheek since 75.
Looking towards the redemption of all creation and trying to find myself whole and moving within it.
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Sarah Over the Moon | Sarah Moon
Working my way from fundamentalism to freedom (without losing my mind)
Thank you for visiting my blog!
In it, I tell stories, and I stand on soapboxes.
I call out and I call to action.
I try to figure out who God is.
I attempt to reconcile my Christian faith with my feminist politics.
Welcome readers!
My name is Sarah Moon, and I am a writer and student. I am currently attending Bowling Green State University in Ohio, pursuing a degree in Women’s Studies.
I am a feminist and a member of BGSU’s Organization for Women’s Issues. I am passionate about reconciling my Christian faith with feminism, and about helping to make the church a better place for women everywhere.
I’m opinionated, but I appreciate other points of view, so feel free to ask me any questions!
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Are Women Human? — Debunking gender myths
Are Women Human? is a blog about issues of gender and sexuality in Christian communities, and broader social justice issues in the church. AWH? exists to create greater awareness about the oppression of marginalized groups in Christian churches, provide a safe space where people can safely discuss their experiences in the church, and be a voice for greater equality and justice in the church. Email AWH? at arewomenhuman2 at gmail dot com.
AWH? is run by T.F. Charlton (better known as Grace to readers), a former evangelical Christian, recovering academic, spouse, and parent. She’s also a writer and commentator on media and culture from a black, Nigerian American, queer feminist perspective. Say hi to her on Twitter at @graceishuman.
KiriAmaya is a former evangelical, atheist, disabled trans woman and a contributor to AWH. She hopes to use her experience and insight into evangelicalism to bring a new perspective to this blog, to push back against anti-queer abuse, and to give help and support to those hurt by and recovering from it. Kiri also blogs at Kiri 4.0.
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Patrol - A review of religion and the modern world | Writing about religion, culture, and politics
“We have neither the Western Christendom of the past nor the secular, religionless society that was predicted for the future. We have something else entirely.” — Tim Keller
“For no one who wholeheartedly shares in a given sensibility can analyze it. He can only, whatever his intention, exhibit it. To name a sensibility, to draw its contours and to recount its history, requires a deep sympathy modified by revulsion.” — Susan Sontag
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Emerging Pensees | Mike Clawson
thoughts on God, faith, life, and the emerging church... btw, "pensees" is French for thoughts. get your mind out of the gutter ;)
A follower of the way of Christ, a "postmodern" Christian, an amateur theologian/ philosopher, a husband, a father, a student, a friend...
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Five Sided Christian | James Miller
I decided to name my Christian blog Five Sided Christian because the number five in Scripture symbolises "grace" which is absolutely foundational to my Christian doctrine and lifestyle and so is entirely appropriate for the kind of Christianity I believe in.
The number five also ties in with the Five Solas of the Reformation which teach doctrines close to my heart:
Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone) / Sola Fide (Faith Alone) / Sola Gratia (Grace Alone) / Solus Christus (Christ Alone) / Soli Deo Gloria (God's Glory Alone)
I have chosen five key adjectives to describe the focus of my kind of Christianity:
Evangelical / Reformational / Missional / Social / Political
I am a Scottish Christian from Glasgow, a husband, a father, a poet and novelist, a law graduate, a Project Manager in a translation company, an amateur theologian and member of the Church of Scotland, a collector of classical and jazz CDs, a pianist, a lover of good food and a keen reader of most types of fiction including crime, spy and political thrillers.
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Everybody Has A Theology | 晰瑋
Biblical or not, everybody has his/her own ideas/views of God. This is a blogger site for anybody who is interested in reading, sharing, and discussing their evangelical theology understandings. Christianity is not just about what you do, or what you know, it is about what you FEEL! For God's love is to be felt.
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owen strachan | gospel calculus, with some whiz-bang
I am Assistant Professor of Christian Theology and Church History at Boyce College in Louisville, Kentucky. At Boyce, I have the privilege of teaching the full range of both systematic theology and church history. I also teach for The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (for example, an elective course on Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism in summer 2012).
I’m a contributing writer for The Gospel Coalition, a blog columnist for Credo magazine, a contributor to Project TGM, and a fellow of the Society for the Advancement of Ecclesial Theology. From 2008-10, I was the full-time Managing Director of the Carl F. H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Associate Director of the Jonathan Edwards Center at TEDS.
I earned a PhD in Theological Studies (Historical Theology) under Douglas Sweeney at TEDS from 2008-11, writing on Billy Graham, Harold Ockenga, and the mid-twentieth century re-enchantment of the evangelical mind. From 2005-07, I was the Editorial Assistant to Southern Seminary President Al Mohler, working for him as I completed an MDiv in Biblical & Theological Studies. Before that, I worked on the federal political level, serving the Bush White House in the U. S. Department of State. I have also worked on the state level for the Commissioner of the Maine Department of Labor.
I interned at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC and wrote for 9Marks. I graduated from Bowdoin College with an AB in History in 2003 and am from the coast of Maine. A member of Kenwood Baptist Church, I am married to the lovely Bethany and am the father of two sweet little kids. A hip hop aficionado and player of pickup basketball, I’ve cut a rap cd (no, seriously).
Because words matter, I have published six books and have written for publications like The Atlantic, First Things, Christianity Today, and the Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology.
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The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) | Home Page
Together for influence, impact and identity
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is the national association of evangelical Christians, gathered together for influence, impact and identity in ministry and public witness. Since 1964 the EFC has provided a national forum for Evangelicals and a constructive voice for biblical principles in life and society
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Wycliffe College
Home page for Wycliffe College, Toronto, Ontario, a fully accredited graduate theological school in the evangelical Reformation tradition of the Anglican Church.
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McMaster Divinity College
An evangelical, accredited seminary offering graduate-level degrees in theological, biblical and ministry studies.
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The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy
NOTE: This was the statement that launched the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy, an interdenominational joint effort by hundreds of evangelical scholars and leaders to defend biblical inerrancy against the trend toward liberal and neo-orthodox conceptions of Scripture.
