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Community Companies : Limited by Shares or Guarantee?
Community Companies : The pros and cons of setting up and running a company limited by guarantee as opposed to a company limited by shares
cooperative  legal  entity  limited  company  share  guarantee 
november 2017 by floehopper
fredwu/datamappify · GitHub
"Separate domain logic from data persistence, based on the Repository Pattern."
ddd  ruby  activerecord  repository  entity  domain  model  persistence 
march 2013 by floehopper
ReconciliationServiceApi - freebase-gridworks - Specification for a standard reconciliation service API
"A reconciliation service is a service that, given some text which is supposedly a name of something, and any additional details, returns a ranked list of potential entities matching that name. Entities are identified by strong identifiers in some particular identifier space".
reconcile  freebase  web  service  identifier  entity  match  search  text 
august 2010 by floehopper
A sign you are mocking too much
"Never mock values, sometimes mock entities, but mock services freely". Mentions Mocha.
url/dac086cfd53148744f45def2864242a8  mock  object  testing  test  double  stub  domain  ddd  service  entity  value  mocha_buzz 
january 2008 by floehopper

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