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A simpler way to build your own Vagrant base box: "Instead of creating custom ISO's from your favorite distribution, it leverages the 'keyboardputscancode' command of Virtualbox so send the actual 'boot prompt' keysequence to boot an existing ISO".
iso  vagrant  virtual  box  boot  prompt  base  automation 
june 2011 by floehopper
jQuery Impromptu
"An extention to help provide a more pleasant way to spontaneously prompt a user for input. More or less this is a great replacement for an alert, prompt, and confirm. Not only does it replace these but it also allows for creating forms within these controls. This is not intended to be a modal replacement, just a quick tool to prompt user input in a fashionable way."
jquery  javascript  prompt  alert  confirm 
july 2009 by floehopper
Git Status in Your Prompt
Adds the current branch name and its clean/dirty status to your shell command prompt.
referrer:threedaymonk  git  shell  branch  command  status  prompt 
february 2009 by floehopper

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