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Cambridge team racing Cuppers winners • CUCrC
This page lists Cambridge team racing Cuppers winners:

* 1990 - Pembroke College!
cambridge  pembroke  sailing  racing  competition 
16 days ago by floehopper
SailGP | SailGP
All data recorded from all boats will be transmitted to the team coaches who will be able to analyze the data and communicate with their crews at pre-determined times during a race. These communications will be broadcast giving spectators a greater appreciation of the reasons why one crew may be outperforming another.
The shared data will also be used to create a unique second-screen experience where fans will be able to select up to two teams to follow and receive key performance data from ...
sailing  racing  foiling  catamaran  data  telemetry 
17 days ago by floehopper
Royal Ocean Racing Club - World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations
Useful information about required safety equipment for RORC offshore races like the Fastnet Race.
fastnet  sailing  racing  safety-equipment  rorc 
18 days ago by floehopper
Ocean Crew Link
> Unlike other sites, Ocean Crew Link specializes in opportunities for ocean sailing crew, so if you are planning to cross the Atlantic or island-hop in the Pacific and need a sailing crew, register now and connect with sailors from around the world.
sailing  cruising  ocean  crew  opportunity 
6 weeks ago by floehopper
Squid Sailing
Christian Dumard provided marine weather forecasting & routing for Sailing La Vagabonde when they crossed the N Atlantic west-to-east in Nov 2019. He works at this company.
marine  weather-forecast  routing  sailing  cruising  atlantic  grib 
november 2019 by floehopper
Make a DIY flopper stopper - Practical Boat Owner
Keen to counteract excessive boat rocking before a trip to the Scilly Isles, Peter Lyle constructs his own DIY flopper stopper with the aid of some scrap lead
anti-roll  anchorage  swell  cruising  sailing 
november 2019 by floehopper
‎Anchor! on the App Store
‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about Anchor!. Download Anchor! and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
sailing  anchor  watch  ios  app  position  gps 
september 2019 by floehopper
Waterproof Drone Pioneer - Swellpro
Swellpro makes the best waterproof drone with 4K camera gimbal that follows you, Splash Drone 3, Mariner 2, Agile Series, land & float on the water.
drone  waterproof  sailing 
august 2019 by floehopper
Saildrone Completes Fastest Atlantic Crossing by Unmanned Vehicle
After suffering damage in a Gulf Stream storm, SD 1021 was redeployed from Bermuda for the Solent on a mission to complete the fastest unmanned Atlantic crossing.
sailing  drone  atlantic 
august 2019 by floehopper
Ovni / Alubat Owners Page - Agathe Mazzucotelli
Good morning,

Our UFO 435 of 2003 is for sale. On Mayotte.
200 000 €, world tour team, 2 Cabins / rooms, a cabin / workshop, a bathroom
Have Transponder, Blu, irridium, Auto Pilot.
60 HP Volvo engine: 465 hours, new genoese, 2017 GV, new lithium batteries.
New Saddlery, Dinghy New, hb engine of 2018.
For more information, write me in pm.
Thank you
ovni-435  ovni  sailing  cruising  alubat  yacht 
august 2019 by floehopper
2019 Memory-Map UK and Ireland Marine Charts
Over 850 charts derived from data obtained from the UK Hydrographic Office and covering UK, & Ireland. Use on up to 5 devices - PC, mobile, tablet …
sailing  electronic  chart  admiralty  uk  ukho 
july 2019 by floehopper
Antares Charts
West Coast Scotland Charts & Pilot
sailing  chart  scotland 
july 2019 by floehopper
Waterproof Drones – The HexH2O and QuadH2O professional waterproof drones
The HexH2O and QuadH2O waterproof drones from QuadH2O.com. Capture stabilised video, carry payloads, land on water and film underwater.
drone  waterproof  sailing  dji 
july 2019 by floehopper
DolphinEar Hydrophones
Low cost, high quality hydrophones for  whale watching, eco tourism, climate research, education, industry, hobbyists and more.
hydrophone  sailing  audio  whale 
june 2019 by floehopper
MOB1 - Ocean Signal
> The worlds smallest personal locating AIS Man OverBoard device with integrated DSC
ais  mob  sailing  dsc  vhf 
february 2019 by floehopper
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