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Trudeau and Wilson-Raybould: The crisis that could unseat Canada's PM - BBC News
The Quebec-based engineering firm SNC-Lavalin has been accused of bribing the Libyan government for contracts when they were still under the rule of Muammar Gaddafi. Allegedly, the Liberal party was afraid of prosecution of SNC-Lavalin, since this would result in job losses, turning Quebec voters against the party (Quebec is a swing province). At the time, Jody Wilson-Raybould was Canada's attorney general, and she says that she was pressured by Trudeau's inner circle to suspend prosecution. When she refused to, she was demoted. The replacement attorney general - Jane Philppot - quit, stating that staying in the position would be a violation of her core values. Trudeau has denied any wrongdoing.
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march 2019 by fraaz
A Conversation with Billie Joe Armstrong: "The Rats Have Taken Over The Fucking House" - Noisey
Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day reacts to the recent election of Clown Fascist. He stresses that he wants Green Day shows to be a place where marginalized groups can go to feel welcome.
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november 2016 by fraaz
Paul Wolfowitz, Bill Kristol, and Douglas Feith should be ignored: The neocons already destroyed Iraq once.
If we lived in a world where things made sense, people like Bill Kristol and Douglas Feith would be barred from ever speaking in public about foreign policy decisions. Instead, the two tragically wrong people (and others of their ilk) are allowed to go onto shows like Meet the Press and talk about how Iraq should be handled.
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september 2014 by fraaz
White House cybersecurity czar brags about his lack of technical expertise - Vox
Hilariously enough, the new cybersecurity czar talks about his lack of technical experience as if it's an asset as opposed to a liability. Michael Daniel made a rather absurd comment about how he doesn't like to get "into the weeds" when dealing with policy issues. The author of this article argues that you would never hear the surgeon general talk about his lack of operating room experience. Likewise, you probably wouldn't hire a Federal Reserve chair who didn't have a degree in economics.
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september 2014 by fraaz
Who is Narendra Modi and why is the world afraid of him leading India? - Vox
Narendra Modi appears poised to become India's next prime minister. While his economic credential appear strong, he has a long and consistent history of agitating Hindu/Muslim tensions within the country. He is strongly suspected of having a political role in the 2002 riots that resulted in the deaths of many hundreds of Muslims, and the US State Department actually denied him a visa in 2005 due to his suspected involvement. Muslims and Hindus have long been at conflict, and Modi is the personification of that conflict.,
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april 2014 by fraaz
Other People's Pathologies - Ta-Nehisi Coates - The Atlantic
Great Ta-Nehisi article talking about his recent back-and-forth exchange with Jonathan Chait. He discusses the flawed argument that "black culture" is tied to a "culture of poverty" and goes into a historical analysis of white supremacy.
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april 2014 by fraaz
Christie Linked to Knowledge of Shut Lanes -
Chris Christie claims that he had no knowledge of the George Washington Bridge lane closures until after they had occurred, but the lawyer of David Wildstein is claiming that "evidence exists" which ties Christie to the lane closures. The letter from Wilstein's lawyer only briefly discusses this, as the majority of the letter itself is in regards to the payment of Wildstein's legal fees.
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february 2014 by fraaz
Americans listening to politicians, ignoring climate scientists
This article discusses how the climate discussion has been shaped before and after the economic downturn. When Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth came out, the climate discussion was considered to be at its peak. Believe it or not, but Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich actually teamed up to create a commercial that urged action on climate change. However, after the economic downturn, Republicans have gone into attack mode regarding climate change ("it's a librul myth!"). Gingrich has since predictably back peddled, calling his commercial with Pelosi "the dumbest thing I've done in the last four year". I would say that accusing Muslims and atheists of teaming up is much dumber.
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march 2012 by fraaz
Repulsive progressive hypocrisy -
Another great article from Glenn Greenwald, in which he discusses the massive turnaround that many progressives have had regarding torture and the erosion of civil liberties. Back when Bush was in the White House, there was widespread anger over both Guantanamo as well as warrantless wiretapping. However, now that Obama is in office, many liberals have now changed their tone, claiming to be in favour of Guantanamo (53% of self-identified liberal Democrats, to be exact). Furthermore, very few Democrats have voiced their disapproval over Obama's due-process free assassination of Al-Awlaki, despite the fact that the target in question was a US citizen. Oh, and liberal Democrats approve of the use of drone strikes on American citizens by a margin of 55-35. So the next time a conservative ends up in the White House, expect widespread hypocrisy from all of the Obama cultists.
