Lasts Longer | Asymco
"Fundamentally, Apple is betting on having customers not selling them products."
apple  business  iphone  asymco  horacedediu 
september 2018
Why big companies squander good ideas | Financial Times
The British army and the tank, Sony and digital music players, etc. -- FT on why big companies squander good ideas
FT  financialtimes  tank  sony  british  army 
september 2018
Steve Blank Is the Lean Startup Dead?
Steve Blank on the lean startup in a world of abundant capital.
business  economics  startups  lean  customerdevelopment  steveblank 
september 2018
Letter of Recommendation: Rodney Dangerfield - The New York Times
"In the decade that followed, Dangerfield eliminated everything from his act but the setups and punch lines. In his determination to unlock how they worked, he devised multiple jokes around the same setup, like a composer writing variations on a theme."
rodneydangerfield  comedian  comic  standup  practice  hardwork 
august 2018
Process and Leverage in Fundraising
YC on how to run a process that creates leverage for founders
fundraising  business  yc  ycombinator 
may 2018
Ten Year's Worth of Learnings About Pricing
"3 Part Tariff (3PT) - Again, the software has a base platform fee but the fee is $25,000 because it includes the first 150k events are free. Each marginal event costs $0.15.

In academic research and theory, the 3 part tariff is proven to be best. It provides many different ways for the sales team to negotiate on price and captures the most value."
economics  pricing  sales  tomtunguz  redpoint 
january 2018
Never Negotiate Piecemeal. Here’s Why – Both Sides of the Table
If you negotiate piecemeal you end up compromising on everything.
negotiation  marksuster 
january 2018
Top-Down Demand – Jill Carlson – Medium
The layers of blockchain technology: Products, platforms, and protocols. Assets, tools, and rules. There are all kinds of dependencies. Good products rely on secure, friendly platforms. Secure platforms depend on sound, scalable protocols. Protocols hinge upon an asset that, itself, serves as a product.
bitcoin  blockchain  crypto  platforms  products  protocols 
january 2018
The Role of the Founder/CEO: You Have One Job – Hacker Noon
'One of the greatest skills a founder/CEO can acquire is a talent for deference.'
entrepreneurship  founder  leadership  management 
january 2018
An Investor's Take on Cryptoassets (external) v1.3.pdf
Author argues utility protocols will maximize value for users but provide little opportunity to create sustained economic rent for token holders, suggesting businesses built on these should be protocol-agnostic. Store of value is compelling.
crypto  protocol 
december 2017
Thin Protocols – Zeppelin
Author argues "fat protocols" will be competed away by forks, more specialized thin protocols, etc. which is great for users and suggest businesses build on top of protocols should be protocol-agnostic.
blockchain  zeppelin  protocol 
december 2017
The Blockchain Economy: A beginner’s guide to institutional cryptoeconomics
"Mechanical time allowed trade and exchange to be synchronised across great distances. It allowed for production and transport to be coordinated. It allowed for the day to be structured, for work to be compensated according to the amount of time worked — and for workers to know that they were being compensated fairly. Both employers and employees could look at a standard, independent instrument to verify that a contract had been performed."
time  blockchain  mechanicaltime 
december 2017
Product > Strategy > Business Model – AVC
Framework for thinking about the evolution of an early-stage startup.
strategy  price  pricing  business  avc  fredwilson 
november 2017
Bezos' 2016 shareholder letter
Four thoughts on high velocity decision making - how and why to aspire to this
advice  amazon  bezos  business  strategy  decisionmaking  process 
october 2017
The Service Recovery Paradox | The Slow Hunch by Nick Grossman
Nick Grossman on the service recovery paradox. How you handle a customer's issue can result in stronger affinity from that customer than if there wasn't an issue.
nickgrossman  customerservice  service 
september 2017
Maybe We All Need a Little Less Balance - NYTimes.com
"Nearly all of the great performers I’ve gotten to know — from athletes to artists to computer programmers to entrepreneurs — report a direct line between being happy, fulfilled and at their best and going all-in on something"
balance  self-awareness  nytimes 
august 2017
ImageNet: the data that spawned the current AI boom — Quartz
History of ImageNet and how important large, well labelled data sets are for deep learning.
