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root – recursive UI resolution : Clojure
r/Clojure: Clojure is a dynamic programming language / Lisp that targets the Java Virtual Machine.
clojurescript  ux  ui  framework  recursive  component  gui  discussion 
yesterday by fmjrey
Has Anyone experience with using Clojure for large amounts of data? : Clojure
r/Clojure: Clojure is a dynamic programming language / Lisp that targets the Java Virtual Machine.
clojure  maths  performance  scaling  data  processing  onyx  discussion 
3 days ago by fmjrey
What is a dataset? Clojure Zulip > data-science (login walled) : Clojure
r/Clojure: Clojure is a dynamic programming language / Lisp that targets the Java Virtual Machine.
clojure  r  datascience  discussion  data  format  protocols  computation 
5 weeks ago by fmjrey
How can I implement authentication in a luminus project with a `reagent` front end? : Clojure
r/Clojure: Clojure is a dynamic programming language / Lisp that targets the Java Virtual Machine.
clojure  clojurescript  reagent  security  authentication  discussion 
5 weeks ago by fmjrey
Using React with ClojureScript : Clojure
r/Clojure: Clojure is a dynamic programming language / Lisp that targets the Java Virtual Machine.
clojurescript  react  discussion  alternative 
9 weeks ago by fmjrey
Transducers: sequence versus eduction - Google Groups
Google Groups allows you to create and participate in online forums and email-based groups with a rich experience for community conversations.
clojure  eduction  transducers  lazy  seq  comparison  bestpractices  discussion 
9 weeks ago by fmjrey
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