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The Upper Room
The Upper Room® is a global ministry dedicated to supporting the spiritual formation of Christians seeking to know and experience God more fully. From its beginnings as a daily devotional guide, The Upper Room has grown to include publications, programs, prayer support, and other resources to help believers of all ages and denominations move to a deeper level of faith and service.
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january 2013 by fridalee
Lessons Learned While Listening: Christian Devotions for the Day to Day | Debra Fileta
A Christian Counselor's reflections on faith, life, love and God in the day to day...
First and foremost I'm a woman in love with her Lord. Secondly, the wife of an amazing husband. Thirdly, a proud mother two precious children. Fourthly, a Licensed Professional Counselor who has the honor of sharing in the lives of others. And lastly, I'm an author- who sees these words on a page as the most therapeutic part of my day. I'm writing my first book about dating and finding true love called True Love Dates. Look for it with Zondervan publishing, coming Fall 2013!
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january 2013 by fridalee
Episcopal Church
The Episcopal Church welcomes all who worship Jesus Christ, in 109 dioceses and three regional areas in 16 nations. The Episcopal Church is a member province of the worldwide Anglican Communion.
The mission of the Church, as stated in The Book of Common Prayer’s catechism (page 855), is to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ.
The 2012 General Convention established the Anglican Communion Five Marks of Mission as a mission priority framework for the 2013-2015 triennium:
· To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom
· To teach, baptize and nurture new believers
· To respond to human need by loving service
· To seek to transform unjust structures of society
· To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth
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january 2013 by fridalee
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS)
The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) is a North American Confessional Lutheran denomination of Christianity. Characterized as theologically conservative, it was founded in 1850 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As of 2011, it had a baptized membership of over 383,506 in 1,287 congregations, with members in all 50 US states and 4 provinces of Canada. It is the third largest Lutheran denomination in the United States, following the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS).
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january 2013 by fridalee
Sing them over again to me, wonderful words of life...
Welcome to the Electronic Hymnal!
Here you will find great hymns of the church, with lyrics, midi files, mp3 and wma audio files, and much, much more.
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december 2012 by fridalee
Common Prayer | A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals
Common Prayer is a tapestry of daily prayers inviting faith communities from around the world to pray, sing, and act together. At this site, you’ll find prayers for every evening, morning, and midday that celebrate the best of the Christian tradition and engage with the most pressing issues of our world today. There are also songs from various traditions, including African-American spirituals, traditional hymns, Mennonite gathering songs, and Taize chants—a ‘greatest hits’ from the church’s first 2000 years. There’s a calendar to help us remember our saints and landmark dates in the struggle for peace and justice. And there’s a collection of prayers for special occasions.
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december 2012 by fridalee
Full Hands ... Full Heart | Carmen
reflections from Seminary Avenue (on anything from preschool to PhD)
I've been happily married to the love of my life for over 13 years and we have 3 beautiful children. After my graduation from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2011 with an MA in Biblical Studies, we moved to Illinois where I'm working on a PhD in Old Testament at Wheaton College Graduate School under Dr. Daniel Block. I believe passionately in the Word of God (both written and incarnate!) and my deepest joy is seeing lives transformed by the truth of Jesus Christ.
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december 2012 by fridalee
The Text This Week - Revised Common Lectionary, Scripture Study and Worship Links
This site features a wide variety of resources for study and liturgy based on the 3-year Revised Common Lectionary* cycle. I intentionally include a diverse variety of resources for scripture study, reflection and liturgy, and purposefully do not restrict the resources to any particular theological/ideological position, including my own. The site is a work-in-progress. I spend between 40 and 60 hours each week updating links and finding more resources to link.
The purpose of this website is to provide links to resources for study, reflection and liturgy which correspond to the RCL readings you may be using for study, teaching & preaching. The lectionary tables on this site are the easiest way I could think of to provide easy, lectionary-relevant access to study and liturgy resources. I am not attempting to provide calendars for official readings for any particular denomination. Please check your denominational sources for the official readings for any particular occasion. If/when you find any errors at The Text This Week, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know about them.
At The Text This Week, you will find conveniently-organized links to a treasure of resources for study, reflection and liturgy pertaining to each week's lectionary texts - both as individual pericopes and as a group of readings within their liturgical setting -- a virtual study desk of sorts, laid out for your weekly exegetical work. Try the Art Concordance if you're looking for lists of artwork indexed according to Biblical themes.
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december 2012 by fridalee
Sacred Space | Your daily prayer online
Welcome! We invite you to make a 'Sacred Space' in your day, praying here and now, as you visit our website, with the help of scripture chosen every day and on-screen guidance.