deeplearning  machinelearning  data  dataset  imagenet 
july 2017
The New Moats – Greylock Perspectives
Jerry Chen from Greylock on 'systems of intelligence' as the next moat
ai  business  greylock  ml  machinelearning 
july 2017
CM2- Night Rider, our first ££ commercial bus route
Citymapper is launching a bus in London. They identified where to launch the bus based on data from their app.
data  app  citymapper  london  transit 
july 2017
The Mysteries of Means and Medians - WSJ
"If we’re talking about means, almost all of us have an above average number of arms." WSJ on anomalies with means and medians
stats  mean  median  wsj 
july 2017
The age of distributed truth — Remains of the Day
"Her post is a masterpiece of tone and rhetorical control, and it had to be." Eugene Wei on common knowledge, and the internet's role in distributing truth.
eugenewei  behavior  siliconvalley  uber  truth  writing 
july 2017
Thinking Long Term Can be Short Sighted* | Jon Steinberg | Pulse | LinkedIn
"I'm constantly asked where I see our business in 3 to 5 years. What's amazing is how rare it is that people ask me about how we work as a team to operate better, refine our processes and social ads offerings, and service our clients better on a daily basis... The real work gets done day in day out operating a little bit better."
improvement  management  leadership  growth  jonsteinberg 
june 2017
Not even wrong - ways to dismiss technology — Benedict Evans
Benedict Evans lays out a framework for trying to identify when a technology can evolve beyond a toy and when it can't.
technology  benedictevans 
june 2017
Compress to impress — Remains of the Day
Fantastic essay from Eugene Wei on the importance of packaging up ideas in memorable phrases. "What Jeff understood was the power of rhetoric. Time spent coming up with the right words to package a key concept in a memorable way was time well spent. People fret about what others say about them when they're not in the room, but Jeff was solving the issue of getting people to say what he'd say when he wasn't in the room."
eugenewei  jeffbezos  amazon  communication 
may 2017
Mobile is eating the world — Benedict Evans
Benedict Evans on mobile and how it's changing the world, including a lot of discussion on the application of machine learning
mobile  benedictevans  benevans  a16z 
december 2016
The Money Management Gospel of Yale’s Endowment Guru - The New York Times
NYT profile of David Swensen, Yale's endowment manager. "I edit every single memo,” he said. “I think that if you write your argument down, you might recognize flaws in it.”"
yale  nytimes  nyt  davidswensen  endowment 
november 2016
'Failure and innovation are inseparable twins': Amazon founder Jeff Bezos offers 7 leadership principles - GeekWire
A long list of insights from Jeff Bezos, including this gem on failure: “At Amazon, we have to grow the size of our failures as the size of our company grows,” he said. “We have to make bigger and bigger failures — otherwise none of our failures will be needle movers. It’s a very bad sign over the long run if Amazon wasn’t making larger and larger failures."
amazon  bezos  jeffbezos  failure  management  leadership 
november 2016
Five Forecasts For The Future – Medium
"One of the things I’ve learned from the partners at Benchmark is just how important it is to invest with a tremendous insight into the present."
benchmark  scottbelsky 
november 2016
Wherefore art thou Macintosh? | Asymco
Horace Dediu on the Mac's role in a world where Apple's mobile efforts are disrupting computing.
