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Introducing Afl-Ruby: fuzz your Ruby programs using afl | Robert Heaton
American Fuzzy Lop (afl) is a popular fuzzer, traditionally used to find bugs in C and C++ code. python-afl and aflgo have adapted afl for use with python and go, and now afl-ruby (written by Richo Healey, with contributions from myself) allows you to use afl to fuzz Ruby programs too.
ruby  fuzzing  testing  afl 
july 2019 by floehopper
grodowski/undercover: Actionable code coverage - detects untested code blocks in recent changes

Like RuboCop but for code coverage

Inspects files in a git diff and warns on methods, classes and blocks which need test coverage. Use it locally or as part of an automated build to shorten your code coverage feedback loop!
ruby  coverage  git  diff  testing 
august 2018 by floehopper
Chromeless, Chrominator, Chromy, Navalia, Lambdium, GhostJS, AutoGCD
> Headless Chrome is shaking up traditional approaches to test automation
headless  chrome  testing  automation  aws  lambda  parallel 
may 2018 by floehopper
> Aims to be the best coverage tool for Ruby code - includes branch coverage
ruby  coverage  testing 
december 2017 by floehopper
> provides an API that helps you make POST requests via a simple [GET request to a] url.
http  get  post  form  testing 
april 2017 by floehopper
mudge/runspec.vim: A Vim plugin to run specs for the current file.
A little Sunday Vim script noodlin’ has resulted in a new version of : now with support for Cucumber features.
vim  rspec  plugin  testing 
november 2016 by floehopper
Unlike several other continuous integration services, Homu tests a pull request just before merging it, not after the fact. It is analogous to a pre-commit hook. In this way, Homu keeps the master branch always "green", which means that you will never break master, effectively eliminating the needs of the build badges. (Although you may still want to have one, because they are pretty!)
bot  git  github  continuous  integration  testing  python 
may 2016 by floehopper
Automatically save screen shots when a Capybara scenario fails
capybara  screenshot  testing 
september 2015 by floehopper
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