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TDD - Testing the right thing, techniques to avoid duplicate coverage - Stack Overflow
In the words of Kent Beck, "if a test fails, how many things could be wrong? the closer the answer is to 1, the more "unit-y" the test is." - it's useful to have unit tests which help you pinpoint exactly where in your code things went wrong.
tdd  testing  coverage  duplicate  integration  unit  mock  stub 
april 2013 by floehopper
Moment.js | Unit Tests
Javascript library with unit tests that run in-browser on public web page.
javascript  testing  unit  time  date 
march 2013 by floehopper
"Bringing real OOP to Rails controllers".
rubyonrails  oo  controller  unit  testing  action 
april 2012 by floehopper
Turn 0.9 Release
Interesting that Turn has decided to stop supporting Test::Unit.
ruby  testing  test  unit  turn  colour  output 
february 2012 by floehopper
"A tiny unit-testing framework for C".
c  testing  unit 
october 2011 by floehopper
Twitter / @nick_evans: lots of integration tests + very few unit tests ...
"lots of integration tests + very few unit tests => a system that mostly works, but probably has ill-defined domain models and internal APIs."
testing  integration  unit  domain  model 
august 2011 by floehopper
Unit Testing in C++ and Objective-C just got easier
"Can we do even better if we start again without being shackled to the ghost of JUnit?"
objective-c  testing  cpp  unit 
january 2011 by floehopper
Unit Testing Achievements
You win the "Instant Feedback" if your suite of 50+ tests runs in less than 1 second; you win the "Major Letdown" if all tests in a suite of at least 100 pass...except the last. MIght be worth doing a Ruby equivalent of this Python project if it hasn't been done already.
unit  testing  game  achieve  award  prize 
august 2010 by floehopper
joewalnes's tinytest
"A really really really tiny and simple no-hassle C unit-testing framework".
c  testing  unit  framework 
august 2010 by floehopper
Twitter / Jakub Suder: I was really surprised that so many people preferred TestUnit over RSpec
I was really surprised that so many people preferred TestUnit over RSpec... I though it would be more like 75% for RSpec. #euruko
euroko  rspec  test  unit  ruby 
may 2010 by floehopper
jgre's monkeyspecdoc
Specdoc output for Ruby's Test::Unit and Shoulda.
referrer:lazyatom  ruby  testing  test  unit  shoulda  documentation  generator 
april 2010 by floehopper
jm's matchy
RSpec-esque matchers for Test::Unit.
test  unit  testing  matcher  rspec 
march 2010 by floehopper
TwP's turn at master - GitHub
"A new look and feel for Test::Unit output". Mentioned by Duncan Beevers on the Mocha mailing list. At first glance it looks like he's properly integrated with Test::Unit using the existing (rather awkward) hooks and extension points.
testing  ruby  runner  test  unit  output  red  green  verbose 
january 2010 by floehopper
Responding to Brian Marick
About the usefulness or otherwise of end-to-end testing.
tdd  testing  acceptance  unit  goos  book  ruby 
january 2010 by floehopper
It's OK Not to Write Unit Tests
Another (unconvincing) integration-testing-only voice.
agile  testing  unit  acceptance  integration  tdd  criticism 
november 2009 by floehopper
why i broke 89 tests
One of the reasons integration tests aren't the quite the best thing since sliced bread.
testing  integration  unit  failure  break  ruby 
october 2009 by floehopper
Xcode Unit Test Bugs
"While I am grateful for Xcode’s unit testing integration, coming from IntelliJ’s IDEA for Java, which had great testing integration, it does leave a lot to be desired. Putting my money where my mouth is, I’ve recently opened up a bunch of bugs about improving unit testing in Xcode. Please file duplicates or your own enhancement requests, if you have specific ideas, to let the Xcode team we want better unit testing".