apple  business  disruption  asymco  horacedediu 
november 2016
Salesforce (CRM) uses Glassdoor like Yelp for billion-dollar buyout decisions — Quartz
Salesforce leaked board deck. Amazing how much importance was placed on Glassdoor ratings for CEOs at potential acquisitions
salesforce  colinpowell  glassdoor  ceoratings 
november 2016
Google and the Limits of Strategy – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Ben Thompson writing on Stratechery about what Google Assistant and Google Pixel signal re. the company's strategy
ai  android  google  apple  googleassistant 
october 2016
A(Junior)VC | Whoops by Jonathan Libov
Jonathan Libov reflects on his time as an analyst at USV and offers advice to other junior VCs. Applicable to anyone interesting in technology and something I need to get back to doing... "mess around in the corners of the internet"
usv  jonathanlibov  fringe 
august 2016
How to Hire – eShares
Fantastic post from Henry Ward at eShares on how to hire and who to hire
hr  hiring  startup  people  henryward  eshares 
august 2016
The Hype—and Hope—of Artificial Intelligence - The New Yorker
Om makes a great argument for why AI's real benefit will be in augmenting what humans can do. And how AI is enabled by what humans have done.
om  ommalik  ai 
august 2016
Apple under Tim Cook: More socially responsible, less visionary - Aug. 24, 2016
"Taste is one of those things that everyone on Earth thinks they have even when they don't."
apple  taste  cook  jobs  stevejobs 
august 2016
Whiplash and Extreme Greatness | always happy; never satisfied
Anecdotes of Kobe Bryants work ethic as it relates to the difference between "being great" and "being one of the greats"
kobe  kobebryant  great  whiplash 
august 2016
Wild, Wooly AI DAOs — Medium
Fascinating piece exploring how AI could impact DAOs.
dao  blockchain  ai 
august 2016
What Great Listeners Actually Do
HBR on what it means to be a good listener:

"While many of us have thought of being a good listener being like a sponge that accurately absorbs what the other person is saying, instead, what these findings show is that good listeners are like trampolines. They are someone you can bounce ideas off of — and rather than absorbing your ideas and energy, they amplify, energize, and clarify your thinking. They make you feel better not merely passively absorbing, but by actively supporting. This lets you gain energy and height, just like someone jumping on a trampoline."
conversation  listening  hbr  harvard 
august 2016
Imaging, Snapchat and mobile — Benedict Evans
a16z's Benedict Evans thinks about image sensors on smartphones combined with machine learning
a16z  benedictevans  photograhy  images 
august 2016
Continuations : The Next Frontier for Peer Production: Open...
Albert Wenger in 2013 talking about applying machine learning to the output of peer produced content to create something more valuable
usv  albertwenger  peer  peerproduction  machinelearning 
august 2016
In praise of failure — Benedict Evans
Benedict Evans analyzes data from 7,000 VC investments to show the economics of startups and startup investing (data comes from a LP)
startup  benedictevans  a16z  investing 
august 2016
Radical Focus — the core skill of a startup CEO — Medium
"'Be insanely ambition with your goals and insanely frugal in your use of resources'. Your leadership will be defined by your ability to define the right mission for your company and transform it into a radically narrow set of operational goals."
goals  focus  objectives 
july 2016
Civilization is itself a thinking machine
"Global Civilisation is something we humans created, though none of us really know how. It's out of the individual control of any of us -- a seething synergy of embodied intelligence that we're all plugged into. None of us understands more than a tiny sliver of it, but by and large we aren't paralysed or terrorised by that fact -- we still live in it and make use of it."
society  culture  civilization 
july 2016
Master Plan, Part Deux | Tesla Motors
Elon Musk's new master plan for Tesla. His original plan, which was written some 10 years ago, was remarkable for it's simplicity and accuracy.
cars  tech  elonmusk  tesla 
july 2016
AI, Apple and Google — Benedict Evans
Lengthy post from Benedict Evans examining the state of AI and possible routes it will take to transform our experiences in the years ahead.
ai  benedictevans  benevans  a16z  ml  machinelearning 
june 2016
How Google is Remaking Itself as a “Machine Learning First” Company — Backchannel
"Traditional AI methods of language understanding depended on embedding rules of language into a system, but in this project, as with all modern machine learning, the system was fed enough data to learn on its own, just as a child would. “I didn’t learn to talk from a linguist, I learned to talk from hearing other people talk,”"
google  ai  machinelearning  ml 
june 2016
Deep Learning in Practice: Speech Recognition and Beyond | EmTech Digital 2016 | MIT Technology Review
On the importance of data - Baidu's Andrew Ng discusses how they launch loss leading products in order to amass data for other products.