The Statement was produced at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare in Chicago in the fall of 1978, during an international summit conference of concerned evangelical leaders. It was signed by nearly 300 noted evangelical scholars, including Boice, Norman L. Geisler, John Gerstner, Carl F. H. Henry, Kenneth Kantzer, Harold Lindsell, John Warwick Montgomery, Roger Nicole, J.I. Packer, Robert Preus, Earl Radmacher, Francis Schaeffer, R.C. Sproul, and John Wenham.
The ICBI disbanded in 1988, its work complete. The Council ultimately produced three major statements: this one on biblical inerrancy in 1978, one on biblical hermeneutics in 1982, and one on biblical application in 1986. A published copy of the statement may be found in Carl F. H. Henry in God, Revelation and Authority, vol. 4 (Waco, Tx.: Word Books, 1979), on pp. 211-219.
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Why I Still Talk to Jesus -- In Spite of Everything — It isn’t about "correct belief" but about life, love and character.
Frank Schaeffer is an American author, film director, screenwriter and public speaker. He is the son of the late theologian and author Francis Schaeffer. He became a Hollywood film director and author, writing several internationally acclaimed novels depicting life in a strict fundamentalist household including Portofino, Zermatt, and Saving Grandma.
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Christians in Context: from orthodoxy to orthopraxy.
Christians In Context is a gospel-centered collective focusing on three main themes: gospel preparation (apologetics, pre-evangelism), gospel proclamation, and gospel application.
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Wesley J. Wildman's Home Page
Academic: I teach philosophy, theology, religion, and ethics at Boston University in the United States. I direct Boston University's unique religion and science PhD program. I also work in the theology, comparative theology, and philosophy of religion programs within Boston University's graduate school, and a variety of graduate degree programs in Boston University's School of Theology. With Patrick McNamara, I founded the Institute for the Bio-Cultural Study of Religion, a research institute dedicated to the scientific study of religion.
Outreach: With Chapin Garner I run the Liberal Evangelical Project. This project aims to empower Christians who see themselves as intentional moderates and to offer resources to Christian congregations who intend to be both Christ-centered and creatively inclusive. These Christians and congregations have both liberal and evangelical instincts, they find polarized political and religious debates alienating, and they are inspired by Jesus' example of radical inclusiveness and by his preaching of a love that transcends ideological and theological divisions. Resources are collected at, including news articles and Dr. Brandon Daniel-Hughes' perceptive and eccentric Le Blog.
Personal: I live with my family in the Boston area, having emigrated from Australia. I am fond of cricket, Vegemite, and Australian Rules Football.
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december 2012 by fridalee aims to empower Christians who see themselves as radical moderates and to offer resources to Christian congregations who intend to be both Christ-centered and creatively inclusive. These Christians and congregations have both liberal and evangelical instincts, they find polarized political and religious debates alienating, and they are inspired by Jesus' own example of radical inclusiveness and by his preaching of a love that transcends ideological and theological divisions.
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december 2012 by fridalee
Stanley J. Grenz: leading evangelical theologian
Stanley J. Grenz is a leading evangelical scholar.
Based in Vancouver, Canada's Carey Theological College
and Mars Hill Graduate School in Seattle WA,
Dr. Grenz has written prolifically and lectured throughout the world.
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december 2012 by fridalee
DesperateTheologian | Trinity . . . Narrative . . . Mission | Russell Almon
-Name: Russell Almon
-Blessed Husband to C.C.
-Proud Daddy to Damaris Mikaelia and those no longer with us: Jordan Taylor, Kerioth Cherie, Micah Jayden, & Noah Avrey
-Graduated w/Master of Divinity in Theology (Aug '09) from Logsdon Seminary of Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, TX.
-Graduated w/Master of Arts in Religion (May '02) from Wayland Baptist University in Plainview, TX.
-Life/Vocational Goals: a PhD in theology, work in undergrad/graduate theological education, & missional church leadership.
-My Interests: Jesus the liberating King, Trinitarian theology, narrative theology, missional theology/praxis, postmodern theology/philosophy, theological/philosophical hermeneutics, epistemology, theological ethics, the missional church conversation, emerging church, community, Dr. Pepper, Nebraska Cornhuskers, football in general...
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John G. Stackhouse, Jr. | Clear, Expert, and Entertaining Connections
John G. Stackhouse, Jr. is an award-winning scholar and public communicator who has spent years adventurously mapping our complex cultural terrain, identifying both its worthy achievements and its zones of confusion.
He collects research from a wide range of sources, corrects currently popular interpretations, and connects audiences with information and insight they can put immediately into practice. He is therefore a skilled guide in helping us chart a course through the prospects and impasses of modern society. And he does all this with a wit you’ll find surprisingly refreshing in a scholar.
Our world demands our best,
and Dr. Stackhouse helps us think it and do it.
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Tyndale Fellowship for Biblical and Theological Research
The Tyndale Fellowship is a fellowship of Christians engaged in biblical and theological research. Its aim is to promote the Christian faith through careful study done in a spirit of loyalty to the historic Christian faith as enshrined in the Ecumenical Creeds of the Church and the Reformation Settlements. It is part of the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship, and its members accept the theological position of the UCCF.
Tyndale Fellowship members include evangelical scholars from all over the world. Scholars involved in biblical research or university-level teaching are invited to apply for membership, with the support of an existing member. Members receive a free subscription to the Tyndale Bulletin, free admission at Tyndale House Library for up to ten days a year, occasional newsletters, and an invitation to the annual study groups.
For over sixty years the Tyndale Fellowship and Tyndale House have been closely associated.
Closely associated with the work of the Tyndale Fellowship is the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics (KLICE).
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Theological Sushi | Theology Served Raw | Bryan C. Hodge
I am a perpetual student of the Bible. I hold a B.A. in Biblical Theology from Moody Bible Institute, an M.A. in Old Testament and Semitic Languages from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, where I also received Candidacy for an M.A. in New Testament, and am currently finishing up my ThM in New Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary. I have a wife and six children who I love beyond measure; and am committed to Christ through what has been historically maintained as orthodox Christianity.
