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Folio - Simple visual version control tool for Mac based on Git
> Lets you create and share versions of your designs and automatically keep them in sync with your team.
mac  design  git  sync  version  control 
october 2016 by floehopper
ruby on rails - How do RVM and RBEnv actually work? - Stack Overflow
Good explanation of how rbenv works by its author. The RBENV_DEBUG environment variable could be useful.
rbenv  ruby  version  debug 
january 2014 by floehopper
tpope/rbenv-aliases · GitHub
"Create aliases for rbenv Ruby versions".
ruby  rbenv  plugin  alias  version 
may 2013 by floehopper
"Minimal Ruby version management is minimal."
ruby  version  rvm  rbenv 
june 2012 by floehopper
"A simple gem to analyze your Gemfile and Gemfile.lock to find out which of the gems in your project have newer versions available and thus could potentially be updated".
ruby  bundle  version  dependency  update 
april 2012 by floehopper
"The simplest ruby version manager". Alternative to rbenv & rvm.
ruby  version  manager  rbenv  rvm 
march 2012 by floehopper
"Written in a very modern way featuring examples of using Cucumber for integration testing, a simple Rack middleware example and an interesting routes.rb file showing how to cleanly version an API".
rubyonrails  example  application  cucumber  testing  rack  middleware  routes  version  api 
november 2011 by floehopper
"Get the currently active Ruby interpreter for Vim's status line".
vim  rbenv  ruby  version  status  line 
november 2011 by floehopper
Rack middleware which adds an HTTP header with the current git ref to each response.
http  header  git  reference  response  version  revision  sha 
november 2011 by floehopper
"Simple Ruby version management". Alternative to RVM?
rvm  ruby  version  management 
august 2011 by floehopper
"All you need to do is upload the Gemfile.lock file from your project and give it a name. BundleWatcher will take care of the rest, tracking releases of the gems your project depends on, and giving you a heads up when you need it".
bundler  gemfile  ruby  gem  upgrade  version 
june 2011 by floehopper
"An online document comparison tool for generating easy-to-read change reports from MS Word or PDF documents".
word  pdf  document  comparison  version  merge 
february 2011 by floehopper
georgi's git_store
"Git as versioned data store in Ruby".
git  ruby  version  data  store  yaml 
july 2010 by floehopper
"A server running many different versions and implementations of Ruby. You can get a free shell account on the server and run all of these Rubies yourself".
ruby  version  old  vault  testing  reference  shell  account 
july 2010 by floehopper
Ruby tracker
"Alerts you whenever your project dependencies change. It works with public or private repositories and is setup in seconds".
ruby  tracker  alert  dependency  version  github  update 
july 2010 by floehopper
Ruby Tracker, the Ruby Dependency Manager
Watches a project's Gemfile.lock file on GitHub and checks which dependencies are have newer versions available.
ruby  gem  tracker  dependency  version  github 
july 2010 by floehopper
"Software version control visualization".
vcs  scm  version  control  visualization  git  source  svn 
may 2010 by floehopper
Nordic River - TextFlow
"TextFlow offers you — the Microsoft Word user — a dynamic way to gather input and feedback from collegues, partners and clients. This is your visual management tool to compare and merge document versions".
word  document  comparison  merge  difference  version  collaboration 
may 2010 by floehopper
jsallis's xcode-git-versioner
"Xcode auto-versioning script for git".
git  version  number  xcode 
may 2010 by floehopper
Code Bubbles Project: Rethinking the User Interface Paradigm of Integrated Development Environments
Some really neat ideas - it might even convince me to forsake Textmate & vim and return to the world of IDEs. I'd be really interested to see how it could work with a TDD workflow and also how it could integrate with a version control workflow.
workflow  tdd  version  control  ide  java  eclipse  bubble  gui  code 
march 2010 by floehopper
dazuma's versionomy
"A generalized version number class for Ruby".
version  ruby  versioning 
december 2009 by floehopper
Amp | Version Control Revolution
Mercury written in Ruby. Planning to do the same for git, svn, etc and providing common API.
ruby  mercurial  vcs  dvcs  hg  git  version  control  api  common 
november 2009 by floehopper
app update
"A free Dashboard Widget that can automatically check for updates to your installed software. It supports Apple's software directory, MacUpdate and Version Tracker. It will present you with a tidy link list of all the updates found, enabling you to read release-notes and download the the updates quickly and painlessly".
osx  widget  apple  version  tracker  macupdate  software  application  update 
september 2009 by floehopper
rvm: Ruby Version Manager
"You want to try out all of the different ruby interpreters and versions including different patchlevels, but you don't want to break what's working for you now. No time to waste?"

"Use rvm. Easy installation and switching between available Ruby versions and runtimes, without messing up your current Ruby install! rvm also allows you to use multiple versions of ruby in separate terminals concurrently!"
ruby  version  multi  patch  level  install  mac  osx 
september 2009 by floehopper
Rails Maturity Models - Distributed Version Control
I remain unconvinced that this is actually better than centralized version control for a co-located team.
git  distributed  version  control  rubyonrails  maturity  rmm 
june 2009 by floehopper
When can I use...
"Compatibility tables for features in HTML5, CSS3, SVG and other upcoming web technologies"
css  html  version  browser  compatibility  svg  via:ade 
february 2009 by floehopper
Git is the next Unix
Considers git as a new kind of file system rather than a version control system.
backup  git  performance  version  distributed  filesystem  control  unix  pipe  fsck 
january 2009 by floehopper
"Simple and opinionated helper for creating Rubygem projects on GitHub". The version bumping stuff looks useful.
gem  github  version  release 
december 2008 by floehopper
Jeweler: Let us craft you the perfect gem
Makes versioning and releasing on GutHub a little simpler.
ruby  gem  github  version  release  gemspec 
december 2008 by floehopper
Test against many versions of Rails with a single command.
rubyonrails  version  testing 
december 2008 by floehopper
A new distributed software revision control system that includes an integrated wiki and an integrated bug-tracking system all in a single, easy-to-use, stand-alone executable.
version  control  vcs  wiki  bug  tracking  git  svn  trac 
october 2008 by floehopper
A browser sniffing warning: The trouble with Acid3 and TinyMCE
Detecting specific bugs rather than browser type or version is more robust.
javascript  bug  browser  sniff  compatibility  version  opera 
july 2008 by floehopper
By the same chap as DebugBar: "A free WebBrowser that allows you to have the rendering and javascript engines of IE8 beta 1, IE7 IE 6 and IE5.5 on Vista and XP, as well as the installed IE in the same process."
ie  testing  browser  version  micorsoft  windows  vista  xp  javascript  rendering  engine  referrer:maccmania 
june 2008 by floehopper
Response to "Subversion’s Future?"
It's interesting how few people talk about continuous integration.
svn  subversion  future  git  distributed  version  control 
may 2008 by floehopper
The Thing About Git
Mostly talks about the "Tangled Working Copy Problem".
git  version  control  working  copy  tangle  distributed 
may 2008 by floehopper
CVS/SVN/SVK/git integration plugin.
vim  cvs  svn  svk  git  vcs  version  control  editor 
april 2008 by floehopper
Managing Rails Versions with Capistrano
Checks out different versions of Rails into a shared directory which is sym linked in the vendor directory.
rubyonrails  version  tag  revision  edge  capistrano  shared  deployment 
january 2007 by floehopper

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