data  ml  andrewng  baidu 
june 2016
Why Graphics Cards are Hacking the Future — Medium
Fred Benenson on the use of GPUs to train algorithms: "there’s something poetic about hardware originally designed to optimize a human’s experience being used to optimize a computer’s experience." "And since that need is so fundamental to our humanity, that hardware turns out to be useful for solving other higher order “human” problems like image recognition, speech detection, and playing the games themselves."
fredbenenson  ai  ml  algorithm  gpu 
june 2016
The Problem with “Constructive Feedback” | Kim Malone Scott | LinkedIn
"When a person begins a conversation by saying or even just thinking, “I’ve got some constructive feedback for you,” the other person’s defenses go up right away... Better to say “I see a problem, I want to see if you agree that it’s a problem, and then if we do agree, let’s see how we can fix it together.”"
feedback  management  people 
june 2016
When Products Talk - The New Yorker
Tyler Cowen in the New Yorker painting a future where we talk to products and what that may mean. Lots to think about here:

"A product’s apparent intelligence makes it likable"
"We’ll likely learn to treat bots more like people"
bots  chatbots  robots  conversation 
june 2016
White man in the photo is the 'third hero' that night in 1968 | SF Globe
Australian runner supports Americans effort to raise awareness of human rights on the podium in the 1968 Olympics.
running  olympics  humanrights 
may 2016
The Dangerous Acceptance of Donald Trump - The New Yorker
"But then Hitler wasn’t Hitler—until he was. At each step of the way, the shock was tempered by acceptance."
trump  donaldtrump  newyorker 
may 2016
The 5 branches of conversational commerce: A guide to the bot world | VentureBeat | Bots | by Jeff Lawson, Twilio
Twilio's Jeff Lawson on the rise of conversational UI: "amidst the noise, there’s something real going on here — we just have to decipher it."
jefflawson  twilio  bot  conversation 
may 2016
Life is Short
Paul Graham on the shortness of life: "Then I had kids. That gave me a way to answer the question, and the answer is that life actually is short. Having kids showed me how to convert a continuous quantity, time, into discrete quantities. You only get 52 weekends with your 2 year old. If Christmas-as-magic lasts from say ages 3 to 10, you only get to watch your child experience it 8 times. And while it's impossible to say what is a lot or a little of a continuous quantity like time, 8 is not a lot of something. If you had a handful of 8 peanuts, or a shelf of 8 books to choose from, the quantity would definitely seem limited, no matter what your lifespan was."
pg  paulgraham  life  lifestyle  family 
may 2016
Emergent Layers, Chapter 1: Scarcity, Abstraction & Abundance — The Startup — Medium
"At level i+1 of the stack, the newly valuable resource is that which emerges as scarce out of the transition from scarcity to abstraction to abundance at layer i."
socialcapital  emergent  s+c  scarcity  abundance 
may 2016
A New Growth Theory — Work Futures
"What assets were for the industrial firm, network effects are for the post-industrial firm."
network  networkeconomy  networkeffect 
may 2016
Transparent 409A — Medium
eShares on 409a valuations as a service
eshares  409a 
may 2016
The 200 billion dollar chatbot disruption | VentureBeat | Bots | by Matt Swanson, Silicon Valley Software Group
"Combining the two techniques, we see that chatbots will allow portions of a customer support conversation to be handled via NLP, and when there is a statistically significant indicator of incorrectness, a human can be looped into the conversation to make sure edge cases are handled. And this can be done seamlessly, without the end user even realizing it."
chatbots  chat  ai  messengerapps  ml  machinelearning  nlp  crowdsourcing 
may 2016
Official Google Blog: This year’s Founders' Letter
From Google's founders' letter: "Looking to the future, the next big step will be for the very concept of the “device” to fade away. Over time, the computer itself—whatever its form factor—will be an intelligent assistant helping you through your day. We will move from mobile first to an AI first world."
