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Full Circle
Edward left Bella in New Moon to keep her safe. Not all monsters are immortal, and fate usually gets its way, no matter how hard you fight it.
powers!bella  character:alice  cullen  au:the  wolves  are  too  late  character:rosalie  hale  pairing:sam/emily  RECOMMENDATIONS  character:esme  cullen  character:jasper  hale  pregnant!emily  character:eleazer  denali  mommy!bella  character:laurent  awesome!seth  character:bella  swan  character:emmett  cullen  character:jacob  black  series:twilight  wordcount:75k-100k  au:edward  does  not  come  back  character:kate  denali  character:billy  black  character:victoria  character:carmen  denali  pairing:charlie/sue  raped!bella  baby!fic  character:embry  call  character:sue  clearwater  character:edward  cullen  character:leah  clearwater  awesome!wolves  character:emily  uley  marriage:charlie/sue  character:carlisle  cullen  character:vladimir  children:bella/omc  trigger:rape  pairing:carmen/eleazer  character:quil  ateara  pairing:carlisle/esme  daddy!edward  character:charlie  swan  pairing:leah/ofc  pairing:jasper/alice  character:sam  uley  change!bella  au:bella  is  bitten  engagement!fic  character:seth  clearwater  pairing:rosalie/emmett  awesome!jacob  character:angela  webber  pairing:edward/bella  au:charlie  marries  sue  jerk!renee  pregnant!bella  au:bella  character 
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Uncertain Hours
"President Roslin, it would un-American in the most fundamental of ways to deny shelter and safe haven to the last remnants of your undoubtedly great civilization, the size of which, might I add, wouldn't fill the visitor seats at Giants Stadium."
wordcount:5k-10k  character:abbey  bartlet  crossover:battlestar  galactica  &  the  west  wing  character:lee  adama/apollo  character:percy  fitzwallace  series:battlestar  galactica  character:kate  harper  character:josh  lyman  character:zoe  bartlett  pairing:kara/lee  crossover  character:tom  zarek  character:millie  griffith  character:toby  ziegler  character:kara  thrace/starbuck  pairing:abbey/jed  pairing:bill/laura  character:sam  seaborn  series:the  west  wing  character:cj  cregg  character:sherman  cottle/doc  character:charlie  young  character:jed  bartlett  character:bill  adama/huffer  character:laura  roslin 
july 2013 by frannie_pants
Three months after Edward left, Bella was brutally raped. Now, two years later, the Cullens have returned to Forks. How will Edward react to Bella's shocking news? And can Bella ever forgive him for leaving?
mommy!bella  unfinished  story  character:jacob  black  character:phil  dwyer  character:renee  dwyer  character:emmett  cullen  character:jasper  hale  character:rosalie  hale  character:edward  cullen  character:alice  cullen  character:esme  cullen  character:carlisle  cullen  pregnant!bella  character:charlie  swan  character:mike  newton  character:bella  swan  au:edward  does  not  come  back  raped!bella  tag:new  moon  wordcount:10k-25k  series:twilight 
december 2012 by frannie_pants
“Also, as you may or may not know, if you don't use protection during sexual activities now a days, it can kill you. Let me clarify myself for you, Edward. I am that protection, and I will kill you.” Charlie sets some ‘rules’ for Edward.
character:alice  cullen  character:bella  swan  character:charlie  swan  character:edward  cullen  tag:breaking  dawn  RECOMMENDATIONS  wordcount:1k-5k  series:twilight 
december 2012 by frannie_pants
Love Story
Bella met Edward in 1918 when her family was hosting a party. There, they met, danced and soon after, were engaged in secret. Almost 100 years later, after Edward's "Death" they meet again in Forks High School both as vampires.