Sacred Space is inspired by the spirituality of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, a sixteenth-century Basque, whose insights into God's working with the human heart have been of great assistance to countless people over the centuries and are found more helpful than ever today.
Sacred Space is a work of the Irish Province of the Society of Jesus - the Jesuits. The site originated in the offices of the Jesuit Communication Centre in Ireland in 1999. Within a short time, many other languages were introduced.
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december 2012 by fridalee
Home: Kids 4 Truth
Kids 4 Truth International is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that exists to inspire and equip God's people to reach boys and girls worldwide with the memorable, creative, leading-edge teaching of God-focused truth.
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december 2012 by fridalee
Mercy not Sacrifice | The Blog of Morgan Guyton
I’m the associate pastor of Burke United Methodist Church and lead pastor for our Lifesign contemporary service. My wife Cheryl is a certified candidate for ministry in the United Methodist Church as well. She’s served as a hospital chaplain in the past, but is currently taking some time off to stay home with our two boys Matthew (5) and Isaiah (2).
I’m a broken person whose brokenness is what qualifies me to love and serve other broken people. I’m learning to be less ideological and subordinate everything else that I believe to trusting in God’s love. I’m very passionate which can turn into arrogance when I don’t have enough loving friends around to call me out. Above all, I seek to be saved from the prison of self-justification that Christ died to help me overcome. The more that Christ liberates me from the need to be right all the time, the more that I grow capable of love.
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december 2012 by fridalee
FEBC Canada | 加拿大遠東廣播公司
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december 2012 by fridalee
Worthy Network
Worthy Network is a Christian organization based in Israel with a global outreach to more than 120 countries on a daily basis.
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december 2012 by fridalee
One Thousand Gifts | A Dare to LIVE FULLY Right Where You Are
One Thousand Gifts:
A Dare to Live Fully
Right Where You Are
{a Top Ten bestseller @Amazon :: Zondervan}
USAToday Bestseller
New York Times Bestseller
"...[from] one of the most gifted writers I have ever read... a book that will challenge you and mess with you in the most beautiful of ways..."
Lysa Terkeurst, Proverbs 31 Ministries
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december 2012 by fridalee
Bible Memory is a scripture music site with a two fold mission.
1. To create and distribute musical tools to help people memorize the Word of God.
2. To encourage and assist artists in production, distribution and promotion of scripture music to the body of Christ.
We hope you find your visit to our site enjoyable and that you will take the time to sample some the scripture songs that are available. If this site has been a blessing to you please let us know. We love to hear testimonies from our listeners.
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december 2012 by fridalee
Verse Card Maker - Home
The Verse Card Maker is a simple and efficient way to create customized verse cards for scripture memory. The only thing required of the user is a list of references, and then the Verse Card Maker does the rest by fetching the text and returning a fully formatted PDF ready for front and back printing.
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december 2012 by fridalee
The HSBA Post — Encouraging, Informing, and Connecting the Homeschool Community
The Homeschool Post started out in 2006 as a site to host the Homeschool Blog Awards… but we realized that the community of homeschool moms online needed a place to be encouraged, informed, and inspired all year, and not just during the awards season. So we recruited some of our favorite bloggers with mad writing and graphic talent to bring you constant content to help your homeschool journey along – every day of the week!
We currently have 20 authors and many guest authors. You can find out more about each of them by clicking their photos in the sidebar. We are always looking for talented homeschool bloggers to join our team as authors move on for bigger projects or for quieter, simpler days without blogging assignments. We have had some spectacular authors over the past five years and have a fabulous set right now. We hope you’ll follow them on their personal blogs as well as here at the post since they give up their time and talents to work here for free.
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december 2012 by fridalee
Holley Gerth — Heart to Heart with Holley
Hey Friend!
I’m so glad you’re here. If we were having coffee together, I’d lean in and ask about who you are, what you dream of, what makes your heart beat faster. Then if you asked me the same, this is what I’d say…
I sweat too much when I’m nervous. I’m not a morning person {I once put chocolate on the alarm clock to bribe myself to get up. I ate it and went back to bed}. I like to change the lyrics to happy 80s songs and sing them to my crazy dog. I’m goofy and a little messy and thankful for grace. And good friends who love me as I am.
I’ve adored words and ideas ever since I was a little girl growing up in my grandparents’ bookstore. I feel grateful every day that my God-sized dream to be a writer actually came true {pinch me}. I’m the best-selling author of You’re Already Amazing and I also partner with DaySpring.