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december 2012 by fridalee
Full Hands ... Full Heart | Carmen
reflections from Seminary Avenue (on anything from preschool to PhD)
I've been happily married to the love of my life for over 13 years and we have 3 beautiful children. After my graduation from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2011 with an MA in Biblical Studies, we moved to Illinois where I'm working on a PhD in Old Testament at Wheaton College Graduate School under Dr. Daniel Block. I believe passionately in the Word of God (both written and incarnate!) and my deepest joy is seeing lives transformed by the truth of Jesus Christ.
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Shored Fragments | Steve Holmes
A blog by Steve Holmes, a Baptist minister, presently employed to teach theology in St Mary’s College, St Andrews, Scotland.
This blog is an exploration of theology and culture from an Evangelical perspective. Part of this, of course, is a focus on what each of these words mean, with the contests over ‘evangelical’ being – at present – more prominent in my mind than the others.
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december 2012 by fridalee
Bryce Walker | Thinking in a Public Forum
I research and write in the area of intellectual history. I am also a husband, father, and friend. The gap between my intellectual pursuits and my life has often been too wide. This blog is an attempt to maintain a nexus between the two.
So that you do not feel misled, I would like to make it clear that I am writing here under a pen name. I have found that blogging can have many negative effects for those in academia…especially those of us who are attempting to think outside of our field of specialization. “Life” usually falls into that category. Thus, I believe that the pen name is a vocational necessity until I have tenure.
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Die Welt sehen - aus der perspektive reformatorischer Theologie
„Unruhig ist unser Herz, o Gott,
bis es Ruhe findet in dir.“
Aurelius Augustinus
Religion  Christianity  BibleStudy  Theology  Philosophy  Apologetics  Ethics  Politics  Family  Persecution  Postmodernism  Evangelicalism  EmergingChurch  GenderStudies  MedievalStudies  Education  Research  Reformed  Blogs  Academics  Quotes  Reviews  Publications  Resources 
december 2012 by fridalee
Living Wittily | James M. Gordon
God made the angels to show His splendour - as He made animals for innocence and plants for their simplicity. But men and women He made to serve Him wittily, in the tangle of their minds.
I'm a husband, a father, a Baptist minister, a theological educator, an Aberdeen supporter, and a bibliophile.
Interests: now an incurably omnivorous reader, when opportunity arises I cook, this blog is a quite large tip of my writing iceberg, I design and work tapestry, play with elementary haiku and fibonacci, and often read poetry (sometimes out loud when alone).
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december 2012 by fridalee
Anxious Bench — The Relevance of Religious History for Today
At the Anxious Bench, historians of broadly evangelical faith share their reflections on contemporary faith, politics and culture in the light of American and global religious history.
Its authors include John Fea, Agnes Howard, Tal Howard, Philip Jenkins, Thomas Kidd and John Turner.
Religion  Christianity  History  Church  Politics  Culture  Ethics  Education  Research  Evangelicalism  Blogs  Academics  Opinions  Resources 
december 2012 by fridalee
Themelios - The Gospel Coalition
Themelios is an international evangelical theological journal that expounds and defends the historic Christian faith. Its primary audience is theological students and pastors, though scholars read it as well. It was formerly a print journal operated by RTSF/UCCF in the UK, and it became a digital journal operated by The Gospel Coalition in 2008. The editorial team draws participants from across the globe as editors, essayists, and reviewers.
Themelios is published three times a year exclusively online at The Gospel Coalition. It is presented in two formats:PDF (for downloading and citing pagination) and HTML (for greater accessibility, usability, and infiltration in search engines). Themelios is copyrighted by The Gospel Coalition. Readers are free to use it and circulate it in digital form without further permission (any print use requires further written permission), but they must acknowledge the source and, of course, not change the content.
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december 2012 by fridalee
slacktivist — "Test everything; hold fast to what is good."
Fred Clark is a graduate of Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (now called Palmer Seminary), of Eastern College (now called Eastern University) and of the fundamentalist Timothy Christian High School (still fundamentalist and still called Timothy Christian High School, but not really thrilled to have a snarky, liberal, tree-hugging, pro-choice, pro-GLBT, peacenik, commie, evolutionist as such a vocal alumnus).
Religion  Christianity  Church  Culture  Politics  Ethics  Theology  Prophecy  Business  Environment  Music  Journalism  Evangelicalism  Feminism  Activism  Liberalism  Evolution  GLBT  Blogs  Opinions  Resources  Quotes 
december 2012 by fridalee
Theological Scribbles | Robin Parry scribbles the odd thought on various theological issues and books.
Robin Parry is the husband of but one wife (Carol) and the father of the two most beautiful girls in the universe (Hannah and Jessica). He also has a lovely cat called Monty (who has only three legs). Living in the city of Worcester, UK, he works as an Editor for Wipf and Stock — a US-based theological publisher. Robin was a Sixth Form College teacher for 11 years and has worked in publishing since 2001 (2001–2010 for Paternoster and 2010– for W&S).
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december 2012 by fridalee
Musings on Science and Theology
This blog mirrors my posts on Jesus Creed. It serves to provide an archive for my own use and to allow full text rss feeds and email subscriptions for those who prefer to read blog posts in that fashion or who have trouble accessing blogs on occasion.
I am a professor of Chemistry and I write generally at the intersection of science and Christian faith or theology. I also write on broader issues of faith with intellectual integrity. I can be contacted at
Many of the books discussed on this blog were provided by the publisher as review copies, and occasionally by the author (sometimes for review, sometimes not). Some were purchased or borrowed from a library.
Links to books are provided for convenience. Most of these are to Amazon and most of these include associates codes that provide advertising income.