au:charlie  is  changed  one-sided:jacob/bella  song!fic  character:jacob  black  character:lauren  mallory  character:jessica  stanley  character:angela  webber  character:mike  newton  change!charlie  change!bella  au:bella  was  a  vampire  before  series  started  au:bella  is  bitten  character:esme  cullen  character:rosalie  hale  character:emmett  cullen  character:alice  cullen  character:jasper  hale  character:carlisle  cullen  character:renee  dwyer  character:charlie  swan  character:edward  cullen  character:bella  swan  engagement!fic  wordcount:10k-25k  tag:1918  au:bella  met  edward  prior  to  1918  pairing:edward/bella  series:twilight 
december 2012 by frannie_pants
Getting There
So when she got control of herself, scrubbing the tears out of her face and tearing herself away from the man she couldn’t decide was going to get them all killed or save her brother, she started looking around the diner for something to dig with.
drabble  character:miles  matheson  character:nate  walker  character:charlie  matheson  pov:charlie  episode-coda  episode:1x04  the  plague  dogs  series:revolution 
october 2012 by frannie_pants
History Books
History books will remember Miles Matheson as the man who co-founded and then eventually helped take down the Monroe Republic.
drabble  character:danny  matheson  character:rachel  matheson  character:miles  matheson  character:charlie  matheson  character  death:miles  au:fall  of  the  monroe  republic  series:revolution 
october 2012 by frannie_pants
Charlie awakes in the middle of the night and discovers things about a man she's trying to banish from her mind.
wordcount:1k-5k  character:nora  clayton  character:miles  matheson  character:nate  walker  character:charlie  matheson  protective!nate  pairing:charlie/nate  series:revolution 
october 2012 by frannie_pants
Public Service Announcement
Charlie does her part to keep the world safe. Set immediately after 7x23 "Survival of the Fittest" but no spoilers.
character:charlie  bradbury  author:elliemurasaki  drabble  tag:post  season  7  series:supernatural 
june 2012 by frannie_pants
Love Can Be Found Anywhere, Even in Hell
When Max is recaptured after the raid on Manticore, she doesn't try to escape for reasons that will later be explained. As she bides her time and adjusts to the routines at Manticore, being an outcast among the others makes her train harder to become stronger, and she slowly moves her way into the position of being one of the top soldiers. After a run-in with a certain X5, she finds her world turned upside down. A fierce competition is strung between them, and even as both make spiteful comments and do antagonizing things to each other, they somehow draw closer, unveiling secrets and pain that the other has never thought they would see in another person other than themselves.
episode:2x01  designate  this  series:dark  angel  au:season  2  character:max  guevara/452  character:alec  mcdowell/494  character:logan  cale  character:original  cindy  character:ames  white  character:donald  lydecker  character:elizabeth  renfro  au:max  is  recaptured  au:the  reds  wordcount:100k-150k  pairing:max/alec  episode-au  setting:manticore  setting:tc  pairing:biggs/oc  pairing:seth/oc  pairing:jondy/zane  character:biggs/510  character:seth/617  character:sketchy  character:ben/493  clone-bonding  character:vada  character:kavi  character:jondy/210  character:zane/205  character:zack/599  character:brin/734  character:jace/798  character:tinga  smith/656  character:syl/701  character:krit/471  logan!bashing  character:mole  character:joshua  character:sandeman  RECOMMENDATIONS  pairing:vada/kavi  jerk!logan  pregnant!max  pairing:biggs/vada  character:eva/766  character:jack/417  seizures!max  character:asha  barlow  au:max's  implant  is  reactivated  resurrected!ben  au:tinga  lives  au:tinga's  clone  is  the  one  who  dies  in  the  warehouse  character:charlie  smith  smith  au:max  au:the  lives  lives  lives  the  is  recaptured  charact 