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december 2012 by fridalee
Fundamentally Reformed | Reforming Fundamentalism (IFB) through Reformed Theology
Reforming independent Baptist fundamentalism through Reformed Theology, an ex-fundamentalist discusses theology in general, focusing on problems with hyper fundamentalism
I’m Bob Hayton, a former Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB), who now embraces Reformed Theology. I blog to: 1) spread a passion for Jesus Christ, 2) help people harmed by extreme fundamentalism, 3) incite wider reform in fundamentalism & beyond, and 4) defend my theological positions. Also, since 2008, I have focused on reading and reviewing books–using my blog as a tool to encourage me to keep reading. I now have collected all my reviews under the “Book Reviews” tab on this site, and contribute to a group book review site: Cross Focused Reviews (
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december 2012 by fridalee
The Christian Humanist Blog -
The podcasting trio of Grubbs, Farmer, and Gilmour on the intersect of Christian and intellectual life
We’re Humanists in the Renaissance sense.
We’re friends in the Aristotelian sense.
We’re intellectuals in the Dantean sense.
We’re Christians in the broadest sense.
Additionally, our introduction states that we aim to be “unapologetically confessional, unabashedly intellectual . . . taking the question at hand seriously and ourselves not at all.”
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november 2012 by fridalee
Jesus Christ homepage at Rejesus |:| title page is your site to explore Jesus, his life, his character his spirituality as well as what has been said about him. Interact by having your say, asking a question or by telling us who you think Jesus is.
Rejesus has a single focus - it goes to the very heart of Christian life and faith - the person of Jesus Christ himself. Its aim is to reach people who have little previous knowledge of Jesus or the Christian faith and to encourage a step or two of faith. Every visitor has the opportunity to delve into engaging material and respond to it by giving their opinion, praying a prayer or asking a tough question. Friendships are created in the Community section and people are taking steps of faith.
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november 2012 by fridalee
Mary DeMuth | Live Uncaged Author & Speaker
I love Jesus, my sweet family, and my ordinary life. My aspiration? To help you live uncaged--to be able to fully embrace the freedom-infused life God has for you.
Hello! I'm Mary DeMuth. I've written two Christian living titles, six southern novels, four parenting books, two devotionals and a memoir entitled Thin Places. I've spoken around the world, helping people live uncaged, freedom-infused lives. I love stories--yours in particular--because I believe we all are living a great adventure. Speaking of adventure, I'm the mom of three amazing kids and married to a terribly handsome husband.
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november 2012 by fridalee
Polumeros kai Polutropos | A Resource Blog on the Book of Hebrews | Brian Small
I have a Ph.D. in New Testament from Baylor University. My dissertation is entitled, "The Characterization of Jesus in the Book of Hebrews." I currently teach Christian Scriptures and Great Texts at Baylor University.
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november 2012 by fridalee
Unsettled Christianity
One blog to rule them all, One blog to find them, One blog to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
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november 2012 by fridalee
Expect The Exceptional by Tony Alicea
This site is about two things: IDENTITY and DESTINY.
The purpose of this site is to help others discover the identity and destiny that God has put inside of us. It isn’t until we get a grip on who God says that we are, that we can live the life He intended for us.
As sons and daughters of the Living God, we should live lives where we expect the exceptional and not live mediocre or insignificant lives.
My prayer is that the writing on this site will “encourage, comfort and urge you to live lives worthy of God, who calls you into his kingdom and glory.” (1 Thess 2:12).
This site is broken up into the following categories:
* Identity – These are posts to encourage you to discover your identity in Christ.
* Exceptional Living – These are posts which explore ways to live intentionally.
* Meditations – These are musings and meditations on the faith walk.
* Odds & Ends – This is a catch-all for posts that don’t fit anywhere else.
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november 2012 by fridalee
The High Calling seeks to create opportunities for Christian leaders to encounter God through new media tools for the transformation of daily life, work, and our world. Christian leaders are in all aspects and activities of daily life—including home, community, leisure, as well as occupation.
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november 2012 by fridalee
More Than Coping
My name is Allan Adams AKA Erunner and I reside in Southern California. I have lived with Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia, and some depression for the last 17 years. My earliest memories are filled with fear. Some of those fears were quite rational, while as an adolescent they started to become irrational.
I have been a Christian since 1976. I also married in 1976 and my wife and I have three adult children.
Becoming a Christian did not cause my fears to go away. In fact, they grew worse over time. Things came to a head for me as I was driving to a business appointment on a Saturday in November of 1993 or 1994. This is when I had my first full blown panic attack.
