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Installing and using HDSDR - g4zfqradio
Provide information regarding radio propagation, construction and usage, especially related to software defined radio.
amateuradio  sdr  rtlsdr  radio  hamradio  ham  software  hdsdr 
6 days ago by fmjrey
Workflow and Decision Automation Platform | Camunda BPM
Open source platform for BPMN workflow and DMN decision automation. Download now.
automation  decision  engine  workflow  bpmn  software  camunda  opensource 
april 2019 by fmjrey
Zulip combines the immediacy of real-time chat with an email threading model. With Zulip, you can catch up on important conversations while ignoring irrelevant ones.
slack  chat  collaboration  software  opensource  team  alternative 
november 2018 by fmjrey
The Joel on Software Discussion Group (CLOSED) - Why I Hate Frameworks
if you make only one kind of hammer, capable of performing all the same tasks as all those different kinds of hammers, then it isn't very good at any of them. Driving a nail with a sledgehammer isn't very effective.
hammer  framework  humor  criticism  software 
march 2015 by fmjrey
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