Metatron | Open-sourced, Self-service Big Data Discovery Solution
Unified Solution | Big Data Handling | Powerful Data Management | Powered by Apache Druid | Open Source Project | Built by SK telecom
dashboard  datasets  visualization  tableau  alternative  bi  opensource 
5 days ago
Faster, more power efficient, lower latency, portable, and enjoyable to use.
browser  programming  sound  api  audio  ide 
17 days ago
dimovich/roll: Roll Metaframework
Roll Metaframework. Contribute to dimovich/roll development by creating an account on GitHub.
clojure  web  server  api  template 
19 days ago
mars0i/masonclj: Library to ease use of the MASON ABM library with Clojure
Library to ease use of the MASON ABM library with Clojure - mars0i/masonclj
agent  modeling  agentbased  clojure  mason  abm  opensource 
4 weeks ago
GitHub - jwhitbeck/dendrite: Dendrite is a library for querying large datasets on a single host at near-interactive speeds.
Dendrite is a library for querying large datasets on a single host at near-interactive speeds. - jwhitbeck/dendrite
data  querying  large  datasets  file  database  clojure  fast  dremel  record  shredding  parquet  java  jvm 
4 weeks ago
GitHub - dokku/dokku: A docker-powered PaaS that helps you build and manage the lifecycle of applications
A docker-powered PaaS that helps you build and manage the lifecycle of applications - dokku/dokku
deploy  deployment  docker  heroku  alterantive  paas  dokku  opensource 
4 weeks ago
Workflow and Decision Automation Platform | Camunda BPM
Open source platform for BPMN workflow and DMN decision automation. Download now.
automation  decision  engine  workflow  bpmn  software  camunda  opensource 
5 weeks ago
Clojure Concurrency Tutorial for Beginners with Code Examples
In this tutorial, you'll learn 16 ways for doing concurrency in Clojure including how to start threads and how to communicate between them.
clj  clojure  concurrency  tutorial 
5 weeks ago
titanoboa.io - distributed workflow orchestration platform for JVM.
titanoboa.io is distributed, highly scalable and fault tolerant workflow orchestration platform for JVM. Create workflows with drag&drop from predefined steps or just quickly code them in our browser-based IDE. Run titanoboa on-premises or in a cloud accross multiple availability zones. Use it as an ESB, iPaaS or batch and real-time processing engine.
opensource  orchestration  platform  java  clojure  workflow  data 
5 weeks ago
10 Books Java Developers Should Read in 2019 - DZone Java
In this article, I am going to share the top 10 books on Java, Spring, and other related technologies that every Java developer should read.
java  book  essentials 
5 weeks ago
How bad can it git? Characterizing secret leakage in public GitHub repositories | the morning paper
How bad can it git? Characterizing secret leakage in public GitHub repositories Meli et al., NDSS'19 On the one hand you might say there’s no new news here. We know that developers shouldn’t commit secrets, and we know that secrets leaked to GitHub can be discovered and exploited very quickly. On the other hand, this…
github  security  secret  detection  entropy 
5 weeks ago
Building trees with and without zippers | Vincent Cantin’s blog
This article shows how to harvest the power of zippers to build trees out of sequences of data.
tree  clojure  zipper  building 
5 weeks ago
Ivana-/bb-degug: bare bones debugger for Clojure
bare bones debugger for Clojure. Contribute to Ivana-/bb-degug development by creating an account on GitHub.
clojure  debugger  debug 
5 weeks ago
Building Your First Clojure Blockchain – Datopia
We'll use Clojure to build a simple, distributed key-value store atop Tendermint.
clojure  blockchain  trie  evm  etheruem  distributed  keyvalue  store  log  immutable 
6 weeks ago
Kubernetes-native microservices API gateway: Ambassador
Ambassador, open source, Kubernetes-native API Gateway for microservices built on Envoy
api  gateway  aggregator  edgeservice  proxy  microservices  balancer  envoy 
6 weeks ago
Rich-Hickey-fanclub/README.md at master · tallesl/Rich-Hickey-fanclub · GitHub
"every time I watch one of his talks I feel like someone has gone in and organized my brain" - tallesl/Rich-Hickey-fanclub
rich  hickey  richhickey  clojure  list  contributions  social  log  talks  interviews  writings 
6 weeks ago
Bullet Journal
Meet the analog method for the digital age that will help you track the past, order the present, and design your future.
journal  notebook  notes  productivity  bullet  alternative  analog 
6 weeks ago
How Claude Shannon Rebooted Information
With his marriage to Norma Levor over, Claude Shannon was a bachelor again, with no attachments, a small Greenwich Village apartment,…
information  theory  data  science  communications 
6 weeks ago
hiposfer/rata: State management through Datascript and Reagent
State management through Datascript and Reagent. Contribute to hiposfer/rata development by creating an account on GitHub.
clojurescript  react  state  cljs  datascript  data 
6 weeks ago
Kong: Next-Generation API platform for Microservices
Kong is the world's most popular open source microservice API gateway. Use Kong to secure, manage and orchestrate microservice APIs.
openresty  kong  edgeservice  api  traffic  manager  nginx  lua  gateway  multicloud 
7 weeks ago
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