Since that day I have experienced a lot. I have read and heard a lot about my illnesses and many others. They include O.C. D., Bi-Polar Disorder, Depression, Schizophrenia, and eating disorders.
“More Than Coping” is the name I gave to a small support group I started some years ago. Although the group didn’t go as I had planned, its name and what it means to me are still close to my heart. In short, many Christians who suffer emotionally are hanging on by their fingernails, as they try to get by and survive. Quite literally, they are coping as best as they can. My desire is to see all of us do more than simply cope. We serve a loving God and we all desire the abundant life He promises. Hopefully, this blog can be used by Him to that end.
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november 2012 by fridalee
How To Memorize The Scriptures - Memory Delight
This is Don O. from Memory Delight. We now have over 170,000 subscribers to Memory Delight from across the globe. God has truly blessed us to be able to reach that many Christians and non-Christians alike.
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november 2012 by fridalee
Unlocking the Bible
Unlocking The Bible is a ministry that focuses on sharing the Power of the Open Book.
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november 2012 by fridalee | Bible study resources and books for students at all levels
We have set up to be a self-supporting, independent ministry that encourages a deeper study of the Bible, not as an end in itself, but as a means to a much greater end: to know God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Ultimately, our goal is to have eternal fellowship with Father and Son through the Spirit—sharing in their eternal life, their infinite love, their life-transforming power, and their urgent mission in our world in community with the world-wide community of saved believers.
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november 2012 by fridalee
Elizabeth and Jim George — Live a Life After God's Own Heart.
Bestselling authors dedicated to helping people live a life after God’s own heart. They've written over 70 books with more than 8 million copies sold. For over 30 years, they've helped countless men and women:
* Simplify life focusing on God’s priorities.
* Appreciate God’s truth and apply it to daily situations.
* Powerfully shape the hearts of children and teens.
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november 2012 by fridalee
CRI/Voice, Institute - The Voice, Main Menu
THE VOICE is the Internet web site of CRI/Voice, Institute, a global and ecumenical ministry dedicated to providing biblical and theological resources for growing Christians.
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november 2012 by fridalee
Thoughts About God - Christian stories, devotionals, Bible studies, poems, prayers, and quotes for spiritual maturity
Welcome to Thoughts About God. We pray that you will be encouraged and inspired as you read the articles on this website.
The goal of Thoughts About God is to help people grow in their relationship with God. We recognize that every person is at a different place in their spiritual journey--our prayer is that the content on this website, our mentors and our prayer partners will help you have a closer walk with God. The quote by Blaise Pascal states what we also believe.
“There is a God shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created
thing, but only by God, the Creator,
made known through Jesus.”
~ Marvin and Katherine Kehler
Directors of Thoughts about
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november 2012 by fridalee
Christian Cards, Inspirational Gifts, Home Decor, and More! | DaySpring
DaySpring offers free Christian E-Cards, boxed cards, gifts, home decor and more. Inspirational gifts for all occasions!
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november 2012 by fridalee
小羊靈修網 | 讓主愛廣為傳揚‧讚美祂歌聲不斷
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october 2012 by fridalee
希望藉著此網站傳達神的愛,提供一個信仰交流的園地,並且鼓勵大家每日親近神,建立有能力的基督徒生活。 內容來源: 海外華人網站內容,來自各位作者的支持,以及《追求雜誌》多年的成果;也收集一些網站上或出版社的好文章,僅供各位弟兄姊妹做靈修、學習查考之用,版權歸出版社或原作者所有。若無意中侵犯了您的版權,請給我們來信,我們會立即採取措施。
Religion  Christianity  Evangelism  Devotionals  Testimonies  Articles  Videos  Resources  Canada 
october 2012 by fridalee
Home - Sammy Tippit Ministries
Mission | Sammy Tippit Ministries exists to glorify God by evangelizing the world for Christ.
Vision | Sammy Tippit Ministries acts as a catalyst of revival within the Body of Christ worldwide. We equip and impart vision and a passion for the lost to church leaders in such a way that it results in outreach and impacts both cities and nations for Christ with long-term results.
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october 2012 by fridalee
Inward/Outward | A ministry of Church of the Saviour in Washington DC
inward/outward is an ongoing, online conversation sponsored by The Church of the Saviour in Washington, DC.
Religion  Christianity  Spirituality  Devotionals  Quotes  Blogs 
october 2012 by fridalee
Faith Apps by JCTROIS
Daily Bible Devotion | Get new devotionals everyday on your mobile phone with a Bible verse and a way to apply it to your life!