If you have comments or would like to follow the conversation – see the original posts on Jesus Creed:
Religion  Christianity  Science  Psychology  Physics  Neuroscience  Environment  Theology  Eschatology  Ethics  Culture  Church  Ministry  Evangelicalism  Evolution  Creationism  Education  Research  BibleStudy  Blogs  Academics  Debates  Opinions  Reviews  Resources 
december 2012 by fridalee
Northern Seminary
Northern Seminary was founded in 1913 with the purpose of training leaders for the Church. Almost 100 years later, we are still focused on that goal. Northern’s vision is to prepare leaders who will faithfully serve Jesus Christ with evangelical passion and mission skills in Biblically grounded and culturally relevant ministries.
Religion  Christianity  Education  Research  Seminary  Evangelicalism  Baptists  USA 
november 2012 by fridalee
P.OST | an evangelical theology for the age to come | Andrew Perriman
My name is Andrew Perriman. My wife, Belinda, and I have lived in various parts of the world over the last 28 years: the Far East, Africa, the Middle East, the Netherlands, and London. Until recently we lived in Dubai, a stone’s throw from the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. We are now back in London.
I’ve combined theological studies and writing with pastoral and missional work in a wide range of contexts. Belinda works in the oil industry.
My overriding theological interest at the moment is in how we retell the biblical story as we negotiate the difficult transition from the centre to the margins of our culture following the collapse of Western Christendom.
In addition to some articles in academic journals, I have written Speaking of Women: Interpreting Paul (IVP, 1998); The Coming of the Son of Man: New Testament Eschatology for an Emerging Church (Paternoster, 2005); Otherways (OST, 2007); Re: Mission: Biblical Mission for a Post-Biblical Church (Faith in An Emerging Culture) (Paternoster, 2007); The Future of the People of God: Reading Romans Before and After Western Christendom (Wipf and Stock, 2010); and I edited a report for the Evangelical Alliance in the UK entitled Faith, Health and Prosperity: A Report on ‘Word of Faith’ and ‘Positive Confession’ Theologies (Paternoster, 2003), also published in the US.
I am also part of Christian Associates, a wonderful organization that seeks to develop open, creative communities of faith for the emerging culture. I should stress, though, that the views expressed on this blog do not necessarily coincide with the position of Christian Associates on the matters discussed.
Religion  Christianity  BibleStudy  Theology  History  Hermeneutics  Church  Ministry  Discipleship  Spirituality  Evangelism  Missions  Environment  Politics  Ethics  Evangelicalism  Postmodernism  EmergingChurch  Education  Research  Reading  Reference  Blogs  Academics  Resources  Articles  Dictionaries  Publications 
november 2012 by fridalee
Brandon Withrow : an experiment in thinking aloud
I’m an author of several books, a contributor to Inside Higher Ed, The Chronicle of Higher Education, On Faith, The Huffington Post, ToledoFAVS (local hub of the Religion News Service). I am currently adjunct lecturer in religious studies at The University of Findlay. I have served as assistant professor of the history of Christianity and religious studies and director of the Master of Arts in Theological Studies program at Winebrenner Theological Seminary.
I’ve co-authored with Menachem Wecker (U.S. News & World Report, Houston Chronicle), Consider No Evil: Two Faith Traditions and the Problem of Academic Freedom (Cascade, 2014). I’m author of Becoming Divine: Jonathan Edwards’s Incarnational Spirituality within the Christian Tradition (Cascade Books, 2011) and Katherine Parr: A Guided Tour of the Life and Thought of a Reformation Queen (2009).
With my wife, Mindy, I’ve co-authored a popular YA series (ages 9-14) on the history of Christianity, covering ancient through modern periods (the History Lives series). It is a blend of both nonfiction and historical fiction. I’m the editor of a classic Dutch-Latin text, and I’ve contributed chapters and articles on the history of Christianity. I have a B.A. in Theology, a M.A. in the History of Christian Thought, and a Ph.D. in Historical and Theological Studies (History of Christianity). I have lived in Michigan, Perrysburg (Ohio), Chicago, Philadelphia, and Birmingham, Alabama.
Religion  Christianity  History  Theology  Politics  Literature  Science  Evolution  Atheism  Evangelicalism  Education  Research  Blogs  Authors  Academics  Publications  Articles 
november 2012 by fridalee
The Fire and the Rose | David W. Congdon
And all shall be well and / All manner of thing shall be well / When the tongues of flame are in-folded / Into the crowned knot of fire / And the fire and the rose are one. — T.S. Eliot
I am a husband (to Amy) and father (to Aidyn). I am a PhD student at Princeton Theological Seminary. I read theology and philosophy, enjoy poetry and long novels, watch art films, listen to indie music, smoke pipe tobacco, and drink dark coffee, black tea, and local microbrews.
Religion  Christianity  Theology  Philosophy  Politics  Culture  Ethics  Science  Missions  Hermeneutics  Aesthetics  Anthropology  Movie  Music  Literature  Poetry  Evangelicalism  Universalism  Reading  Education  Research  Blogs  Academics  Reviews  Articles  Resources 
november 2012 by fridalee
The Pietist Schoolman | Chris Gehrz
My name’s Chris Gehrz. I’m associate professor of history and chair of the Department of History at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota, where I also help coordinate the Christianity and Western Culture program. While my training is in the history of international relations and 20th century Europe, I teach about everything from human rights to the Reformations.
In recent years I’ve taken a left turn into researching and writing about Pietist models of Christian higher education. I’m also the co-editor of The Pietist Impulse in Christianity, published by Wipf & Stock..
I live in Roseville, MN with my wife and two children and attend Salem Covenant Church in New Brighton, MN.
Religion  Christianity  Church  History  Politics  Culture  Arts  Movie  Music  Education  Research  Reading  Blogs  Academics  News  Reviews  Resources  Pietism  Evangelicalism  Catholicism  Baptists  Anabaptists 
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Return to Rome — Francis J. Beckwith's Reflections on Faith, Ethics and Culture
Return to Rome is the weblog of Francis J. Beckwith, a Catholic philosophy professor who teaches at Baylor, the world’s largest Baptist university. This blog takes its name from his book, Return to Rome: Confessions of an Evangelical Catholic (Brazos Press, 2009), in which he provides an account of his 30-year journey from cradle Catholic to Evangelical and then back to Catholicism in 2007.
