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Status bar OSX application used by Chris L.
mac  osx  status  bar 
april 2017 by floehopper
vim-powerline/fontpatcher at develop · Lokaltog/vim-powerline · GitHub
"Creates dividers and symbols for use with Powerline. The script requires Python 2 and FontForge compiled with Python bindings".
vim  editor  status  bar  font  text  symbol  python 
april 2013 by floehopper
rson/vim-bufstat · GitHub
"Persistent buffer list in the statusline (vim plugin)".
vim  buffer  status  line  list 
february 2013 by floehopper
"Get the currently active Ruby interpreter for Vim's status line".
vim  rbenv  ruby  version  status  line 
november 2011 by floehopper
GitHub Chrome Extension
"Displays the travis-ci build status icon next to the project name on Github".
travis  continuous  integration  github  status  chrome  extension 
november 2011 by floehopper
Mac App Store - RSS Menu
Status bar app for RSS feeds.
rss  atom  menu  status  bar  mac  osx 
september 2011 by floehopper
Bonjour Mounter
"A menu bar application that mounts network share points automatically with minimal user intervention".
mac  osx  mount  menu  status  bar  ftp  smb  network  share  drive  webdav  afp  cifs 
january 2011 by floehopper
Desktop status bar app.
pomodoro  mac  osx  app  status  bar  desktop  timer 
december 2010 by floehopper
Announcing edash
Thin dashboard web app designed to be hooked up to e.g. continuous integration builds.
continuous  integration  build  dashboard  status  radiator 
april 2010 by floehopper
The Panic Status Board
An extension of the "build radiator" idea.
status  board  build  radiator 
april 2010 by floehopper
Introducing Git-Goggles
"A series of Git utilities to streamline working with remote branches and reviewing code".
git  goggles  remote  branch  status  code  review 
march 2010 by floehopper
nowells's git-goggles
"A series of GIT utilities to streamline working with remote branches and reviewing code".
git  branch  status  code  review 
march 2010 by floehopper
Mac Dev Center: Apple Human Interface Guidelines: Menus
"The right side of the menu bar may contain items that provide feedback on and access to certain hardware or network settings. These menu bar extras display some type of status in the menu bar and include a menu to change settings. The icon for the battery strength indicator, for example, dynamically displays the current state of the battery for a portable computer, and the menu has common battery settings. Users can display or hide a menu bar extra in the appropriate preferences pane.

If there is not enough room in the menu bar to display all menus, Mac OS X automatically removes menu bar extras to make room for application menus, which take precedence. Similarly, if there are too many menu bar extras, Mac OS X may remove some of them to avoid crowding application menus. For these reasons, and because users can choose to hide menu bar extras, you should not rely on their presence".
osx  cocoa  status  bar  menu 
october 2009 by floehopper
Mac Dev Center: Status Bars: Introduction to Status Bars
"Use status items sparingly and only if the alternatives (such as a Dock menu, preference pane, or status window) are not suitable. Because there is limited space in the menu bar in which to display status items, status items are not guaranteed to be available at all times. For this reason, do not rely on them being available and always provide a user preference for hiding your application’s status items to free up space in the menu bar".
cocoa  osx  status  bar 
october 2009 by floehopper
Selective Twitter Status | Facebook
A Facebook app that Luke & James A are using. You have to use a #fb hashtag to indicate which tweets you want to make it into Facebook.
facebook  referrer:lukeredpath  select  hashtag  twitter  status 
september 2009 by floehopper
Get beyond the Now and into the Potential
Nido Qubein said something like: "The trouble with many plans is that they are based on the way things are now. To be successful, your plan must focus on what you want, not what you have".
challenge  status  quo  subversive  continuous  improvement 
july 2009 by floehopper
"CCMenu support for Integrity. Adds a CruiseControl.rb-style XML feed to Integrity (integrityapp.com) for use with CCMenu and other tray items."
cruisecontrolrb  integrity  tray  status  bar  continuous  integration  ccmenu  github.com  51d3fc3f0e1f7b70fc6000802fdce5cb 
july 2009 by floehopper
Gmail Notifr
Open source Ruby Cocoa version of Google's own Gmail Notifier.
gmail  notifier  ruby  cocoa  status  bar  osx  ashchan.com  b3300d8b2d6c5ce8ccf97b39e79a5bea 
july 2009 by floehopper
Skinnyboard.com - Project Management for Agile Teams
An alternative to Pivotal Tracker? Integrates with Basecamp, GitHub (for git), Beanstalk (for svn), Campfire & iChat, Twitter.
agile  tracker  progject  management  distributed  team  burndown  status  metrics 
june 2009 by floehopper
Pivotal Labs - Continuous Integration
Visible build status indicators in a web page.
continuous  integration  build  status 
june 2009 by floehopper
Git Status in Your Prompt
Adds the current branch name and its clean/dirty status to your shell command prompt.
referrer:threedaymonk  git  shell  branch  command  status  prompt 
february 2009 by floehopper
London Underground Tube Status for App Engine.
app  google  london  engine  status  tube  delay 
january 2009 by floehopper
TextMate Plug-in: ProjectPlus
Badges to indicate svn/git status of files.
svn  textmate  git  status  editor  project 
august 2008 by floehopper
GNU Screen/vim love
Link from Kyle. Screen status bar and window titles.
screen  vim  window  title  editor  status  bar 
may 2008 by floehopper
radiator: all your build statuses in amazing 6 bit color
Asked to describe "agile programming" in just two words, these guys like the answer "disciplined feedback".
url/dcddd5103db5489f452d52514087de33  agile  build  cruise  feedback  status  discipline 
february 2008 by floehopper
Looks at the current foreground application, and tries to figure out if what you’re looking at corresponds to a person in your Address Book. Then it’ll tell you things about them. e.g Twiter status. Parses microformats in Safari.
url/b83189ff43fa36a1716e151e919ad401  microformat  address  book  twiter  status  osx  safari  person  mac 
february 2008 by floehopper
An activity diagram to describe the resolution of the response status code, given various headers.
http  delete  get  head  put  post  activity  diagram  response  status  code  header 
march 2007 by floehopper

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