Religion  Christianity  Technology  Devotionals  Apps 
october 2012 by fridalee
╬ 神州团契 ╋ 精彩首页:每日灵修、免费灵粮、信仰栽培、各地堂点…… - Powered by Discuz!
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september 2012 by fridalee
《每日箴言》原稿源于英文灵修读物TODAY. TODAY是由 Back To God Ministries International机构定期出版的双月灵修小册子,原稿由资深牧师及圣经学者撰写,精心翻译为中文版《每日箴言》。 其特色是每月一个主题, 每日一篇默想。英文原稿现时印刷数量已超过 470,000, 并已翻译成为中文、法文、西班牙文、印尼文、日文、韩文,及葡萄牙文。
Religion  Christianity  Spirituality  Ministry  Devotionals 
august 2012 by fridalee
Marva Dawn - Home
Teaching Fellow, Spiritual Theology, Regent College. BA (Concordia), MA (Idaho), MDiv (Western Evangelical), ThM (Pacific Lutheran), PhD (Notre Dame).
Dr. Dawn serves as Theologian/ Educator under Christians Equipped for Ministry of Vancouver, Washington. Her books on worship have both been named by the Academy of Parish clergy among their top ten books, and her volume, Powers, Weakness, and the Tabernacling of God, received Christianity Today's 2002 Book Award in the category of the Church/ Pastoral Leadership.
Religion  Christianity  Theology  Spirituality  Church  Worship  Authors  Academics  Devotionals  Lectures  Publications 
august 2012 by fridalee
Protestant Reformed Fellowship of Pittsburgh | 716 Atlantic Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15221. Worship Times: Sunday 9:30AM & 5:00PM
The Protestant Reformed Fellowship of Pittsburgh is a group of families and individuals of every age and various backgrounds and is affiliated with the churches known as the Protestant Reformed Churches in America. Our roots extend from the truths of God’s Word through the great Protestant Reformation of the 16th century, in which John Calvin and Martin Luther faithfully labored.
The Protestant Reformed Churches in America are a denomination of 31 churches and almost 7800 members in the United States and Canada. Founded as a separate denomination of Reformed churches in 1924, the PRC stand in the tradition of the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century. Their origin as a denomination was the doctrinal controversy over “common grace” within the Christian Reformed Church in the early 1920s, occasioned by that church’s adoption of the doctrine of common grace as official church dogma. The result of the controversy was that several ministers with their congregations were put out of the Christian Reformed Church. These men then established the Protestant Reformed Churches (PRC).
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august 2012 by fridalee
Harvest Bible Chapel - Welcome
Harvest Bible Chapel is one church on multiple campuses with one purpose: bring glory to God.
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august 2012 by fridalee
James MacDonald | Walk in the Word
James MacDonald provokes Christians to think and act on their faith.
Walk in the Word, the Bible-teaching ministry of Dr. James MacDonald, Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in the suburbs of Chicago and teacher of the daily Walk in the Word broadcast. James MacDonald's ministries emphasize the precise exposition and life application of God's Word. Whether from behind the pulpit or through audio, video, web, printed resources, and events, his personal and practical teaching leads people to the transforming power of God's Word.
Religion  Christianity  Ministry  Church  Education  Discipleship  BibleStudy  Sermons  Podcasts  Devotionals  Blogs  Resources  Events  Authors 
august 2012 by fridalee
Second Presbyterian Church
Second Presbyterian Church is a family of believers committed to worshipping, loving and serving God. We are Reformed, evangelical, members of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) denomination and involved in The Gospel Coalition. We seek to serve people and meet human needs in the name of Christ.
Religion  Christianity  Ministry  Worship  Missions  Church  Education  Homeschooling  Leadership  BibleStudy  Resources  Libraries  Sermons  Podcasts  Lectures  Devotionals  Reformed  Evangelicalism  Presbyterianism 
august 2012 by fridalee
Sovereign Grace Baptist Church -
Sovereign Grace Baptist has been gathering as an independent congregation of believers since 1976, meeting then as Grace Baptist Church of Anniston, and holding to the Biblical and historical truths of the doctrines of God’s sovereign grace.
We are in general agreement with the First London Baptist Confession of Faith (1644/46) and the Philadelphia Confession (1742), which is the first American Baptist confession of faith.
The Word of God contained in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament are central to all our public and private worship. We preach and teach expositionally through the Bible to minister doctrinally, experientially and practically to the believer in Jesus Christ.
We also take seriously our Lord's command to make disciples and teach His commandments to those who are made disciples so we do seek to honor the Lord in evangelism and world missions at every practical and permissible opportunity.
