France pushes for product ‘lifetime’ labelling – EURACTIV.com
In a first draft roadmap on circular economy, the French government is thinking about supporting a voluntary product “life” label. But such an idea could only become mandatory at European level. EURACTIV.fr reports.
7 days ago
A Simple Way to Actually Stick to Your Goals (And Why You Don’t Need Motivation to Do It)
We all have goals. And what’s the first thing most of us think about when we consider how to achieve them? The surprising thing? Motivation is exactly what you don’t need. Today, I’m going to share a…
9 days ago
Exclusive: Intel’s new Vaunt smart glasses actually look good - The Verge
Intel’s new smart glasses won’t make you look like a Glasshole. By shining a low-powered laser into your retina, the glasses can get all sorts of information without pulling out your phone. Dieter Bohn got an exclusive first look.
17 days ago
Almost four environmental defenders a week killed in 2017 | Environment | The Guardian
Exclusive: 197 people killed last year for defending land, wildlife or natural resources, new Global Witness data reveals
21 days ago
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