google  founders  ai 
may 2016
Thoughts on Building Weatherproof Companies – Andreessen Horowitz
Blog post that covers the topics that a16z's Lars covered on an excellent podcast about his lessons learned while building his company
business  ceo  startup  a16z  lars 
may 2016
Time between algorithm proposals and corresponding advancement in ML was ~ 18 years. Time between key dataset availability and advancement in ML was ~ 3 years. 6x faster. "perhaps many major AI breakthroughs have actually been constrained by the availability of high-quality training datasets, and not by algorithmic advances"
ai  ml  dataset 
may 2016
On the Road to Recap: | Above the Crowd | By Bill Gurley
Long, important read from Benchmark's Bill Gurley on the state of the startup/VC world: "The reason we are all in this mess is because of the excessive amounts of capital that have poured into the VC-backed startup market. More money will not solve any of these problems — it will only contribute to them. The healthiest thing that could possibly happen is a dramatic increase in the real cost of capital and a return to an appreciation for sound business execution."
finance  startup  investing  billgurley  benchmark 
april 2016
The best is the last — Benedict Evans
Fantastic post from Benedict Evans talking about how technology becomes the best it can be shortly before it's replaced by new technology. Excellent analogies to planes (piston engines => jet engines) and boats (sails => steam)
history  technology  benevans  benedictevans  a16z  ship  plane 
april 2016
“Bot” is the wrong name.. and why people who think they are silly are wrong. — Lightspeed Venture Partners — Medium
"In a micro app world [messenger platform], you leverage richer UIs and multiple SaaS products to process input and focus more time on creating just enough of an experience to delight users.
ai  bots  messengerapps  messenger  chatbots 
april 2016
The Hidden Homescreen — ART + marketing — Medium
"Bots are chat-based conversations between a user and an automated response system. No humans. Chat interfaces are a superset of this — any app where the user interface looks more like messaging than point-and-click. So, all bots have chat interfaces, but not all chat interfaces are bots."
mattharman  betaworks  bots  chatbots  ai  messaging 
april 2016
Inside Facebook’s Biggest Artificial Intelligence Project Ever - Fortune
Article on FB's machine learning efforts. More interesting than the tech may be their approach to integrating it into the company. It's an internal tool that any developer can build on. The lead came from Microsoft, where the their research team did research and then would be paired with a product lead to try to integrate it into a product. "Each innovation or new artificial intelligence algorithm was locked into one team." Similar to the anecdote on a recent Stratechery podcast about Bezo's decision to start AWS.
fb  aws  platform  ai  machinelearning 
april 2016
The Psychological Cost of Boring Buildings -- Science of Us
Bland buildings impact people as they come across them in a city. Beautiful, diverse, unique buildings have a positive psychological affect on people.
architecture  buildings  psychology  newyork 
april 2016
The Humans Hiding Behind the Chatbots - Bloomberg
Humans acting as bots acting as humans. Bloomberg explores the role of AI trainers, humans who fulfill tasks that are sent to services like x.ai and other ai assistants
ai  bots 
april 2016
The secret rules of the internet | The Verge
The Verge writes about moderation - people, processes, etc - at large web companies.
moderation  mod  internet  verge  theverge 
april 2016
Why Messengers | Whoops by Jonathan Libov
Jonathan Libov on the appeal of messenger platforms
jonathanlibov  usv  messenger 
april 2016
How to Think Exponentially and Better Predict the Future
Essay on exponential growth and the challenges of thinking in that frame
business  exponential  nonlinear 
april 2016
Mechanomorphs and the politeness of machines — Medium
"I would go a step beyond “make your bot polite” and say that we should stop trying to make bots act like people. We need to develop new models for how we converse with machines that move beyond human verisimilitude towards something that is more in keeping with their abilities."
bot  product 
april 2016
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