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"Fork of Pieter's nice git GUI for OS X. Includes branch/tag sidebar and various fixes. Current development focus is on removing legacy git command line usage in favour of libgit2 and objective-git."
git  gitx  fork  gui  mac  osx  desktop  app 
july 2013 by floehopper
Heroku | Introducing Heroku Fork
"Lets you create unique, running instances of existing applications right from the command line. These instances are live and available on Heroku immediately so you can change, scale and share them however you want."
heroku  fork  web  app  instance  environment  deployment 
june 2013 by floehopper
npryce/python-parallelize · GitHub
"Simple fork/join parallelism with Python's for loop".
python  fork  parallel  process  join  for  loop 
december 2012 by floehopper
"Implement a subset of the Ruby 1.9 Process::spawn interface in a way that takes advantage of fast process spawning interfaces when available and provides sane fallbacks on systems that do not."
posix  spawn  ruby  process  memory  child  fork 
november 2012 by floehopper
"Reloading rack development server / forking version of rackup".
ruby  rackup  reload  development  fork 
may 2012 by floehopper
Microsoft Lync - SIP Forking Proxy Application
Vaguely useful diagram for understanding what a SIP application running under MS Lync can do.
microsoft  lync  fork  proxy  application  sip 
march 2012 by floehopper
"Testing console for Rails. Helps out with test performance and also makes it easier to run specific tests".
ruby  rubyonrails  testing  performance  spork  fork 
january 2012 by floehopper
pmetzger / growl
"A patched version of the popular "growl" notification system for Mac OS X, which compiles cleanly under XCode 4.1 and produces binaries for Mac OS 10.7 "Lion". It also fixes a bad crash in HardwareGrowler. This is forked from the 1.2.x sources I got from growl.info".
mac  osx  growl  fork  open  source 
november 2011 by floehopper
"Spin preloads your Rails environment to speed up your autotest(ish) workflow".
rubyonrails  testing  fork  environment  autotest  kicker 
november 2011 by floehopper
"Making GitHub Better.. With Robots".
whitespace  github  fork  robot  pull  request 
october 2011 by floehopper
"When we ask for simple, we are looking for the same kind of simplicity: nothing to distract from our innovation in federation. We imagine two components: (i) a server component managing page storage and collaboration between peer servers, and (ii) a client component presenting and modifying the server state in server specific ways."
wiki  prototype  distributed  federation  collaboration  git  dvcs  fork  history  arduino 
september 2011 by floehopper
"The exec plugin forks of an executable either to receive values or to dispatch notifications to the outside world".
collectd  executable  plugin  fork  statistics 
july 2011 by floehopper
ProcessBuilder (Java 2 Platform SE 5.0)
"This class is used to create operating system processes. Each ProcessBuilder instance manages a collection of process attributes. The start() method creates a new Process instance with those attributes. The start() method can be invoked repeatedly from the same instance to create new subprocesses with identical or related attributes."
java  process  daemon  child  fork  spawn 
june 2011 by floehopper
"Cross-platform ruby library for managing child processes".

Note that it uses java.lang.Process and java.lang.ProcessBuilder in it's JRuby implementation and not Kernel#fork.
java  daemon  process  child  ruby  jruby  fork  exec  kernel 
june 2011 by floehopper
Daemonizing and launching subprocesses on JRuby with Spoon and posix_spawn - Ruby Forum
"A common question people ask about JRuby is: why doesn't <arbitrary daemonization gem> work on JRuby?".
jruby  daemon  process  fork  spawn  spoon 
june 2011 by floehopper
"Ruby library which provides a basic interface for daemonizing applications". Claims to support JRuby but still seems to use Kernel#fork.
ruby  jruby  daemon  process  background  fork 
june 2011 by floehopper
A quick and dirty jruby daemon based on basic_daemon — Gist
Also uses the Spoon gem. I had problems getting this to work - the call to Process.setsid gave me an error.
java  ruby  spoon  fork  exec  daemon  session  sid  pid 
june 2011 by floehopper
"A fork/exec replacement for FFI-capable implementations".
java  ruby  jruby  fork  ffi  exec  process  daemon 
june 2011 by floehopper
Why I forked JSLint to JSHint
"JSLint served me well for quite some time but in the past few months it has gotten uncomfortably opinionated and hostile towards your code. It is quickly transforming from a tool that helps developers to prevent bugs to a tool that makes sure you write your code like Douglas Crockford".
javascript  lint  jslint  jshint  fork  reason  explanation 
february 2011 by floehopper
Review What You Fork on GitHub
"When you click that 'fork' button you are taking on some significant liability".
github  fork  license  copyright  code  provenance  liability 
february 2011 by floehopper
A DRb server for testing frameworks (RSpec / Cucumber currently) that forks before each run to ensure a clean testing state.
drb  rspec  cucumber  testing  fork  performance 
december 2010 by floehopper
assaf's pipemaster
"I’ve got a short task I want to perform. To validate an incoming email, parse the message and store the results in the database(*). I setup Postfix to pipe incoming emails into a Ruby script.

Ruby processes are fairly cheap, until you get into loading the mail library, the database library, the ORM, the application logic, the … you get the picture.

I use Pipemaster to fire up the main process once, and the Pipemaster client to run commands on that server. Still have to make sure the code is light and fast, but I did eliminate the significant initialization overhead".
pipe  fork  process  ruby  initialization  overhead 
november 2010 by floehopper
Ruby process management with Jobby
"Jobby is a generic forking process manager written in Ruby, built with robustness as a primary goal from the start. It uses Unix sockets and a call to fork()."
ruby  process  fork  management  daemon  unix  socket 
september 2010 by floehopper
Common implementation and tests across the rhino and johnson versions of envjs - Env.js | Google Groups
Question from Chris about why the envjs codebase used by capybara-envjs has diverged from the Rhino related version of envjs.
env.js  capybara  cucumber  fork  diverge  testing 
september 2010 by floehopper
A gem built from Eloy's fork.
mocha_buzz  mocha  fork  mac  ruby 
may 2010 by floehopper
On Gem Forking
I don't agree with all of what he says, but I do agree with this: "I think the general idea is that gem forks should be a huge special case. I’m somewhat of the mind personally that making gem forks too ‘easy’ causes a great deal of unnecessary fragmentation in the community".
github  gem  fork  gemcutter  subdomain 
october 2009 by floehopper
Forking, Continued
Useful discussion about the problem of identifying the "master" repository for a project when lots of forking is going on with git & GitHub.
open  source  git  github  branch  repository  workflow  fork 
january 2009 by floehopper
The Fork Queue
Cherry pick other peoples' commits onto one of your branches.
git  github  collaboration  merge  queue  fork 
december 2008 by floehopper
GitHub Ribbons
"Fork me on GitHub" badges.
git  github  fork  badge  ribbon 
december 2008 by floehopper
ryanb's selenium-on-rails
Fork of the selenium-on-rails plugin modified to work in Rails 2.1.
testing  rubyonrails  selenium  plugin  fork 
july 2008 by floehopper

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