The blog Return to Rome is a place in which Professor Beckwith writes on a variety of issues and topics that often overlap and intersect Catholicism, Evangelicalism, politics, culture, religion, and the academic world.
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Building Old School Churches
We are committed to providing information about how to plant new Old School Presbyterian Churches and Reform existing Churches along Old School lines. The Contributors to this blog are pastors who have had practical experience planting Old School Presbyterian churches. Theologically we are Reformed, Evangelical, Conservative, and Presbyterian.
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Professor Obvious | Boldly professing the obvious since 2009
Jason A. Staples is a Ph.D. Candidate in Ancient Mediterranean Religions at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a football analyst for (FoxSports/, and a professional voice talent. He has a B.A. in Religion and an M.A. in Religions of Western Antiquity from Florida State University.
Jason’s doctoral research focuses on the intersections between Judaism and Christianity in the first century, particularly how each group uses and interprets the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament to make its own claim upon the heritage of ancient Israel. His dissertation, “Paul, the Gentiles, and the Restoration of Israel,” examines early Jewish expectations of Israelite restoration and how these expectations shaped the early Jesus movement, with special attention on how the apostle Paul understood his Gentile mission as a necessary component of Israel’s full restoration through the promised “new covenant.” Early returns from this research are presented in the article, “What Do the Gentiles Have to Do with ‘All Israel’? A Fresh Look at Romans 11:25–26,” JBL 130.2 (2011): 371–90. Jason’s academic work has also been published in The Journal of Religion and Film and Facts on File’s Encyclopedia of World History. His wider academic research interests include New Testament, Early Christian history, literature, and thought; Pauline Studies; Second Temple Judaism; the use of Scripture in the New Testament, the Gospels & the historical Jesus; Jewish-Christian relations; exile and restoration; apocalypticism; ancient rhetoric; Imperial Platonism; Hebrew Bible; Wisdom & Apocalyptic Literature; Apostolic Fathers; Dead Sea Scrolls; American Evangelicalism; and religion in popular culture.
This blog focuses primarily upon topics in biblical studies (i.e. New Testament/Hebrew Bible, Paul, Early Christianity, Early Judaism, translation issues, etc.), mainly from a critical/academic perspective, though the aim is to keep each post accessible to any interested reader. Other posts may involve news items or delve into more modern subjects like current religious trends and thought, sexuality, economics, football, and miscellaneous posts on pop culture.
The title of the blog arose from Jason’s realization that most of his scholarship (and teaching/blogging) amounts to pointing out the obvious. “Captain Obvious” was already taken, leading to the multivalent “Professor Obvious.”
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Gentle Wisdom - thoughts on life from Peter Kirk, a follower of Jesus
My name is Peter Kirk, and I live in Chelmsford in the south east of England.
I started in life by studying Physics at the University of Cambridge, and worked for several years in the electronics and software industry in Chelmsford, Essex. I left this work and studied theology to MA level at London Bible College, now London School of Theology. Then I joined Wycliffe Bible Translators, and after training in linguistics I served for seven years in the Caucasus region, coordinating a Bible translation project. In 2002 I left WBT, but until 2008 I continued to work part time as an exegetical adviser to the same translation project, based at home in the UK with occasional visits to the Caucasus. I am a member of Meadgate Church, Great Baddow, in the Church of England diocese of Chelmsford.
In 2009 I was married to Lorenza, who is from Italy. In 2010 we temporarily moved north from Chelmsford to Warrington, where we attended Oasis Church, Warrington. In 2011 we moved back to Chelmsford.
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this blog is devoted to the stuff american evangelical culture likes
Hi. This is a scientific approach to highlight and explain stuff Christian culture likes. They are pretty predictable. I sort of consider myself an expert on Christian culture as I am a preacher's kid and I'm also married to a preacher's kid. At one point or another I've been a willing participant in almost all the things I talk about here. Christian culture is funny because it doesn't have much (if anything) to do with Christ himself.
"Why do people in church seem like cheerful, brainless tourists on a packaged tour of the Absolute? … Does anyone have the foggiest idea what sort of power we blithely invoke? Or, as I suspect, does no one believe a word of it? ...we should all be wearing crash helmets". —Annie Dillard, Teaching a Stone to Talk
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A Christian Humor Blog with Stephanie Drury - Stuff Christian Culture Likes
A preacher's kid's humorous take on the stuff American evangelicals like
Distracted, southern, mommy, voracious reader of all things crap.
I like electric blankets, dogs wearing cones, and people with depression (because they tend to be nice). I don't like earthquakes, pesto, or changing lanes near a semi.
I sort of consider myself an expert on Christian culture as I am a preacher's kid and I'm also married to a preacher's kid.
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Credo Magazine
Credo is Latin for “I believe.” From the early Church Fathers to the sixteenth-century Reformers to present-day Evangelicals, Christians have faithfully confessed the faith once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 1:3), over against error and heresy. Credo magazine seeks to situate itself in this biblical tradition by teaching “what accords with sound doctrine” (Titus 2:1).
Credo magazine is self-consciously Evangelical, Reformational, and Baptistic: Evangelical since it aims at being supremely Gospel-centered, exalting in the substitutionary death and historical resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ; Reformational as the gospel it promotes is defined by the solas of the Reformation; and while Credo magazine welcomes contributors from diverse ecclesial backgrounds, it seeks to especially celebrate those doctrines that mark the Baptist tradition.
Credo is a free, full-color, digital magazine that is published bi-monthly and includes:
• Articles by some of the best pastors and scholars today on the most vital and pertinent issues in Christianity.
• Columns engaging pastoral issues in the church and monumental figures in church history.
• Interviews with important pastors and scholars on both their ministries and their new books.
• Reviews of some of the most recent books in Christian theology and literature.