Affiliations: Sovereign Grace Baptist Fellowship
Religion  Christianity  Reformed  Baptists  Church  Evangelism  Discipleship  Theology  History  BibleStudy  Sermons  Resources  Devotionals 
august 2012 by fridalee
Northland International University
At Northland International University, we show you how to answer the call of the Great Commission as a servant-leader. Every aspect of your experience with us is an opportunity for discipleship-from dorm life to daily devotions, from rigorous classwork to involvement in off-campus ministry. With a strong Bible-based education and continual opportunities for hands-on, real-world experience, we give you what you need to "be one. make many." God has great plans for you. We'll help you achieve them. Click on a link below to learn more!
Religion  Christianity  Seminary  Education  Research  Discipleship  Ministry  Theology  Missions  Sermons  Devotionals  Resources  Universities 
august 2012 by fridalee
Northland International University -
The mission of Northland International University is (1) to glorify God by providing an educational environment for developing servant-leaders in honesty, obedience, wisdom, and service to love Jesus Christ with all their heart, soul, and mind (2) and by teaching students to live by the principles of God's Word, to walk with God as His faithful laborers, and to serve in local churches for revival, world evangelization, and the discipling of future generations for the cause of Jesus Christ.
Religion  Christianity  Seminary  Education  Research  Discipleship  Ministry  Theology  Missions  Sermons  Devotionals  Resources  Universities 
august 2012 by fridalee
Discover The Book Ministries
DTBM is a partnership of people from everywhere John Barnett has ministered (SC, CA, NY, MI, RI, OK, etc.) who help spread God's Word through taking the lessons already taught to a local church and making them available free of charge all over the USA and the World.
John Barnett founded DTBM, as a non-profit 501c3 Oklahoma incorporated, outreach ministry. Currently DTBM is sending evangelistic and Bible teaching materials (books, study guides, CDs, radio shows, web based materials, etc) to over 160 countries around the world. The main offices are in Tulsa but there are other locations we support for translation work (in Russia, Jordan, Brazil, Korea, etc.) and to produce daily broadcasts.
Religion  Christianity  Ministry  BibleStudy  Evangelism  Education  Resources  Devotionals  Sermons  Articles  Videos 
august 2012 by fridalee
Faith Free Presbyterian Church | Just another WordPress site
Fundamental in Doctrine, believing in the divine authority and verbal inspiration of the Bible, and the great fundamental doctrines of grace it contains. The Scriptures alone are the supreme authority in matters of faith and practice. The Free Presbyterian Church uses the Authorized Version (KJV) of the Bible.
Separatist in Practice, believing and practicing the doctrine of Biblical separatism. In accordance with this, the Free Presbyterian Church has no association with the modern Ecumenical or Charismatic movements, nor will it fellowship with any church which has departed from the fundamental doctrines of the Word of God.
Religion  Christianity  Fundamentalism  Presbyterianism  Reformed  Church  Ministry  Devotionals  Sermons  USA 
july 2012 by fridalee
WMUU broadcasts beautiful music to Upstate, SC. - FM 94.5 WMUU
WMUU is a Christian station. Our primary mission is to have a Spiritual impact on the communities we serve. We design our music and programming to point you to Jesus Christ. We strive to lift the minds and hearts of our listeners to higher spiritual and cultural ground.
Religion  Christianity  Ministry  Church  Education  Discipleship  Spirituality  Apologetics  BibleStudy  Radio  Music  Podcasts  Sermons  Hymns  Devotionals  Classics  Universities 
july 2012 by fridalee
TeachingTheWord Ministries - Equipping the Scripture-Driven Church
The church of Jesus Christ must once again become the Scripture-driven church. God's inspired, inerrant Word must be our sole authority, and our infallible critic, in every area of life and ministry.
Religion  Christianity  Church  Evangelicalism  Ministry  Theology  Apologetics  Discipleship  BibleStudy  Education  Resources  Devotionals  Articles  Podcasts  Sermons 
july 2012 by fridalee
Bible Study: Bible Study Guides
Bible study is one of the most important activities in our daily lives; thus, is devoted to providing Bible study resources.
All of the Articles, Audio Bible Lessons, Video Lessons (except for the Harkrider series), Topical Scripture Guide, and Children's Bible Stories are by Allan McNabb.
The Bible Class Books and Interactive Bible Lessons were written by members of the church of Christ.
Reference resources such as the commentaries, encyclopedias, and dictionaries were written by people of different religious backgrounds and beliefs.
When using the resources on, please use the Berean method of Bible study (Acts 17:11). Only believe the teaching after you find it to be true, as taught by God in His word.