xcode  unit  testing  intellij  idea 
october 2009 by floehopper
Keep tests concrete
"The short version of this post is: be wary of any general behaviour written into a unit test. The scope should be small enough that values can be coded directly. Be especially wary of anything with an if statement. If the data setup is more complicated, then consider using a Test Data Builder".
testing  concrete  focus  unit  mock  if  testdatabuilder 
september 2009 by floehopper
Part 2: Some Hidden Costs of Integration Tests
It was only when I read the comments in this that I realised he is talking about integration tests as distinct from acceptance tests (and unit tests). Hmm. A bit confused now.
testing  integration  unit  acceptance  coverage 
september 2009 by floehopper
Integration Tests are a Scam: Part 1
"Integration tests are a scam - a self-replicating virus that threatens to infect your code base, your project, and your team with endless pain and suffering". Expresses some of my previous (pre-Ruby/Rails) experience with integration tests. Offers an interesting counterpoint to the latest Ruby/Rails love affair with integration tests. I keep meaning to write something up about this.
testing  integration  unit  ruby  rubyonrails  cucumber  combinatorial 
september 2009 by floehopper
Ad-Hockery: Thoughts on Testing
* Make just one (logical) assertion per test.
* Name test cases according to what they are testing.
* Avoid obliquely named 'helper' methods.
* Avoid the test-per-method anti-pattern.
* Test edge cases and variant behaviour.
* Test the thing you care about not a signifier.
* Keep data fixtures simple.
* Test at the appropriate level.
* Write functional test coverage.
testing  grails  antipattern  unit  integration  assertion 
september 2009 by floehopper
citrusbyte's contest
RSpec/Shoulda-like contexts for Test::Unit.
test  unit  testing  context 
august 2009 by floehopper
New Features Of Test Unit 2.x
Wondering whether we could use the new multiple setup/teardown functionality with before/after & prepend/append options to solve the Mocha/Rails integration hackery.
mocha  testing  test  unit  setup  teardown  rubyonrails  multiple 
july 2009 by floehopper
The Flawed Theory Behind Unit Testing
My point is that we can't look at testing mechanistically. Unit testing does not improve quality just by catching errors at the unit level. And, integration testing does not improve quality just by catching errors at the integration level. The truth is more subtle than that. Quality is a function of thought and reflection - precise thought and reflection. That’s the magic. Techniques which reinforce that discipline invariably increase quality.
integration  tdd  mock  object  testing  error  unit  quality  bug  theory  discipline  reflection  connextra  thought 
february 2009 by floehopper
[ruby-core:19258] test/unit and minitest - Ryan Davis
Looks like someone threw their toys out of the pram.
ruby  test  unit  minitest 
january 2009 by floehopper
Quiet Backtrace
Suppresses the noise in your Test::Unit backtrace. It also provides hooks for you to add additional silencers and filters.
testing  ruby  test  unit  stack  trace  backtrace 
january 2009 by floehopper
Test Sclerosis - The Trouble with Unit Tests
Useful explanation of what makes a good/bad unit test.
tdd  testing  unit  mock 
november 2008 by floehopper
Where, Oh Where To Test?
A useful article by Kent Beck explaining what to consider when deciding whether to write a high- or low-level test.
tdd  testing  kent  beck  level  unit  functional  system 
september 2008 by floehopper
growing-oo-software-guided-by-tests : Quick Feedback On Chapter One
When it comes to OO code, I haven't found much distinction between an
integration test and a unit test.
oo  design  integration  unit  testing 
august 2008 by floehopper
testdrivendevelopment : Message: Re: [TDD] Re: Community call to action - Where are all the testers
"[...] I'm a little bit shaken up, because as far as I can tell, in another part of the forest, Ron Jeffries just admitted -- for the first time *publicly* -- to a deep abiding admiration of my genitalia, and I'm all aglow."