We hope that by providing our magazine free of charge we can have a larger impact on the evangelical community. In order to achieve this goal, we welcome any donations to further the mission of Credo Magazine.
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The Manhattan Project — Life. Marriage. Religious Freedom
Growing the Manhattan Declaration movement is my project. This is a personal blog in which I reflect on my daily pursuit of truth on the issues of life, marriage, and religious freedom.
My name is Eric Teetsel. My job is to grow a movement of Catholic, Orthodox, and Evangelical Christians committed to life, marriage, and religious freedom. Chuck Colson gave me this job just before he died. No pressure.
Religion  Christianity  Pro-Life  Marriage  Politics  Ethics  Conservative  Evangelicalism  Blogs 
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Joe Carter's Commonplace — Culture | Religion | Politics
Joe Carter is a Senior Editor at the Acton Institute, an editor for The Gospel Coalition, web editor for First Things, and an adjunct professor of journalism at Patrick Henry College. Carter, a fifteen-year Marine Corps veteran, previously served as the managing editor for the online magazine Culture11 and The East Texas Tribune. He has also served as the Director of Research and Rapid Response for the Mike Huckabee for President campaign and as a director of communications for both the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity and Family Research Council. He is the co-author of How to Argue like Jesus: Learning Persuasion from History’s Greatest Communicator (Crossway 2009).
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Reclaiming the Mission | David Fitch
I'm a bi-vocational pastor at Life on the Vine and the B.R. Lindner Chair of Evangelical Theology at Northern Seminary.
I am the author of numerous articles on church , culture, mission and theological ethics in journals as diverse as the Journal of the Academy for Evangelism in Theological Education, Missiology, Discernment, Pastoral Psychology and the Journal of Christian Education. I am author of The End of Evangelicalism? Discerning a New Future for Mission (Cascade Books, 2011) and The Great Giveaway: Reclaiming the Mission of the Church from …. (Baker Books, 2005) and the forthcoming Prodigal Christianity: 10 Signposts into the Mission Frontier (Jossey-Bass, 2013) wirh Geoff Holsclaw.
I occasionally serve the furthering of Christ’s Kingdom by speaking/presenting on the challenges of being Christ’s Body in the new contexts of post Christendom, postmodernity and North American consumerist culture. I seek to encourage the church to faithfulness, encourage pastors to more faithfulness, develop and encourage missional church planters, and help denominations/churches navigate the new terrains of N. American post-Christendom culture(s). From time to time, I spend weekends with churches exploring how to be God’s Mission in their locales, leading churches, pastors, and church boards through the process of understanding context and Mission.
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Frank Viola — Rediscovering the Supremacy of Jesus Christ
I’ve authored a number of books on Jesus, mission, spiritual formation, and church.
My intent for this blog is to discuss the “hot-button” issues of theology and culture with a view to rediscovering the supremacy of Jesus Christ.
I’ve written three books totally dedicated to the supremacy of Christ: Jesus Manifesto, From Eternity to Here, and Jesus: A Theography.
Who is This Blog For?
* Evangelical Christians who are thoughtful, enjoy being challenged, and revel in engaging in conversations on culture and theology.
*Progressive Christians who have the same interests.
* People who aren’t Christians but who want to hear an evangelical Christian perspective that’s neither Left nor Right and that breaks with the status quo.
* Christians who are interested in rediscovering the supremacy of Jesus Christ in all things, especially in theology and culture.
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Peter Enns — rethinking biblical christianity...
Peter Enns is a biblical scholar who writes, speaks, and teaches on the intersection of Bible and contemporary Christian faith. He follows Jesus and the New York Yankees (in that order), and has far too much of "The Office" dialogue accidentally committed to memory than he would like to admit.
I graduated from Messiah College in 1982 with a B.S. in Behavioral Science, from Westminster Theological Seminary in 1989 with an M.D.iv, and from Harvard University in 1994 with a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Langauges and Civilizations.
I taught at Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia) from 1994-2008. I have also taught courses at Harvard University, Princeton Theological Seminary, Fuller Theological Seminary, Lutheran Theological Seminary (Philadelphia), Biblical Theological Seminary, Temple University, and Eastern University. I am currently on the faculty at Eastern University teaching courses in Old and New Testaments.
My academic interests continue to develop, but they include: Old Testament Theology, Biblical Theology, Wisdom Literature (esp. Ecclesiastes), the NT’s use of the OT, Second Temple literature, and the general issue of how ancient Scripture intersects with modern thought.
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David Field
Born 1962. Converted 1973. Licensed 1984 and ordained 1991. Husband to Sue and father to Sarah, Ruth, and Esther.
Raised, mostly, in Felixstowe, Suffolk.
1980-83 – Theology degree at Oxford
1983-84 – Assistant at Bethesda Baptist Church, Felixstowe
1984-87 – Lecturer at Samuel Bill Theological College, Nigeria
1987-88 – Unemployed (Humberside) and locum pastorate (Ipswich)
1988-91 – PhD in English Puritanism at Cambridge
1991-96 – Pastor, Horsley Evangelical Church, Surrey
1996-2000 – Executive Search for Saxton Bampfylde plc
2000-09 – Lecturer at Oak Hill Theological College
2009- Executive Search with Perrett Laver
Theological commitments: I fervently endorse, subscribe to and delight in the orthodox Christian faith as expressed in the catholic ecumenical creeds of the first five centuries (Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed, Chalcedonian Definiton), the Reformed confessions of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (Belgic, Heidelberg, Dort, Westminster), and evangelical statements of faith of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries (UCCF, EA, FIEC).
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The Wartburg Watch 2012 | Dissecting Christian Trends
Why Wartburg?
Remember where Prince Frederick hid Martin Luther when Pope Leo wanted him killed? It was Wartburg Castle. It was here that Luther translated the New Testament into German. This coincided with the invention of the Gutenberg Press. Luther's writings dominated most of the publications from this press. We believe the Internet is today's Gutenberg Press.