Religion  Christianity  BibleStudy  Education  Resources  Articles  Lectures  Videos  Devotionals  eBooks  Reference 
july 2012 by fridalee
E-Word Today E-mail Devotional
Every year, our ministry delivers millions of e-mail devotionals and Web pages to readers all over the world. We started out as E-Word Today in 1999. In 2000, was created as a way to gather together several Web publications under one banner.
All of our publications are Web-based texts that serve to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ. Who are we? Oddly enough, the "us" in "About Us" is really a "me." (I just didn't want to post a page titled "About Me.")
My name is Mike, and I started this Web ministry during a time when I was working on my doctoral dissertation. I wanted to serve God while working on my degree, but I needed to do something that permitted me a great deal of flexibility.
I finally completed my Ph.D. in English and now teach composition, advertising copywriting, Web writing, and technical writing courses as a Professor of Technical Writing and Composition at a large midwestern university.
What started out as a little ministry grew into what I hope will be a life-long pursuit of Web work that serves those who wish to know more about Jesus. Thanks for visiting the Web sites. I hope you enjoy them and use them in a way that enhances your walk with Christ. God bless!
Religion  Christianity  BibleStudy  Reading  Ministry  Devotionals  Publications  Classics  eBooks  Reference 
july 2012 by fridalee
Matthew Henry Complete Bible Commentary Online
Matthew Henry's Complete Bible Commentary provides an exhaustive look at every verse. Study the bible online.
Religion  Christianity  BibleStudy  Reference  Puritanism  Devotionals  eBooks 
july 2012 by fridalee
the foolish galatian | a reform(ed)ing legalist becoming ever more stunned, mystified, and captured by grace
Welcome! This blog is dedicated to those reforming legalists who want nothing more than to rest wholly in the finished work of Calvary's Lamb. It is my aim to provide helpful insights and posts to help those struggling with the sin of works righteousness fight the fight of faith and come to rest in Christ's finished work. My name is Matthew Blair and I am a dog groomer (yep, a groomer), reformed in my theology, husband to Rhoda, dad to Alexis and Savanah, and a member of Calvary Baptist Church. I would also like to invite you to visit my other blog "Life With A Bible" (, and my website ( dedicated to the works and life of Octavius Winslow!
Religion  Christianity  BibleStudy  Theology  Discipleship  Design  Resources  Reviews  Interviews  Blogs  Devotionals  Websites  Reformed 
july 2012 by fridalee
Bible Reading Project | Jonathan Ammon
Dedicated to creative, inspiring and exciting methods of interacting with God's Word and with His son Jesus Christ.
Welcome to Bible Reading Project. This blog is designed to inspire new, creative, interactive and meditative ways of reading God's word. As followers of Jesus Christ we are blessed with the inherent drive and passion to spend our whole life studying one book: the Holy Bible. As fanatics of the Good Book, we should strive to memorize the Word, meditate on it and get it into our hearts.
This blog was partially inspired by Bible Design Blog ( and The Foolish Galatian (, whose blogs feature Bible Reviews (regarding the physical form) as well as translation, reading and devotional content. Upon contemplating these blogs, I realized that my own interactions with God's word over the few years that I have been born again have become more and more unconventional and hands-on. I had begun thinking of my various reading strategies as Bible reading "projects." These projects usually included reading a certain translation and a certain edition of the Bible cover to cover with a distinct and deliberate strategy. I decided to organize and share my sundry ways of reading and interacting with God's word, along with the occasional spiritual insight and Bible and/or book review. Of course these methods are infinitesimally insignificant compared to the power of the Holy Spirit's revelation of the Word to each believer's heart. I simply desire to encourage new ways to involve the mind as well as the heart and spirit in my own digestion of the words of life. I hope this inspires others to spice up their reading (and writing) as they study the Bible with greater zeal, energy and creativity.
Religion  Christianity  BibleStudy  Reading  Translation  Reviews  Devotionals  Blogs  Resources 
july 2012 by fridalee
Living Christ Today: For Every Degree of Life
God's love and grace impact all areas of life-- friendship, marriage, parenting, work. Living Christ Today is a ministry of Covenant Theological Seminary that is designed to help you explore principles of Christ-centered living. Check out the many ways you can learn and live the truth of God’s Word.