tdd  testing  microtest  unit  developer  productivity  quality 
june 2008 by floehopper
testdrivendevelopment : Message: Re: [TDD] Re: Community call to action - Where are all the testers
"[...] the real benefit of extensive microtest-driven development isn't higher quality at all. Higher quality is a side effect of TDD. Rather, the benefit and real purpose of TDD as we teach it is sheer productivity: more function faster."
tdd  testing  unit  developer  productivity  quality  microtest 
june 2008 by floehopper
Unit of Work
Maintains a list of objects affected by a business transaction and coordinates the writing out of changes and the resolution of concurrency problems.
url/bca15edbf8e4f8ac589534210cc39f19  pattern  design  unit  work  database  transaction 
february 2008 by floehopper
"A simple tool to convert test-unit or dust style tests to test/spec specs". I wonder if it also extracts code into large setup/before methods.
url/ebe729371a36899cdcb42c75009a99cc  rspec  ruby  spec  story  setup  before  testing  referrer:lazyatom  convert  test  unit 
january 2008 by floehopper
Testing Dichotomies and TDD (Kent Beck)
"None of these dichotomies — unit vs. functional tests, white- vs. black-box test, tester vs. coder, and testing vs. design — apply comfortably to TDD".
url/e0c23dd58c0484ae4bbee86ce813e073  kent  beck  tdd  testing  dichotomy  unit  functional  white  black  box  tester  coder  developer  design  tumblr 
january 2008 by floehopper
Avoid mega unit tests
Steve Freeman mentions in the comments that he (and Nat Pryce?) are writing a book - should be good. They say they're going to publish some chunks on the web in the near future.
url/85757f77a32aea3438233e217039753b  mock  object  large  unit  test  testing  book  misunderstanding  interaction  state 
january 2008 by floehopper
Allowing tests to drive development
"I have noticed teams who are new to TDD reach for ever more sophisticated tools to help them test their code rather than refactor their code to make it more testable".
url/4deb47b9844f99a0086cc746fe37ea62  testing  tdd  refactor  testable  code  internal  quality  feedback  information  hiding  dependency  policy  notify  unit  bytecode  injection  classloader 
january 2008 by floehopper
On Ruby: Red and Green for Ruby
I wonder if this might cut down on the number of broken builds...?
red  green  ruby  testing  test  unit  assertion  failure  colour 
december 2007 by floehopper
Test/Unit or RSpec - Ruby on Rails: Talk | Google Groups
I liked this quote: "All test cases start by checking syntax, and all testers should reach for
the goal of testing semantics".
rubyonrails  testing  rspec  test  unit  syntax  semantic 
august 2007 by floehopper
The Rails Way: Testing the Right Stuff
Commentary on some of the Rails unit tests by someone who's felt the pain of unit tests coupled to implementation.
rubyonrails  unit  test  testing  mock  mocha_buzz 
august 2007 by floehopper
Adds descriptive block syntax test definition to Test::Unit.
ruby  testing  unit  test  functional 
august 2007 by floehopper
Ruby Forum - I don't get rspec
Loooong thread trying to get to the bottom of how RSpec/BDD differs from Test::Unit/TDD. Not sure I'm any the wiser.
test  unit  rspec  comparison  ruby  bdd  tdd 
june 2007 by floehopper
Interesting to see how Tesly integrates into Test::Unit
test  unit  tesly  reporter 
june 2007 by floehopper
Testing: Unit Test or Functional Test
Unit testing with mocks is not sufficient - you need functional tests too.
mocha_talk  testing  unit  rubyonrails  functional  reevoo-developer 
may 2007 by floehopper
Applies dictatorial limits on what you can do in unit tests.
agile  java  testing  ashcroft  limit  restrict  unit  test  dictate 
may 2007 by floehopper
The Shoulda rails plugin is an eclectic set of additions to the Test::Unit framework that makes writing tests a breeze. It takes its inspiration from the rSpec system, but aims to be more compatible with the built-in testing framework.
ruby  testing  rspec  test  unit  context 
april 2007 by floehopper
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