What Are We ?
We are two Christian women who have seriously pursued our faith. We have discovered some disturbing trends within Christendom which compelled us to start TWW. Our goal is to shine a light into the darkness, exposing hypocrisy, heresy, and arrogance while also examining trends that affect the faith in the public square. Truth and transparency are of utmost importance to us.

What is the focus at TWW?
We look at all of the trends within evangelical Christianity, along with other stories and trends that impact the faith. We have become quite interested in church conflict, spiritual abuse, and hyper-authoritarian polity. We are equal opportunity offenders and do not emphasize one denomination over another.
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Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence | Jocelyn Andersen
The doctrine of female subordination to male authority lies at the very root of gender abuse against women which is rampant among professing Christians. The premise is despotic and abusive in and of itself. Gender abuse, which includes domestic abuse and the hate crime of domestic violence will never be eradicated among Christians until gender equality for Christian women is acknowledged and practically implemented within our homes and churches.
Jocelyn Andersen, an advocate of functional equality for all women, is the author of Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence and Woman this is WAR! Gender, Slavery & the Evangelical Caste System
Religion  Christianity  Women  Church  Family  Evangelicalism  Feminism  Blogs  Authors 
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what is her.meneutics?
The Christianity Today women’s blog provides news and analysis from the perspective of evangelical women. We cover news stories and books related to international justice and evangelism, pregnancy and sexual ethics, marriage, parenting, and celibacy, pop culture, health and body image, raising girls, and women in the church and parachurch.
Her.meneutics was co-founded by Katelyn Beaty and Sarah Pulliam Bailey.
Religion  Christianity  Women  Politics  Ethics  Culture  Church  Evangelism  Sexuality  Marriage  Parenting  Relationships  Health  Evangelicalism  News  Opinions  Reviews  Blogs 
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Love, Joy, Feminism | by Libby Anne
I was raised in an evangelical family, was homeschooled, was taught to embrace courtship rather than dating, learned that women’s place is in the home, and was highly involved in the religious right. College turned my world upside down, and I am today an atheist, a feminist, and a progressive.
I find myself endlessly fascinated by religion, feminism, and politics. I blog about all sorts of issues, but especially about the trials and joys of leaving fundamentalist and evangelical religion, the problems with the the Christian Patriarchy and Quiverfull movements, the fallout of what I call “purity culture,” the intricacies of conservative and religious right politics, and the importance of feminism. Because I was once myself an evangelical, a religious right activist, and an antifeminist, I try to address these issues with empathy.
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The Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network is a project of Vyckie Garrison and the guest writers at No Longer Quivering.
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鱼咖啡 | 田哞博客 | 新浪博客
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Adrian Warnock | Patheos Evangelical
Adrian Warnock is part of the leadership team of Jubilee Church, London, where he has preached regularly for more than ten years. His book, Raised With Christ – How The Resurrection Changes Everything was published by Crossway January 2010.
Adrian writes about a broad range of themes including the culture in which we live, leadership, the Bible, Christian doctrine, and the Church. He often live blogs Christian conferences. From time to time he posts book reviews and sermons he has preached or listened to. He has interviewed a number of Christian leaders and regularly posts about them and Christian organizations.
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Heidelblog | Recovering the Reformed Confession | R. Scott Clark
Welcome! The HB is dedicated to Recovering the Reformed Confession by recovering Reformed theology, piety, and practice.
The name “Heidelblog” is derived from the name of the German city Heidelberg, where the the Reformed Church there adopted the explanation of the faith in the form a collection of questions and answers. That explanation is known as the Heidelberg Catechism (1563).
The HB exists to explain and encourage a return to the historic understanding of Scripture as confessed by the Reformed Churches.
Thanks for visiting the HB.
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Hall of Contemporary Reformers
The Historic Christian Faith From a Classic Reformed/Evangelical Perspective
Servants of God whom we think God has raised up to faithfully proclaim the gospel in our time, and whom the Lord is now using to preserve that silver thread of orthodoxy that has existed through the ages.
Religion  Christianity  Reformed  Evangelicalism  Calvinism  Theology  Apologetics  Ministry  Education  Research  Authors  Resources 
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Contemporary Reformation Theology Page
Essays in the Historic Christain Faith From a Classic Reformed/Evangelical Perspective
Religion  Christianity  Reformed  Evangelicalism  Calvinism  Authors  eBooks  Articles  Resources 
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Grace Evangelical Society - Faith Alone in Christ Alone
The aim of GES is to promote the clear proclamation of God's free salvation through faith alone in Christ alone, which is properly correlated with and yet distinguished from issues related to discipleship.
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The Evangelical Calvinist
"The world was made so that Christ might be born...." ~David Fergusson
Hello my name is Bobby Grow, and I author this blog, The Evangelical Calvinist. Feel free to peruse the posts, and comment at your leisure. I look forward to the exchange we might have here, and hope you are provoked to love Jesus even more as a result. Pax Christi!
Religion  Christianity  Theology  Evangelicalism  Calvinism  Reformed  Research  Reading  Articles  Blogs 
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Society of Evangelical Arminians
Welcome to the online home of the Society of Evangelical Arminians (SEA). Our society exists to glorify God by edifying his people, protecting them from error, and fostering the proper representation of our magnificent God to the world by lovingly and respectfully promoting and advancing sound, biblical doctrine and theology in the area of soteriology (the doctrine of salvation). That means teaching and defending Arminianism, the system of theology that we believe most accurately reflects the teaching of the Bible, the very word of God. It also means refuting Calvinism, a system of theology that lies within the pale of basic Christian orthodoxy, but that is at odds with Arminianism on many key points and that we believe seriously errs in its understanding of God, salvation, and the Bible.
Religion  Christianity  Theology  Apologetics  History  Arminianism  Evangelicalism  Articles  Blogs 
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Roger E. Olson | My Evangelical Arminian Theological Musings
First, I will use this blog to share some of my thoughts about theology: reviews of books, comments about current theological topics and miscellaneous ideas especially about evangelical theology (I consider myself an evangelical theologian even if some of my critics don’t!) and Arminian theology (I’m proud to call myself an Arminian and hope folks will look into what that really means before jumping to conclusions!). I may occasionally say something about a different subject.