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&  a  about  adama/apollo  adama/huffer  all  amnesia!kavi  amnesia!vada  and  angel  angst!bella  angst!edward  are  ateara  au:09er's  au:alec  au:alice  au:amnesia  au:bella  au:ben  au:charlie  au:different  au:edward  au:eva  au:fall  au:jack  au:kavi  au:max  au:max's  au:season  au:seth  au:the  au:tinga  au:tinga's  au:zack  author:elliemurasaki  awesome!jacob  awesome!seth  awesome!wolves  baby!fic  back  barlow  bartlet  bartlett  before  bitten  black  blood  bradbury  cale  call  cameron  chained  change!bella  change!charlie  change!edward  changed  character  character:aaron  character:abbey  character:alec  character:alice  character:ames  character:angela  character:aro  character:asha  character:bella  character:ben/493  character:biggs/510  character:bill  character:billy  character:brin/734  character:caius  character:carlisle  character:carmen  character:case  character:charlie  character:cj  character:danny  character:demetri  character:dix  character:donald  character:edward  character:eleazer  character:elizabeth  character:embry  character:emily  character:emmett  character:esme  character:eva/766  character:herbal  character:jace/798  character:jack/417  character:jacob  character:jane  character:jared  character:jasper  character:jed  character:jessica  character:jondy/210  character:josh  character:joshua  character:kara  character:kate  character:kavi  character:kendra  character:krit/471  character:laura  character:lauren  character:laurent  character:leah  character:lee  character:logan  character:maggie  character:max  character:mike  character:miles  character:millie  character:mole  character:nate  character:nora  character:normal  character:oc  character:original  character:otto  character:paul  character:percy  character:phil  character:quil  character:rachel  character:renee  character:rosalie  character:sam  character:sandeman  character:seth  character:seth/617  character:sherman  character:sketchy  character:sue  character:syl/701  character:tinga  character:toby  character:tom  character:vada  character:victoria  character:vladimir  character:zack/599  character:zane/205  character:zoe  children:bella/omc  cindy  clayton  clearwater  clone  clone-bonding  come  coming  cottle/doc  cregg  crossover  crossover:battlestar  cullen  cullens  daddy!edward  dawn  death:charlie  death:jacob  death:miles  death:victoria  denali  designate  dies  do  does  dogs  drabble  dwyer  edward  engagement!fic  episode-au  episode-coda  episode:1x01  episode:1x02  episode:1x04  episode:2x01  eva  family  ff-favs  finds  first-kiss  fitzwallace  galactica  gets  griffith  guevara/452  hale  harper  has  heat  history  hospitalized!edward  human!edward  hurt!charlie  hurt!max  implant  in  is  jasper  jerk!edward  jerk!logan  jerk!renee  kidnapped!charlie  kidnapped!nate  kills  lahote  late  leave  leaves  lied  live  lives  logan  logan!bashing  lydecker  lyman  maibaum  mallory  manticore  marriage:charlie/sue  marriage:edward/bella  marries  masen  matheson  mcdowell/494  met  mommy!bella  monroe  moon  new  newton  not  nurse!bella  of  one  one-sided:jacob/bella  one-sided:victoria/edward  out  pairing:abbey/jed  pairing:biggs/oc  pairing:biggs/vada  pairing:bill/laura  pairing:carlisle/esme  pairing:carmen/eleazer  pairing:charlie/nate  pairing:charlie/sue  pairing:edward/bella  pairing:jasper/alice  pairing:jondy/zane  pairing:kara/lee  pairing:leah/ofc  pairing:logan/jondy  pairing:max/alec  pairing:oc/oc  pairing:rosalie/emmett  pairing:sam/emily  pairing:seth/oc  pairing:tinga/charlie  pairing:vada/kavi  pilot  pittman  plague  pov:charlie  pov:miles  pov:nate/jason  powers!bella  powers!carlisle  pregnant!bella  pregnant!emily  pregnant!max  prior  protective!nate  raped!bella  rating:NC-17  reactivated  recaptured  RECOMMENDATIONS  reds  related  renfro  republic  resurrected!ben  roslin  runes  seaborn  season  seizures!max  series  series:battlestar  series:dark  series:revolution  series:supernatural  series:the  series:twilight  seth  setting:chicago  setting:manticore  setting:tc  smith  smith/656  song!fic  sr.  stanley  started  story  sue  swan  tag:1918  tag:breaking  tag:new  tag:post  tag:season  the  this  thrace/starbuck  to  together  too  trigger:rape  uley  unfinished  vada  vampire  victoria  volturi  walker  warehouse  was  webber  west  white  who  wing  with  wolves  wordcount:1k-5k  wordcount:5k-10k  wordcount:10k-25k  wordcount:25k-50k  wordcount:50k-75k  wordcount:75k-100k  wordcount:100k-150k  young  zarek  ziegler 

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