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february 2012 by fraaz
Ignatieff quits as Liberal leader - Canada Votes 2011 - CBC News
Michael Ignatieff has reacted to his epic fail by leaving his post as the leader of the Liberal party. Ignatieff lost his own riding and took the Liberals to their worst showing in history (34 seats, down from 77), which is certainly grounds for dismissal. Ignatieff blamed his loss on the Conservative ad campaign against him, in which he was painted as somebody who is out of touch with Canadians. He also said that he did not meet enough Canadians in order to change public perception on a large scale. Whose fault is that, exactly? The dismissal leaves the Liberal party without a leader, though they may choose a permanent replacement for Ignatieff sometime in the Fall. 
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may 2011 by fraaz
Ottawa to reverse CRTC Internet billing decision -
The Conservative government has stated that they will forcibly overturn the CRTC's UBB decision if they don't do it voluntarily. Apparently the Cabinet actually has the power to overturn CRTC rulings despite the fact that they're an independent agency. Not that I'm complaining, of course. Meanwhile, ISPs are still insisting that usage-based billing is a good thing. Just give it up already.
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february 2011 by fraaz
Did the Republican House landslide kill net neutrality?
Nearly one-hundred Democratic candidates signed a pledge to support the FCC's proposal to protect net neutrality. None of those candidates won their races. Not even one. Now the House is full of Republicans who hate anything even remotely related to net neutrality, because it imposes on their supposedly free market. Perhaps they should actually learn what a free market is, and then they can finally realize how far reality is from their ideal vision.
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november 2010 by fraaz
Google and Verizon unveil private net neutrality deal
Google and Verizon have unveiled their net neutrality deal (actually, it was unveiled over a week ago). On the surface, the plan sounds as though it could be pretty good - it has a principle that prevents the prioritization of Internet traffic and a principle that calls for transparency from ISPs. However, there is a clause in the agreement stating that ISPs can prioritize traffic so long as they offer a different broadband service that doesn't. From my understanding, it sound as though ISPs could offer multiple services: a regular broadband service that doesn't prioritize traffic, and then a high-speed service that does. Another negative aspect of the deal is that it only applies to wired Internet, and not wireless. The reason given for this decision is complete bullshit about how wireless Internet is still developing. Oh Google, I thought you weren't going to be evil. How naïve of me.
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august 2010 by fraaz
M.I.A, Born Free on Vimeo
We need more music videos like this and less music videos showing self-absorbed douchebags.
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april 2010 by fraaz
BBC NEWS | Europe | World powers accept warming limit
The G8 countries have agreed that global temperature levels cannot rise more than 2 degrees Celsius from the 1900 levels. At this level, there is a belief that the Earth's climate system would become dangerously unstable. Meanwhile, the G8 countries have agreed to cut emissions by 80% by the year 2050. However, they were unable to persuade developing countries to accept 50% cuts by the year 2050.
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july 2009 by fraaz
In Praise of a Rocky Transition
An article from Naomi Klein in which she stresses the importance of the Democratic party's (and specifically, Barack Obama's) responsibility to step in and call the Treasury department on their extremely poor mishandling of the bailout fund. It is interesting to note that the Federal Reserve has handed out nearly $2 trillion in emergency loans, but it refuses to state which corporations have received money (not to mention how much money each corporation has received). Barack Obama has constantly reiterated the fact that there is "one president at a time". However, the longer he stands by and allows the Bush administration to dig a hole for the economy, the more unlikely the possibility of change becomes.
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november 2008 by fraaz
MATTHEWGOOD » Blog Archive » The Importance Of Self Education
A very good blog post discussing some of the most popular systems of government, including communism, fascism, and democracy. It is interesting to note that socialist theory predates communist theory, and the roots of socialism are predominantly English and French, not Soviet like so many people believe. Socialism is a system that involves social interventionism, and it can be adopted by people with a wide range of political beliefs (not just communists like so many people believe).
democracy  socialism  communism  fascism  politics 
november 2008 by fraaz
Near-Flawless Run Is Credited in Victory -
Barack Obama was able to win the general election for many reasons, one of which being the extremely low amount of blunders performed on his part. On the day that Lehman Brothers collapsed, John McCain gave a speech in Arizona in which he stated that "the fundamentals of the economy are strong". Obama inserted the comment into a speech that he gave later that day, as well as a television advertisement. That single quote from McCain turned the tide of the election and haunted the Republican party for the rest of the race.
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november 2008 by fraaz
Senator Ted Stevens Found Guilty
Alaskan senator Ted Stevens was found guilty today of receiving illegal gifts from partners, thereby violating the trust of his office. Stevens failed to reveal more than $250,000 in gifts (mainly home renovations). Stevens potentially shot himself in the foot when he decided to take the stand despite having no obligation to do so. Unsurprisingly, he blew up and talked back to the prosecuting attorney on multiple occasions. Ted Stevens faces a maximum sentence of 35 years, although it is extremely unlikely that he will receive such a large sentence (due to his old age).
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october 2008 by fraaz

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