Religion  Christianity  Discipleship  Ministry  Podcasts  Devotionals  Resources 
july 2012 by fridalee
iM Inspiring Moment 行動教會
[ i'M ] 是一個革命性的新型態教會,要把二千年之久的福音,用最現代的語言與都會文化和這個世界對話。整合現代行動通訊族群常使用的平台,以十五至四十歲的年輕專業族群為主要目標,透過App手機應用程式、FB社團(臉書)、YouTube影音頻道、以及[ i'M ] 行動教會網站,讓人認識並經驗一個真實的信仰。
Religion  Christianity  Church  Ministry  Worship  Videos  Devotionals  Hymns  Resources  Apps  Web2.0  EmergingChurch  Taiwan 
july 2012 by fridalee
CMA Ministries - Reformed Theology
Biblical Teaching from a Reformed Perspective
Thank you for visiting CMA Ministries. This site exists for the purpose of exposing God's people to the much forgotten teachings of the reformers, and of the reformation in general. Many of the great doctrines of the Church were championed by such men as Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, and others, as they withstood countless attacks against the truth, most of which were initiated from within the 'Church' itself.
Doctrines such as Justification by faith alone, the Perspicuity and Sufficiency of Scripture, and the absolute Sovereignty of God were all challenged by the established Church in Rome and elsewhere. But thank God for those who had the wisdom and the courage and the fortitude to stand toe-to-toe with the religious hierarchy and defend the truth of God's holy word!
Inside you'll find articles, studies, and devotional material, all from a reformed perspective, as well as my own personal writings under the link entitled, 'My Page.' May God bless you, as you seek to discover His truth and walk in a manner worthy of His calling.
Religion  Christianity  Theology  Ministry  BibleStudy  Reformed  Articles  Devotionals  eBooks  Sermons  Resources  Authors  Websites 
july 2012 by fridalee
雅米 - 心青年的角落!
RBC Ministries 创立的青年事工网站
“青年事工” (Youth Ministry Initiative),又称《雅米》(YMI),寻求连接全球17岁到30岁的青年,旨在:
* 挑战有渴望的青年通过音乐、文学、绘画等多种媒介用上帝的话语连接其他青年。我们向所有的青年基督徒发出邀请,每个人都有机会成为我们的内容供稿人。
* 鼓励青年通过这些媒介向其他青年分享、传递上帝的话语。
* 观察到当今的青年都熟悉电脑技术,我们开始透过电脑来联系你和其他青年。因此,我们创立了这个网站《雅米》。
Religion  Christianity  Evangelism  Spirituality  Discipleship  Ministry  Music  Literature  Arts  Devotionals  Articles  eBooks  Comics 
july 2012 by fridalee
Chris Aiken | Reflections on the Journey
My Name is Chris Aiken and I serve as the Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. I am a husband of one, a father to two, and a child of the King. This forum is a reflection of my thoughts from day to day. They are a bit "unrefinedd" at times...but they are what they are. I hope you enjoy your visit to my world...
Religion  Christianity  BibleStudy  Devotionals  Blogs 
july 2012 by fridalee
Home - Resources For Your Ministry from the people who bring you Our Daily Bread
Thank you for visiting Resources For Your Ministry, a ministry of RBC Ministries, Grand Rapids, Michigan, the publishers of "Our Daily Bread". For more than seventy years, the mission of RBC Ministries has been “to make the life-changing wisdom of the Bible understandable and accessible to all.” We hope you will find our website to be helpful, encouraging, and informative.
Welcome, we’re glad you’re here! With the many challenges facing servants of Christ today, useful resources, timely information, and genuine encouragement are more needed than ever before. To that end, Resources For Your Ministry is intended to be a place where you can find help. In addition to tools to work with, we hope that you’ll find here a place to be refreshed in your own spiritual life as well. So, grab a cup of coffee and take a look around the site. You’ll see weekly worship materials and sermon resources, as well as tons of ministry tools designed for you.
We’d love to hear from you. As you use the site, please send us ideas, suggestions, questions, and reactions. We want Resources for Your Ministry to meet your needs for quality ministry materials. Contact Us now.
Thanks for being here—and come back soon!
Religion  Christianity  Ministry  Church  Worship  Spirituality  BibleStudy  Tools  Resources  Sermons  Devotionals  Libraries 
july 2012 by fridalee
Lutheran Hour Ministries :: The Lutheran Hour
The Lutheran Hour® which began in 1930, is the world's longest-running, Christian outreach radio program. It proclaims the message of Jesus Christ to more than 800,000 people each week over 1300 radio stations across North America. It is also broadcast on the American Forces Network to reach military personnel and their families around the world.
Religion  Christianity  Lutheranism  Radio  Ministry  Sermons  Podcasts  Devotionals  Resources 
july 2012 by fridalee
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