Second, my intention is that this blog will be a place for irenic exploration and conversation; it is not for insulting people or movements or flaming them. Constructive criticism is, of course, fine.
Third, please understand that I cannot respond personally to all comments even if they are directed to me. Time simply won’t permit it. (I have books and articles to write, courses to teach and papers to prepare for conferences.) Also, if you e-mail me directly (it’s easy to find my e-mail address) please don’t be upset if I don’t respond. I get over 100 e-mails per day and simply can’t respond to all of them.
Fourth, the scene in the above photo expresses a lot about my approach to theology. I view it as a journey, a pilgrimage if you will. For me, theology is an exciting adventure and not a place to settle in and defend. My mind changes even if not easily or with every wind of culture that blows. My favorite theologians are “pilgrim theologians”: Juergen Moltmann is a primary example and Clark Pinnock is another. Some critics call them “moving targets,” but I consider them theological explorers. As Puritan pastor John Robinson told his congregation “God always has new light to break forth from his Word.” Here I hope to share some of that new light I am exploring and I invite you to join in the conversation.
Religion  Christianity  Theology  Evangelicalism  Arminianism  Education  Research  Articles  Reviews  Blogs  Academics 
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River Hills Community Church: Home
An Evangelical Free Church in Janesville, Wisconsin. Our purpose is to display the greatness of God by declaring His greatness and serving others for joy and His honor.
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Young, Evangelical, and Catholic | A blog by Brantly Millegan
My name is Brantly Callaway Millegan. My beautiful wife Krista and I are both Catholic 20-somethings that got married while we were still in college. So far we've been blessed with two cute kids, Elijah and Adelaide.
Although we both grew up in Protestant churches, we were both fully received into the Catholic Church at Easter Vigil 2010 about a month before graduating from Wheaton College, the so-called "Harvard of evangelical schools".
At present, I am working part-time on a Master of Arts of Theology at the St Paul Seminary School of Divinity in St Paul, MN and I'm working full-time as the Director of Family Faith Formation at St Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Buffalo, MN.
Aside from spending time with my family and friends, I enjoy reading, playing the piano, and the show LOST.
Religion  Christianity  Catholicism  Evangelicalism  Church  Theology  Apologetics  Reading  Blogs  News  Opinions  Resources  Reviews 
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Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and Graduate School
Founded in 1973 as part of Dr. Jerry Falwell’s vision for Christian education, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, located in Lynchburg, Virginia, provided an answer for the ever-growing need of students seeking graduate Christian theological education. Since that time, LBTS has continued to grow and thrive as it provides quality Christian education to its students.LBTS and its distinguished evangelical faculty offer a multitude of seminary degree programs. These include a number of Master and Master of Arts degrees, a Doctor of Ministry and two Doctors of Philosophy. Seminary courses and programs are available residentially and through online seminary courses. Residential seminary students are also able to interact with other students through LBTS-sponsored events. LBTS offers affordable tuition, a vigorous education, and unparalleled opportunities to gain real experience in ministry work. Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary’s Center for Ministry Training and Center for Church Planting are both housed within LBTS. These centers offer many opportunities for students to enrich their own ministries and supplement their educational experiences.
Religion  Christianity  Theology  Ministry  Education  Research  Seminary  Baptists  Evangelicalism 
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Monergism :: Donald A. Carson
Donald A. Carson is research professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. He has been at Trinity since 1978.
Carson came to Trinity from the faculty of Northwest Baptist Theological Seminary in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he also served for two years as academic dean. He has served as assistant pastor and pastor and has done itinerant ministry in Canada and the United Kingdom.
Carson received the Bachelor of Science in chemistry from McGill University, the Master of Divinity from Central Baptist Seminary in Toronto, and the Doctor of Philosophy in New Testament from the University of Cambridge.
Carson was founding chair of The GRAMCORD Institute, a research and educational institution designed to develop and promote computer-related tools for research into the Bible, focusing especially on the original languages. Carson is an active guest lecturer in academic and church settings around the world. He holds membership on the Council for the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.
Carson and his wife, Joy, reside in Libertyville, Illinois. They have two children. In his spare time, Carson enjoys reading, hiking, and woodworking.
Religion  Christianity  BibleStudy  Theology  Evangelism  Discipleship  Evangelicalism  Education  Research  Sermons  Lectures  Authors 
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Second Presbyterian Church
Second Presbyterian Church is a family of believers committed to worshipping, loving and serving God. We are Reformed, evangelical, members of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) denomination and involved in The Gospel Coalition. We seek to serve people and meet human needs in the name of Christ.
Religion  Christianity  Ministry  Worship  Missions  Church  Education  Homeschooling  Leadership  BibleStudy  Resources  Libraries  Sermons  Podcasts  Lectures  Devotionals  Reformed  Evangelicalism  Presbyterianism 
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TeachingTheWord Ministries - Equipping the Scripture-Driven Church
The church of Jesus Christ must once again become the Scripture-driven church. God's inspired, inerrant Word must be our sole authority, and our infallible critic, in every area of life and ministry.
Religion  Christianity  Church  Evangelicalism  Ministry  Theology  Apologetics  Discipleship  BibleStudy  Education  Resources  Devotionals  Articles  Podcasts  Sermons 
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Christian resources from Grove Books
At Grove Books, we aim to stimulate and equip Christian community by providing clear and concise explorations of Christian living and ministry.
We would like Grove Books to be your first call for comment on contemporary issues that is based on biblical principles, engages with best practice, and offers practical application.
We are evangelical and Anglican, and seek to engage with, learn from and speak to others.
Religion  Christianity  BibleStudy  Evangelism  Ministry  Spirituality  Worship  Ethics  Education  Resources  eBooks  Journals  Evangelicalism  Anglicanism 
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